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Spring Shopping

Published: 3/15/2011
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

While the weather might keep me off the trails, it only encourages me to plan and purchase for the season ahead.
So while I’m not big on product endorsements and my budget is decidedly small, I'll still share the shopping list.

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A few Internet companies have my loyalty, most particularly, Valley Vet Supply and Smartpak. Both have excellent customer service and competitive prices. I’ve found shipping costs tend to mark the tipping point on whether or not I make the purchase.
Smartpak recently introduced a fixed shipping rate and since it’s closer (ie, greener from a shipping perspective), they often get my business.
Valley Vet drops the shipping charge altogether if you spend enough. But there are exceptions, as noted below.

Thankfully, my local stores come through for more urgent horse items. I have had good luck at Tractor Supply, Ames and Aubuchon hardwares, and Freeport Tack.

  • I restocked my wormer shelf by buying a Wormer Annual Pack with four different types of wormer.
  • I bought Tea Cleanz, a cleanser with Tea Tree oil. I found it does wonders for those occasional bouts of flaky coats or itchy manes and tails. It’s concentrated. One container will easily last for at least a year.
  • I talked with the Valley Vet Supply lady about the UltraShield choices. They offered a promotion for the gallon jugs, but the quart container came with free shipping. So, in the end, the quart containers being shipped to Maine were cheaper. I found UltraShield does much better for all bugs and is kinder to horses’ coats than other products. And I can get away with only applying it a few times per week.
  • Given my recent bout of trailer flats, I finally invested in a Trailer Aid. Seems WAY easier than jacking up the trailer! It is heavy, though, and the ‘free shipping’ did not apply here.
  • Lastly, I bought a new pair of Carhartt utility gloves. I found Carthartts outlast and outfit every other glove. Call me a sissy, but I love my gloves. They might not be necessary all the time, but they come in handy when ponying. Especially, when a horse being led decides to spook. No rope burn here!
  • Spent about 200 bucks. That's a lot. But aside from feed, bedding, and restocking the first aid kit, I should be all set for the year! (Right)

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3/17/2011 Holly
All these products are great! Id like to mention VETERICYN...heals wounds, gets rid of infections, can be used for eye is amazing!!! Kills step, staph, e-coli, salmonella...if you haven't heard about it or tried it...its a MUST for your first aid kit...I've even tried it myself! FDA cleared. Uses Microcyn technology. It cleans,treats and heals..all in one!

"It is the hardest pill for all of us would-be horsemen to swallow, but it is absolutely true - if the horse is not responding properly, we are doing something wrong" - Mary Twelveponies