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Moon Whisperer

Moon was the horse that brought me back to horses. After school, marriage, kids it was time to get a horse of my own again. I found him at a backyard barn, underweight and scraggly looking. However,there was something in his eyes that called to me. I bought him and took him to the barn where he was to be boarded - they all looked at me and him like we had 2 heads. Well ... with much love and care he turned into an awesome horse, full of personality. He was smart, too smart for his own good :) He would open doors and windows, fling plastic cones and just be silly. He was my best friend. He was there when my husband left me. I hung on him and cried and he never moved a muscle. He was my best friend. He had a pasture accident that eventually took his life. I will never forget him. I think about him all the time. Rest in peace Mooney. I love you
"Practice sharpens, but overschooling blunts the edge. If your horse isn't doing right, the first place to look is yourself" - Joe Heim