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Rainy Day Ideas for us Horse Folk

Published: 6/30/2009
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By Maddy B. Gray

Many NickerNews readers are New Englanders, stuck in this seemingly endless pattern of rain and more rain.

So stop moaning and moping!

NickerNews has a plan for you!

So, get busy!

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1. Clean and inspect  tack.
Rent a few movies and settle in with your saddle soap and neatsfoot oil or one of thos e fancy leather care products. Check stitching and other areas (especially stirrups and reins!) for wear and tear.

  2. Disinfect and inspect grooming tools.
Dirty brushes can spread diseases and infections like Rain Rot. Dunk them in an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal solution. I like Tea-Clenz by Healing Tree. It’s great on horses but works well for grooming tools, too! Got blankets? Set them out in the rain, wash and hose them clean! They will dry sometime next week.

3. All those great photos are just sitting in computer files where you will never appreciate them. Order prints and organize that album!

4. Fireproof your tack room and barn.
Might sound absurd in the midst of a monsoon, but you won’t think of it when the sun finally comes out. Sweep cobwebs from rafters and away from lights and outlets. Declutter tackroom. Inspect outlets. Invest in a hay thermometer and a fire extinguisher.

5. Look ahead! It will get nice soon and there are plenty of events out there for you and your horse. Check out our events page and network with horsey friends for a good time.

6. Work with your horse. Even if you don’t have an indoor arena, there are plenty of mini-exercises you can do to keep both of you tuned in: put a halter on her and work in the stall. Practice lateral flexion, ground tying, mini-backs and sidepasses. It’s all good!

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7/1/2009 Dotti Nickerson
My paddock looks like the next location for the National Mud Wrestling convention! Milli and I have been going out in the drizzle though - practicing ground work and doing some riding on the roadside. Every time I handle her is an opportunity for learning - for both of us!
7/2/2009 Trea
We've been cleaning tack and working with the horses in the barn, but we're sick of the rain!! Our pastures are swamps and even our riding arena is under water even if it stopped raining today, it would take a week of sun to dry everything out!

"No one can teach riding so well as a horse" - CS Lewis