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We've been hearing a lot about the West Nile virus this month. Here are some helpful links and tips from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and Maine Equine Associates.

Anne Lichtenwalner from UMaine says:
"The horse-owning public should really focus on mosquito control and avoidance, and also checking on their vaccine status for their horses.
If horses are being hauled out of our area (to shows, for breeding or
for any reason), owners should be aware of the WNV status in the area
to which they are going."
For more info CLICK HERE

From Maine Equine Associates:

August is the month that the encephalitis diseases seem to hit. As of August 19, there have been over 700 human cases and about 26 deaths from West Nile Virus in the US. About half of those cases are in Texas, but it is also showing up throughout the country, including New England. Both people and horses in Massachusetts have been affected, and last week, a mosquito carrying the virus was found in Lebanon, Maine.
Because of the warm weather and above average rain we anticipate equine encephalitis cases in Maine this month. If you haven't already vaccinated for Eastern, Western, and West Nile viruses, call us to arrange for your horse to be protected.

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