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Beezie Madden answers young rider’s letter

Published: 6/12/2012
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Editor's Note:
This story was submitted by the folks at Lucky Horse Equine Rescue, a Massachusetts all-volunteer rescue.
Bidding for Beezie Madden's helmet will end soon.

Since 2009, Lucky Horse has rescued 130 horses, miniature horses, donkeys, bunnies, goats, chickens and a rooster. It has about 200 active volunteers, providing either hands-on or computer work, according to Christine Peters, director of adoptions.

By Kathleen Vickery
Sarah Baker, a very charming and photogenic 12-year old rider and an active Lucky Horse Equine Rescue volunteer, had a school project: Write a letter to someone she admires.

She chose Beezie Madden, an Olympic Equestrian Team rider who won the bronze medal in Beijing in 2008 and is hoping to make the team for this year's London games.

An excerpt from her letter:

Dear Elizabeth (Beezie) Madden:

Hi, my name is Sarah Baker. I ride horses, and I am fairly good at it. I have gotten first place in Walk Trot finals the year of 2009. Also, I got tenth place in Short Stirrup in 2011. I am in I.E.A(International Equestrian Association) and part of the middle school team.

I am writing to you because we would love some extra help with Lucky Horse. Lucky Horse is when we go to different places in the U.S. and save horses from starvation. We also help horses that were abused and beaten. We try our hardest to save these horses, but we can’t save them all.

Beezie wrote back and offered to help Lucky Horse Rescue "if you ever have a fundraiser." Naturally, Sarah got back in touch with her immediately and Beezie donated one of her own riding helmets that she has owned and worn.
It came in its personalized carry case which has her name and the American flag on it. When it arrived, the mood at the barn was electric, with all the kids trying to rub it for good luck in THEIR shows this summer.

We are making this Beezie Madden Helmet the feature item of our fundraiser charity auction with high hopes for a generous bid.
The auction continues through June 17.

We are quite proud of Sarah!

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6/12/2012 amy baker
Thank you for posting this, great organization. The people associated with this rescue go above and beyond all the time to help rescued horses/animals!
6/13/2012 Jenifer
I just love this article! Way to go Sarah and Lucky Horse Equine Rescue!
6/13/2012 Christine Peters
I met Maddy 2 years ago at Equine Affaire in Sprinfield. She is a wonnderful person who helps the horse world stay connected. A big Thank you for supporting Lucky Horse Equine Rescue!
6/13/2012 April Clow
Thanks Nicker News for this great article!! Special TY to Beezie too for taking the time out to be a great role model for her admirers:)) Sarah is a great kid and valued volunteer here - you really made her year:))

"If the horse does not enjoy his work, his rider will have no joy." - H.H. Isenbart