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Durham horses rescued

Published: 5/2/2011
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

In an impressive collaboration between the state Animal Welfare program and several rescue agencies and private horse owners, the majority of the horses abandoned last month in Durham were moved to more permanent quarters on April 29.

The state AWP worked with the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, Rockin’ T Equine Rescue, First Light Farm Equine Shelter, Double B Equine Rescue, Riverview Farm and others to secure placement for the horses left by Rudy Lozano when he was evicted from the 90 Shiloh Road property.

Property owner Laurie Koehler, with some help from volunteers, had been caring for the neglected horses at the farm during the interim.
Three veterinarians, including state vet Dr. Christine Fraser, assessed the horses and scored all of them between roughly 1.5 and 3.5 on the Henneke Body Condition Scoring scale (which ranges from 1 to 9, poor to obese).
Two horses were deemed to have significant medical issues and were euthanized.

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5/4/2011 Lura
why do peple wait so long to move a horse that has become difficult to care for? If it is the loss of love that keeps them hanging on, they need to remember when it comes to a pet it is better to let them go and be cared for than to hang on and let them suffer the short comings of their needs.
5/4/2011 Bruce A White
That's so tru and Quality of the animals life to be considered. Last week after being left by a hit and run driver on Easter, my dog Lexi was not found till the following tues nite. Dehydrated and with a shattered femer she stood to let me pick her up and after deciding it was worth trying to save the leg, I spent over $2.600.... I never thought I would spend Money like that on a rescue dog but she is young and a member of our family.
1/4/2012 Ellie
Anyone and I mean ANYONE that abuses animals, should be forced to with stand the exact same abuse themselves that they have inflicted. I for one would be standing in the front row with a shovel ready to take the first swing.....there is no one in this world I HATE more than people who abuse animals. Good thing I'm not their judge as I would be the "Hangman".
3/25/2012 Maura
Are there any updates on this story? I'd love to see if justice was/will be served!

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