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Why I Love Winter

Published: 1/27/2009
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By Maddy B. Gray

I've had an epiphany!
Winter isn't the long, subzero trudge towards spring. It's an angelic time of year, perfectly brimming with advantages.
I offer you, Dear Reader, a small sampling:

1. As the snow mounts, all those out-of-reach places and things -- the hay loft, spent bulbs on the barn floodlight, Jolly Balls flung into trees, shoes strung up on telephone poles by deviant teenagers -- are now reachable.

2. When your horses escape, they’re fairly easy to track down. And all you have to do is make sure the sled is full of gas and get out there to round ‘em up.

3. No bugs.
4. No ticks.
5. No sweaty saddle pads to air out (like we’re riding anyway, right?)

6. No flooding. We get snow on top of ice. It’s real pretty and hides the mess we’ll have come Mud Season.

7. Struggling with your diet? Not to worry! No one (including yourself) will be able to tell if you’ve lost or gained any weight under all those layers.

8. Speaking of layers…No need to get out of your pjs to do barn chores. Just throw on those coveralls and barncoat over them.

9. What urine smell? It freezes too quickly to stink. Then you can lift it out as one big urine patty. Nifty!

10. Manure freezes hard, too. These nuggets come in handy when your deviant teenager decides to surprise you with a snowball fight.

11. Picking hooves is easier. They’re usually completely clean OR completely bonded with four inches of ice and snow. Hammer comes in handy here.

12. You feel an extra sense of connection with your horse because you both have mini icicles hanging from your nose and eyelashes.

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6/23/2012 marsha craig
Reading this gives me a brand new view of winter. Normally I dread it and always focus on the negative. When we experience the first snow fall I will reflect on this article and face it with a smile!

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