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Tribute to the American Ride

Published: 10/22/2009
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By Maddy B. Gray

What is it about country music that makes it so compatible with horse work?

Have I been brainstormed by American marketing?
Indoctrinated by so much stereotyping?

I must be a simple sucker for the combination of horses and cowboys (or, shall we say, men decked out like cowboys.…because really, how many country singers are horsemen, anyhow!?)

Most country songs tend to be nostalgic and sentimental. (Some go overboard... What happens if you play a country record backwards? Your wife comes back. Your dog comes home. You get your house back…)

I like country songs with a bit of humor, some wry comments, self-deprecation. The best country songs can be sentimental and insightful at the same time.
Listen closely, Toby Keith sounds pretty darn patriotic but he pokes fun and delivers a healthy dose of sarcasm, too.

Hope you like the video!

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10/22/2009 MaryAnn
Gotta love this video! Thanks and by the way...who's that cute Canadian mountie?
10/22/2009 Jim Stanley
Maddy Great video Thanks Jim Stanley
10/23/2009 Leisha MacDougall
Maddy, you rock, what a cool video. Makes my heart sing and love my horse even more!
10/23/2009 Paul Clark
Maddy, great video and a nice alternative to the one that goes with the Tobey Keith song! Paul clark
10/25/2009 Paulette Carter
It is great to see pictures from places I recognize. Acadia was the best you all need to make the time to go.
10/26/2009 Gena McGrath
Cool - great video. Loved Magic waving all four! ....hate seeing the snow though!
1/5/2010 sonia
Love it! It makes me look forward to the Happy Trails ahead for 2010! Thank you, Maddy!

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