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Published: 8/24/2011
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8/24/2011 riitta
Great! Gave me goosebumps!
8/24/2011 Judi
way cool! wish my horse was not a drunk too.... :-)
8/25/2011 Hannah
Nicely done!
8/25/2011 Ann W. Firestone
Great Job! Hope it doesnt encourage drunken riding!!! I'm kidding...I think it's brilliant.
8/25/2011 Deb C
Is it just my computer? It was so dark I couldn't see what was going on. Dang it!
9/7/2011 JamieRose
Love it! We used to ride our horses to the bar, inspired by a great grandpa of mine that had his bed placed under the bed just so when his horse brought him home he could simply roll off and into the covers!
9/18/2011 Sally Canney
Great job Maddy! I love it.
9/26/2011 brezzzey
Loved this yep ritta gave me goosebumps too!!
9/29/2016 Caroline
Cute film. Dark on my computer also, but possible to see. Wish I had a video of me riding mine home in the dark.....tho....alcohol wasn't the problem, lol.

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