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I met Rocket when he was 2 years old. He lived with a family down the street who wasn't very horse savy. They got him when he was a yearling and as he grew up he became too much for them. They offered him to me in November of 2003 and our journey began. He was a brat with no manners and a red headed attitude. After spending the end of the winter working on manners and learning to trust each other we had our first year behind us. When he turned 4 we started our trail riding career. He was a breeze to teach. Very intelligent and a comedian. He loves to play games and one of his favorites is the "halter" game. He will grab it and hold it above his head so that I can't reach it. We are going on 11 years together and at this point I trust him with my life. He is very willing and will do anything I ask of him. Once in a while, I will have to do it first though. But he has never refused to follow me! :)

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"If the horse does not enjoy his work, his rider will have no joy." - H.H. Isenbart