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Heat and NickerNews produce video

Published: 7/22/2012
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By Maddy Butcher

It's been an amazing first summer in Iowa.
But the heat -- about 20 rainless days over 90 degrees -- is starting to get to me.
We caught Pep and Jodi hanging out by the gate. I'm not completely responsible for the results. Call it, Video by Reason of Heat Stroke. Inspirational music provided by Fistful of Dollars soundtrack.
Many NickerNews readers are already familiar with Pep's criminal activities.

Click here for blog post.
Click here for article.
Click here for video.

Here, she works to pass on her legacy to the new girl.

Pep's Lesson One - The Breakout from Maddy Butcher Gray on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Steve Peters for his narration prowess!

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