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On August 26,2011, Honey passed on to greener pastures. Since early July she had been dealing with a very strong positive case of Lyme disease and subsequently became more and more lame. Honey was foundering and there was no positive prognosis for her to ever be pain free. The path she was heading down was becoming more tortuous to her each day. As Padre Pio once said, "Love is the first ingredient in the relief of suffering." So, we filled her heart with love and positive energy and set her free with the rest of her herd by her side in her pasture. She is now at rest in her favorite spot under the trees where the lush green grass grows. Over two years ago, we were honored to have Honey join us at her promised forever home at Thanksgiving Farm. Honey's name was added onto as she stepped off the trailer for the first time. She will always be our " Honey I'm Home of Thanksgiving Farm" and although our hearts have a giant hole in them, we know she will always be with us. Her spirit will run free through the wildflower meadows and pastures and we find comfort in knowing she will be with us forever without pain. The attached photo is very special because it was taken just a few moments before her passing. She never looked more beautiful or more peaceful. Honey certainly taught us a lot in her short time with us. Although she won't be here for us to spoil, we will always be are rich in memories and the lessons she shared about unconditional love, trust and dignity.
"Practice sharpens, but overschooling blunts the edge. If your horse isn't doing right, the first place to look is yourself" - Joe Heim