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Northumbrian Sunrise "Sunny"

Thank you to all of Sunny's many friends and admirers for helping turn his loss from indescribable heartache to a beautiful celebration of a life well lived. Sunny; the most honest, amazing, patient teacher of riders big and small. Cows feared him, horses respected his noble grace and bearing. Bud's best friend for over 20 years. Sunny had a sense of humor and a heart of gold. He was the light in our hearts and now he's free of the bonds of earth.. with our other horse friends who passed before him... another bright star. There are no words... just heartache.... slowly filled with warm memories and a deep abiding respect and love. We can only hope to live as purely and joyously as our four legged friends.
"Nothing on four legs is quicker than a horse heading back to the barn" - Pamela C. Biddle/Joel E. Fishman