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Readers' Horse Resolutions

Published: 1/11/2009
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Kim's Horses:

I will not be so pushy, I will be patient and wait for the signal that it is time to move.

I will not chase, bully, harass, belittle, any of my pasture mates, unless of course they won’t play with me, or share their hay.

I will let someone else be the leader, for a day – one day only - that day will be of my choosing with no advanced notice.

I will not chase my pasture mates with a stick.

I promise not to try and kick the dog.

I will remain completely trustworthy in your care at all times, even if the sky is falling, and the earth is coming out from underneath me – I will trust you.

I will do my best to hold-it-together for you under saddle. I will resist the urge to frolic, buck and bolt, just because I can, and it feels soooooo good!

I will stop trying to take over the number one position, today.

I will try to eat whatever you give me…….even the mash……ugh!

I will try to be more focused on the task at hand, and not let my mind wander to something greener………

If I see you with a halter, I will run up to you and ask “What do you want to do today?”

I will go with you, and not even care that one of my buddies isn’t coming along for the ride.

Michelle's Horses:

I will practice patience and good manners at feeding time.
    I do understand that hay and grain is faithfully delivered to me by my personal slave, and there is no need to act like I’m moments away from dying of starvation!

I will make a genuine attempt to act THAT gleeful every time I see you…not just when you are bringing my meals…I understand that feigned indifference to your presence only results in being subjected to more work and “games”.

I will not steal and run away with fence mending tools while my slave tends the boundaries of my kingdom.
    I don’t want to escape through that weak spot anyway, so hindering the repair process is a false intent on my part. (Plus, they feed me too good here, so I have no plans to leave…but don’t tell anyone.)

Referring to the aforementioned expanse of my kingdom, I will make better use of that space, and try NOT to trample, annihilate, and make eight inch deep mud flats of the area closest to the barn.
    I do recognize there is ample, luscious grass in the outer reaches of my territory…but then again, why would I need that if my slave provides me with all the hay and grain I need in a location so close to my throne? (No, throne in this case is not a reference to the earlier resolution of not using my stall as such!)

I will not eat my stall, or the lovely trees in my kingdom, or the fence boards.
    Yes, I know, I am still trying to remember that I eat like royalty and there is no need to scrounge for such random scrap nutrition.

Barbara's Horses:

I will not floss my teeth with the electric fence wire, if you forget to turn it on.

I will try hard to understand your cues, even when you don't ask them correctly.

I will try to stay awake even if you ask me to work during my mid morning or afternoon nap time.

I will try to keep you laughing even when I know I am being naughty.

I will try to be better at sharing the Nelson Watering tank with my mates, even though I have no doubt that you installed it for my exclusive pleasure.

I will try not to make too much of a mess if I break into the tack room.

I will try to make my "neigh" greeting to you sound more like "Hey", as in beautiful, instead of "Hay!!!", what's a horse have to do to get a couple of flakes around here?"

From Kathleen's Horses:

I will not spin more than 1 time and take off at a gallop just to see if you can stay on.

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