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First Maine Equine Super Showdeo

Published: 7/14/2011
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

The 1st Annual Maine Equine Super Showdeo took over the Topsham Fairgrounds last weekend (7/8-10/2011).

Ok, it wasn’t the Equine Affaire.

But the MESS should be here to stay.

Bringing Maine horse clubs together for clinics, competitions, performances, and vendors on a long summer weekend is a concept we should all embrace and support.

Throughout the weekend, spectators could watch a versatility challenge, mounted shooting, and barrel racing.

The Mounted Shooters held a clinic Friday.

Barrel racers had a Barrel Racing Brawl.

Maine Trail Riders held a trail competition on Sunday. And all weekend Ames hardware had nearly their entire equine department set up in the Exhibition Hall.
One of Friday’s highlights was the Miss MESS competition. See a short slide show by clicking below:


Maine Quarter Horse Association:

Maine Barrel Racers Brawl:
Senior Hi Point Champion:   Kendra Riley riding Investment Savings
Senior Reserve Hi Point Champion: Donna Douglas riding Potential's Zip

Pee Wee Hi Point Champion: Taylor Wienchowski riding Ms. Rock Three
Pee Wee Reserve Hi Point Champion: Blake Erhard riding Eleanor Rigby

5D Barrels  1D-1st Reanna O'Bar/Dakota 16.298; 2D-1st Jami Paquette/Roan 16.870; 3D-1st Sylvia Morrill/Shy 17.298  ;4D-1st MIchelle Meserve/Magnum; 5D-1st Austin Butterfield/Almost Peachie 19.357
4D poles 1D-1st Barb Powers/Listen to the Money Talk 21.705; 2D-1st Rick Gaudet/Boogie 22.779; 3D-1st Pam Haskell/Easy  24.165; 4D-1st Shannon Veilleux/Gin 25.626  

3D Quadrangle 1D-1st Sharon Higgins/Soleil 20.159; 2D-1st Amanda Lewis/Snarly's Little Doc 21.290; 3D-1st Sylvia Morrill/Shy 22.396
3D Single Pole 1D-1st Reanna O'Bar/Dakota 8.055; 2D-1st Makayla Cobb/Cash  8.624; 3D-1st Bill Brownell/Smoke 9.270
From National Barrel Horse Association:

1D - 1st, Sharon Higgins and PC French Soeil, 2nd, Rick Guadet and Boogie Till Dawn
2D - 1st, Samantha Willey and Rips Something Else, 2nd, Nick Morrill and TC Crystal
3D - 1st, Bill Brownell and Smoke

1D - 1st, Harmony Renaud and Honeys Dark Copy
3D - 1st, Reanna O'Bar and Sheza Sure Sting

1D - 1st, Sharon HIggins and PC French Soeil, 2nd, Barbara Ward and Allie
2D - 1st, Nick Morrill and TC Crystal
3D - 1st, Sylvia Morrill on Shy, 2nd, Bill Brownell and Smoke

From the Mounted Shooters:
We had a well attended clinic with willing horses.
The clinic's focus is on 'safety' with training your horse to gunfire. 
Training on the ground is the first step to be sure competitors understand how to load and unload the firearm.  Only single action  revolvers are used. 
At both the clinic and the competitions the only ammo allowed to be used is what is provided by the hosting club.  Then the participants walk the course firing at the targets and once comfortable with that they mount their horses and sit while one of the trainers fires the revolver while walking towards the participants.

About 10% of horses never care about gunfire, 10% never accept gunfire and the other 80% adjust to the gunfire. 
A nervous horse will take longer to train than a level-headed one. During the clinic if there is a nervous horse a rider on a seasoned horse will walk along side of it to help calm him down.  Any breed of horse can be used but probably the most common is the American Quarter Horse.

SHOOT OUT results:

The shoot was sponsored by Steel Dust Stables (owners Brian & Amy Gordon) in West Gardiner, ME. .  Brian and Amy are also members of the Maine Cowboy Mounted Shooters.

President, Bill Ledoux.

Balloon Setters were members of the Loose Shoe 4-H Club.

Overall winner in Stage 1 , Stage 2 and the Double Rundown for 'Rookies' was Cindy Eggleston. This was her first time competing.

Senior Winners for Stages 1+ 2 were;  1st place Dick Moody, 2nd place Bill Ledoux and 3rd place Betsy Moody.  
Double Rundown  Winner was Betsy Moody; 2nd place Dick Moody & 3rd Bill Ledoux.

Versatility Trail Challenge, sponsored by Ellis River Riders:

This event is a timed event. The horse and rider must pass through an obstacle course and a given a score of 0-5 for each obstacle based on horsemanship and the willingness of the horse to perform the task.
There was a a 30-second time limit to complete each of a series of seventeen obstacles. The top five fastest overall runs received bonus points which were added to their score so that time and precision both count toward the overall score.
The event was enjoyed by participants and spectators alike. The top six adult riders received cash prizes and the first place rider also received a belt buckle and a trophy.
The top youth rider received a gift certificate donated by Aubuchon Hardware in Rumford and both youth riders received gift bags donated by Sable Oak Equestrian Center. Many door prizes were also given by means of a free raffle with those items also donated by Sable Oak Equestrian Center.
Sherrye Johnson Trafton, an internationally acclaimed judge and winner of the Equine Affaire's versatile horse competition, judged the event.

1st - Tony DeLaTorre riding FF Jacobs Tune
2nd - Jamie Leo riding Stormy Knight
3rd - Pam Edwards riding riding Splash This Chip
4th - Sam Lindley riding Mouse
5th - Chris Lombard riding Rocky
6th - Deb Cayer riding Morning Son

1st - Paige Garcia riding Red Fury
2nd - Shaynah Seames riding Rio Wolf Creek

Maine Trail Riders Competition:

1st - Tony Delatorre on Jake
2nd - Sally Canney on Tango
3rd - Caitlin Robichau on Suz My Ride
4th - Wendy Gray on Zippy
5th - Katherine Murphy on Little Cash Away
6th - Melissa Victory on Kolka

1st - Katyja Victory on Soley
2nd - Sarah Emerson on SHS Second Chance
3rd - Ashley Weeks on Jerry

1st - Cindy Ross on Marie
2nd - Susie Reinheimer on Sparkle

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7/14/2011 Zainelee
I went Saturday and had a great time. The Mounted shooters was fun to watch and it was the first time I have seen men Barrel Race! I really hope they do this again next year!!
7/14/2011 Harry Lewis
Thanks NickerNews for supporting the MESS!We sure made people excited for the MESS 2012 which will be much bigger and better,we had very limited resources this year and just a few months to prepare,you know the saying "a day late and a dollar short".We all should be proud of what we accomplished this year,who would have believed six organizations could work together so well with a common goal?This alone is a major success!"YOU AIN"T SEEN NOTHING YET!"

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