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Mainer competes to be Favorite Trail Horse

Published: 3/24/2011
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Editor’s Note:
Molly Stark  and her quarterhorse, Morris, are headed to Massachusetts to audition for “America’s Favorite Trail Horse,” a competition sponsored by the American Competitive Trail Horse Association.
Says Stark, with a chuckle: “We don’t really have a chance in hell, but Morris is fun and I think he's beautiful. So why not be America's Favorite Horse?”

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Stark founded the Rocky Coast Rider drill team, “Just a Herd-o-Moms”
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By Molly Stark

The summer of 2010 proved to be one of the most grueling endeavors as yet with my two horses, or so I thought.  I convinced our group to start a Drill Team  (an impossible feat without the enthusiastic involvement with my friend Patty seen here on Morris).

I spent the winter recuperating from surgery and had time to design and choreograph a quirky drill program.  If you have seen us perform - you might agree – we’re not your average drill team. Humor us, we're all older.

We started out practicing once every two weeks and quickly learned that just wasn’t going to work. So once a week all of us trucked our horses to Patty’s. We bickered, squabbled, laughed, rode, and somehow pulled it together to have the time of our lives! 
We met new friends along the way by also getting involved in ACTHA. Its motto – six miles, six obstacles.  

Morris is a versatile, if spoiled, Quarter Horse who has the biggest heart I’ve ever known – He’s had his share of medical problems but that doesn't slow him down.  Patty is an accomplished USET dressage rider and spent many hours practicing complicated moves with him. He took it all in stride with  a couple of frustrated temper tantrums, but also with his best effort to get it right.

That’s Morris, trying his best to do what you ask.

He’s my choice to take to the ACTHA audition for a chance to be “America’s Favorite Trail Horse.”  I should have known that when I started that first day of the New Year riding the beach that soon I would be off on a new grand adventure.

April 15th, my friends and I are off on a road trip to parts unknown. The ACTHA audition is being filmed for  13 one-hour episodes to discover by fan votes, American's Favorite Trail Horse. We have a chance (small that it is) for me to meet one of my all-time favorite horse whisperers,  Monty Roberts.
‘Course I have to go to Texas to do that and last time I checked it wasn’t on my bucket list. But it might as well be.  

How far can you go if you don’t take that first step?
Morris and I will find out together what we can do.  I know he will try and no, I’m not asking for perfection, I’m looking to have fun.   So for now… tarry ho and away! The adventure is just beginning!  

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3/24/2011 Jan
Good luck Molly and Morris!!! Have the time of your life.
3/24/2011 Kim
Have a great time Molly ~ you are right if you never take that first step how will you know?! Good for you!
3/24/2011 Patty Z.
GO MOLLY! GO Mr. MORRIS! Do us proud..remember to bring lots of carrots and smiles.
3/24/2011 David
Best of luck to you and Morris.Have fun and enjoy the trip. Those two things in themselves make it a winning experience.
3/25/2011 Molly Stark
oh Bless your hearts Guys! and will be FUN!!! and friend Sonia's goin...sshhh haaaheee....Monty Roberts here I comne!
3/25/2011 Leisha
Do us proud Molly & Morris....Rocky Coast Riders are rooting for ya!
3/30/2011 Meghan & Tucky
Best of luck Molly & Morris! My votes for you two! I'm debating going!
4/3/2011 jessie
Your big heart, combined with his....I think it doesn't get much better than that!

"No one can teach riding so well as a horse" - CS Lewis