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Kim Stone offers clinic

Published: 3/27/2010
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Stone will hold clinic at Triple J Farm in Bowdoin, April 30

Over the years, Kim Stone has studied with Terry McClare, Robin Stang, Buck Brannaman, Doug Jordan, Jack Brainard, Dave Glacier, and Martin Black.

Since 2008, she has worked with the Blacks in Florida, Texas and at the Alvord Ranch in eastern Oregon.
For the past two summers, Kim worked at the Alvord, starting colts, working cattle, and doing a wide range of ranch work. She will return there this May.

To read more of her travels and experience, check out Kim's guest columns, especially her Dreams are Worth Dreaming series. Click here

Stone has acquired a gamut of problem-solving techniques and a refined understanding of the horse-rider relationship.
This horsemanship clinic will help you answer these questions:

Can you recognize the smallest change in your horse?

Do you know how to get out of your horse’s way and let him do his job?

What Kim hopes to accomplish with clinic participants:

  • To share and learn where we are with our horses.
  • To show how we can help our horses.
  • To work with what the horse has to offer you.
  • To make riding a good experience for both horse and rider.

Clinic starts at 10am, April 30, and will end at 4 pm with a break for lunch.
Raindate, May 1.
Cost is $100 if registration is received before April 23. $110 after April 23.
Auditors are welcome. ($15)

Horses must have a current negative Coggins and be vaccinated within the year for Rabies and influenza.

Click here to download registration form

Click here to download clinic flyer

To visit Triple J Farm site, click here.

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3/29/2010 Donna mori
I have know Kim for several years. She is an amazing rider. When she returned from Martin's Kim had a whole new presence about her!! She is so confident and calm in her training with her horses, I said to her okay now you need to teach me what you've learned!! Luckily she decided to give this clinic. I am looking forward to it!!! Thanks Kim
3/31/2010 Hannah Judson
I wish I could attend!
4/6/2010 Minnie Sygnecki
I hope Kim will be giving more clinics. I've had my horse for 7 weeks and I haven't cantered him yet, but when we get up to speed, I would love to attend one of these clinics!

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