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NickerNews Horses Celebrated!

Published: 2/17/2011
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

Since NickerNews was founded in 2008, readers have been celebrating their relationships with horses.
One of the ways you've done it is by uploading photos of your beloved equines.

Here is a musical slideshow of hundreds of NickerNews horses.
Can you spot yours?
If not, make sure to make the next production and upload your favorite pictures. CLICK HERE.

Your NickerNews Horses! from Maddy Gray on Vimeo

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2/17/2011 Kathie
AWSOME!!!,:-)) That was sooo entertaining and put together. Thanks Maddy!
2/18/2011 Liz Czak
Thanks, Maddie! That was really nicely done! Great choice of music.
2/18/2011 Molly Stark
LOVE IT MADDY! Thanks for everything you do...and continue to do.
2/18/2011 Jen
It was cool to see so many horses and horse folks that I recognized! It underscores how small the Maine horse world really is. Nice vid, Maddy.
2/23/2011 Lisa
Thank you so much! I enjoyed "the ride". Great song too!
3/3/2011 Rich connolly
Excellent compilation of pics !
3/4/2011 Cindy Aucker
Great Job! Love what you are doing. Would love to hear from you. I live in TN.and use to live in New England. I have raised Morgan Horses for 30+yrs. Have you been around this breed? Do not have any at the present time.
3/23/2011 MaryAlice
Most excellent musical video of our horse pics...your site puts great information together...:}

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