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Maine Horse Trail feedback

Published: 8/16/2012
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Maine has a lot to offer horsemen and women.

There are miles and miles of trails covering diverse and spectacular regions.

But are they safe?

How can they be improved?

What do you want?

The Maine Equestrian Trails Alliance sought to improve the conditions and access of our trails, but the organization recently folded.
Horsewoman Leigh Bailey has been invited to represent Equestrian Trail Users for a brain-storming session on creating a trails conference in Maine in the near future.

Leave comments for the session here by using the Comments bar.

You may also visit the newly created facebook page by clicking here.

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8/16/2012 Robin
I ride on ATV trails and by far what makes me have to turn and head back the way I came are are bridges that are not horse safe/friendly.
8/17/2012 Cheri
I'd be willing to pay a fee to be a part of a trail organization that focused on equestrians, and maps would be great. It's very difficult to know where you can ride and what the condition will be for horses.

"It is the hardest pill for all of us would-be horsemen to swallow, but it is absolutely true - if the horse is not responding properly, we are doing something wrong" - Mary Twelveponies