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Spring Rolls

Published: 3/7/2012
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

I’m not talking about Chinese takeout.

When I let out the girls to the larger pasture every morning, they act like beach bums sprinting for prime plots of sand. They trot briskly for the last remaining patches of fresh snow – nothing with hay or manure will do.

Check out my video:

It’s that time of year when horses, it seems, start letting their hair down a little bit.
They seem to feel:
Itchy again
In no particular order.
They’re all shedding and stand patiently when being groomed.
Seems like it feels SO GOOD.

Do your horses do the same?
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3/8/2012 Sarah & Sandman
OH YA!!! my black and white paint is nothing but a mud ball by the time he's done...boy oh boy does he love it :-)
3/8/2012 Janice
All four of the equines romp and roll in the first minutes of the morning barn release! Two seem to wait for just the right spot to be evicted be the alfa gelding. The mini has her own style, she drops the moment I let go of her, of course, she has been shedding since early January! As anybody who owns a mini knows there is alot of hair to be shed!

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