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Versatility Trail Challenge

Published: 3/26/2010
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Six Maine farms and organizations have gotten together to bring us the Maine Versatility Trail Challenge Series this year.
Each competition will have between 10 to 15 obstacles and are judged and timed. Proceeds from each race go, in part, to an equine non-profit.
Here are the dates, races and places.

May 2, LaDawn Therapeutic Riding Center, Dayton
June 26, Springpoint Farm, Durham
July 17, Ellis River Riders, Andover
August 28, Piper Ridge Horse Farm, Limerick
September 19, Sandy Brook Farm, Saco
October 10, Hearts N Horses Farm, Buxton

For more infomation, see the Events page.

Frannie Burridge writes of more details:

There are 4 divisions (Youth Novice, Adult Novice, Youth Open, & Adult Open). Participants are judged on horsemanship & time, but in a way that horsemanship is more important than time.
The only requirement is that the horse must have a saddle and some sort of bridle on it. Other than that, whatever ground rules each barn has need to be followed.

The entry fee is $25 per entry . An entry consists of a horse/rider combination.

A horse can be used more than twice in the Novice Classes, but only twice in the Open classes.
Most of the money raised is being used to benefit some sort of non-profit horse activity. The race at Piper Ridge Farm will benefit the Maine Equestrian Trail Alliance.
It just seems like an inexpensive way to have some fun with our horses and horse friends, plus do some good for those that need it. We had one here last year and people had a good time.

More information from Deb Cayer:

Obstacles: Minimum of 10  ~ Maximum of 15 per course
Mandatory: Gate, Bridge,Jump/stepover, Backing, Curtain or walk thru.

Optional: Water, mounting & dismounting, drag, slicker work, ground tie, debris box, turnaround box, sidepassing, trailer loading & unloading, animal cutouts/silhouettes, motorized vehicles/atv etc. doing something that involves both hands (like tying a ribbon on a tree branch)

Not allowed: Live animals, standing on horses backs or crawling under, curtains with thin strips or ropes, NO riding bareback or without bridle, rope halters are OK. No leadlines or attendants/instructors allowed in youth divisions.
Check rules for helmets & safety rules at each host site.
Judging will be done on horsemanship of the rider and the horse with a score given at each obstacle and a final tally. Each rider will be timed and a combination of the best performance in the quickest time will determine placing. We are working on a list of judges and agreed it be a professional horse person that has experience with this type of event. We will not require a "judges card".

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3/27/2010 Nora
How excitinnnngg !!! Going to try and go to them all :-)

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