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Published: 7/16/2009
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By Maddy Butcher
Your neighbor calls you, all hysterical on the phone. Her horse is stuck in the mud.
We can get him out, no problem, you think. We’ll just attach a halter and pull him out. If that doesn’t do the trick, we’ll get the tractor, tie the line to it, and pull him out that way.

At the Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue course sponsored by NickerNews two years ago, students learned just as much what NOT to do as what to do.
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Scroll down to view video of course excerpts.

Tomas and Rebecca Gimenez traveled from South Carolina with their specially trained animals to teach this well-honed program on large animal rescue.
About 40 students – firefighters, vets and vet techs, animal rescue workers, and horse owners - came from as far as Montreal and Memphis to learn vital techniques.

Mornings were devoted to lectures and class work.
As leaders in the field, the Gimenezs have a vast library of anecdotes, incident stories, photos and videos to impress on their students.
Never seen a trailer on its side with 10 horses inside and highway traffic whizzing by? They will take you there.

Never witnessed the havoc after a hurricane hits a farm, when the barn is ruined and carcasses are floating by?
Been there. Dealt with that.

By any measure, the TLAER course is an eye-opener. Many students, especially those with horses, say it scares the crap out of them, even to the point of not wanting to do anything, travel anywhere, for fear something tragic might happen.
One would hope that fear would soon be replaced by an awareness and a level of preparedness.
That’s the point of the course.

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7/16/2009 Meris
Maddy, what a terrific report and cool video! I liked the banjo music, too. May I put a link to your website on the Society's website, so visitors to the MSSPA website will be invited to look at this?
7/17/2009 Bonnie Canfield
Great Video, some members of Cumberland County CART were there and nice to see what they learned. Very interesting and intense by the looks.
7/18/2009 Kirstin aka;"Scotland"
Great video! I was one of the fortuate ones attending this course, it was mesmerizing & truly one of the best weekends I have ever experienced. Thanks to all involved.
7/21/2009 Marika
Maddy, This is fabulous, thanks so much for everything!

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