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Sultan's Juniper "Junie"

When I was 16 my parents told me that I could get a horse. A friend that owned a Morgan horse farm took us to various stables to look at horses that were for sale. We looked at several and I wasn't interested in any of them. Then I met Junie, something about him...I knew he was the one (I didn't know much about horses except I knew I wanted one). I tried riding him and fell in love...even though he threw me off and bit me before I bought him lol..that didn't deter me in the least. Junie was 4 at the time and he taught me a lot, I guess you could say that we grew up together. We went to shows and he did fairly well. He was also a great trail partner! I had him for 32 & 1/2 years when he went over the "rainbow bridge". I was fortunate enough to have a very nice ride 6 days before. I will always miss him and remember him. Rest In Peace my faithful friend.
"Nothing on four legs is quicker than a horse heading back to the barn" - Pamela C. Biddle/Joel E. Fishman