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Looking Forward as I Look Back

Published: 3/7/2012
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By Julie Kenney

This past week had me tight in the grip of mid-winter blues. I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with recovering from the stomach flu, or that it had been weeks since I’d been astride one of my horses, or that it’s cold outside, or windy, or icy. I think it fully had to do with the fact that I had not done signups for any spring and summer clinics.

Last year I dubbed my Year of Me.
I had ordered a much needed and much loved new saddle. I had signed up for two clinics with world-renowned trainers, Martin Black and Jack Brainard. I had reserved my clinic spot in a new sport for me and horse, team penning and sorting. I had a great time at a trail versatility clinic with Chris Lombard. Last, but not least, I had also signed up for several ACTHA rides for the beginning of the season.

Yes, it was all about me last year.

In the past, I have been very negligent in taking care of my needs as an instructor with good, old-fashioned continuing education. Last year was different and I so appreciate the opportunities I had for learning.

This year I need to take those things I learned and continue to apply them to my own riding as well as to those of my students.
Will I remember everything I learned?
Probably not, so I make sure to read publications, articles, and books to reinforce the movements, feelings, positions, pressures, and releases while working with my horses.
In addition, I will look at clinics that are located close to home, possibly just auditing them to help save money. With the cost of fuel right now and the threat of how high fuel prices will get by this summer, I need to be very creative and picky about the opportunities I have to improve myself and my horses.

 Some other options include loading up my horse and heading to some nearby riding trail or beach to fulfill my need to get out and about. The problem is, often without having a set date for something, I start to postpone and find excuses to not go. Talking with a riding friend earlier this week, just planning some low-key outings with the horses did wonders for my attitude. Talking with a riding friend earlier this week, just planning some low-key outings with the horses did wonders for my attitude.

Also, I started looking for some upcoming clinics that would suit me and my horse. There are lots of options out there, for any discipline you could desire, you only have to research and sign up.

For now, the blues have lessened their grip on me as I look back at all I did last year and all I have to look forward to this coming year. Who knows what I’ll learn as I try to get creative. In any case, I’ll make sure to have fun no matter what I do!

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3/8/2012 Mary
Me, too!!! I am psyched to make the most of 2012, by hook or by crook. I'll have fun and be frugal at the same time. Thanks, Julie!
3/8/2012 Janice
I think the price of gas will be a deterant for many of us this summer! Maybe it would be fun to learn from your horse friends that live near by and you don't have to haul as much.

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