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Starving Horses in Desperate Need

Published: 2/11/2010
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By Maddy B. Gray


As many as 40 horses at Fair Play Farm in Clinton, Maine are emaciated, without adequate shelter, and in need of immediate medical attention.

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Nicker News has learned that the Animal Welfare Program of Maine’s Department of Agriculture has received numerous complaints dating back to several years about this farm.

To date, the dozens of horses still have not been seized or surrendered and many continue to stand outside, visible from the roadway. It is clear this farm has too many horses per acre, not enough shelter, and inadequate feed.

According to a national review, Maine has the second toughest laws in place to go after animal abusers. Clearly, enforcement is the problem.

State statutes:
Title 7: AGRICULTURE AND ANIMALS Part 9: ANIMAL WELFARE HEADING: PL 1987, C. 383, 3 (NEW)Chapter 739: CRUELTY TO ANIMALS HEADING: PL 1987, C. 383, 3 (NEW) 4015. Proper shelter, protection from the weather and humanely clean conditions No person owning or responsible for confining or impounding any animal may fail to provide the animal with proper shelter, protection from the weather and humanely clean conditions as prescribed in this section. [1997, c. 456, 7 (AMD).]2. Outdoor standards. Minimum outdoor standards of shelter are as follows. B. Except as provided in subsections 5 and 6, shelter from inclement weather must be as follows. (1) An artificial shelter, with a minimum of 3 sides and a waterproof roof, appropriate to the local climatic conditions and for the species and breed of the animal must be provided as necessary for the health of the animal. 3. Space standards. Minimum space requirements for both indoor and outdoor enclosures shall include the following. A. The housing facilities shall be structurally sound and maintained in good repair to protect the animal from injury and to contain the animal. [1987, c. 383, 3 (NEW).]B. Enclosures shall be constructed and maintained to provide sufficient space to allow each animal adequate freedom of movement. Inadequate space may be indicated by evidence of overcrowding, debility, stress or abnormal behavior patterns. [1987, c. 383, 3 (NEW).]4. Humanely clean conditions. Minimum standards of sanitation necessary to provide humanely clean conditions for both indoor and outdoor enclosures shall include periodic cleanings to remove excretions and other waste materials, dirt and trash to minimize health hazards. [ 1987, c. 383, 3 (NEW) .]

These recent photos were taken at the Clinton farm.
NickerNews traveled to Clinton and located the farm. We observed conditions to be as reported above.

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Please take a few minutes to voice your concerns! It could make the difference between life or death for these horses:

This note from the Humane Society's Katie Lisnik:

As some other advocates have said, please make sure your responses, calls, and queries are polite, respectful, but firm.
Animal abuse will not be tolerated in Maine. Advocates can contact their legislators, local media, the Department of Agriculture, etc. with the message that you oppose animal cruelty and want to see this case fully investigated and the animals cared for properly. (This applies to all animal cruelty and neglect cases.)
When people get involved, everyone in the state becomes aware that animal abuse cannot be pushed aside.

Please ask them to rescue the Clinton horses

Call the state Department of Agriculture, 207 287-3419
Ask to speak with Commissioner Seth Bradstreet
State veterinarian Don Hoenig, 207 287-3701
Norma Worley, Director of Animal Welfare 207 287-3846
Clinton Police Dept. 426-9192
State Police 866-2121

Other officials to contact:

Evert Fowle, DA for Kennebec and Somerset counties: 207 623-1156
Governor Baldacci’s office 207 287-3531

The Department's response:

"Humane agents and the state veterinarian from the Department's Animal Welfare Program have been to the farm three times in the last couple of weeks. We are treating the matter seriously. There is an active investigation. We are working to establish the facts and gather information. At the same time, there is ongoing collaboration between the farm's vet and our vet who are developing a "herd management plan".

The farm is in the business of buying and selling horses. At the moment there are between 50 and 60 on site. Out of that number, we estimate that fewer than a dozen are thin. We are also checking to determine how long the horses have been on site. Recently purchased horses can sometimes arrive at the farm thin and in need of proper care.

We are continuing both to investigate the operations and to work with the vet and owners to provide proper care of the animals."

Click here to read about one woman's attempt to save a thoroughbred taken from the farm. Her story is on facebook.

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Here is the fairest, most lucid, and productive comment to date, left by "Michelle."

Alright, here we go.   I have personally seen this farm.  Some horses are in very good condition; most are in OK condition; several are in serious trouble.  REGARDLESS of whether these horses arrived that way or were made that way is not for me to determine, because I (like almost all of you) have no real idea.
 The facts gathered by my eyes and camera are as follows:
(1) there were several round bales of hay available
(2) there are numerous mounds of baling twine all over the ground in the paddocks
(3) there were 6-8 horses in each small paddock
(4) there are several unused paddocks
(5) the shelters are only 2-SIDED
(6) the shelters are 8 feet x 16 feet **easily judged at a distance because of the 4x8? plywood sheets for walls
(7) some of those walls are falling down or have large holes
(8) two of the shelters are very crooked and close to collapse because of broken supports
(9) those boards are broken, jagged and horses are exposed to them
(10) there are 6-8 horses in each paddock of each shelter?seemingly expected to SHARE that 128 square foot area in harmony
(11) a group of 6 large draft horses appear to share access to two of these shelters
(12) three horses were near what looked like an attached run in shed.  IN THIS AREA, THERE WERE 27 HORSES? ONE ATTACHED RUN-IN? 4 DILAPITATED SHELTERS??

Most of the folks who have posted here can do that math, and BY LAW IT IS NOT ADEQUATE SHELTER.  There were 10- 15 more horses in another area that I did not get to view or photograph properly.
Devil's advocate: let?s say the farm owners are good Samaritans, taking in severe neglect cases and rehabbing them.  That is AWESOME and ADMIRABLE, because most people are not in a position to be able to do that.  If that's the case, we will be able to find details regarding neglect/abuse charges against the horses' former owners.  Additionally, the farm owners will no doubt earn the accolades they deserve for their heroic measures.
Flip side of that: CLEARLY, as anyone with moderately appropriate eyesight will tell you, the condition of the accommodations for the horses is horrific.  If one cannot provide the MINIMUM of required housing, AND keep it in SAFE condition, one has NO BUSINESS acquiring more horses in need?
I don?t care how good your intentions.  At the very least, if the horses are turned out daily but in stalls at night, they should not be turned out where these shelters are located because they are DANGEROUS.
If it is determined that this case requires the removal of these horses from this farm, and that they be placed in shelters or foster homes, HOW MANY OF YOU WILL BE AN ACTIVE PART OF HELPING THESE HORSES?????? 
How much money will you donate to help cover the thousands of dollars in medical bills, feed, bedding, transportation, etc?
 How many of you will offer to house & care for just one of these animals in need?
Making the phone calls to the appropriate people is great, and will go a long way. 
Media attention will bring much needed awareness. 
HOWEVER, all of the hateful, blaming, name-calling, bashing posts about individuals or the animal welfare department as a whole WILL DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HELP THE ANIMALS IN NEED.  How about this: DO something, SAY something, OFFER something that is useful and productive and will bring something POSITIVE toward the goal of helping these horses. 
Myself included, bitching about this via keyboard will accomplish NOTHING, and will most likely cause the animal welfare system to be less effective in the long run.  If we continue to vilify them, and continue to be pissed off about what we feel they don't do, we will further fracture EVERYONE's ability to do ANYTHING productive for animals.  Regardless of what you like or don't like about animal welfare, this is what we have. 
If you think it sucks, do something to help improve it.  If you think it's great, do something to make it even better and TELL SOMEONE about it.  Let's be honest - None of us COULD do, nor would we WANT to do that job.  Find a way that you, YOU PERSONALLY, can make a difference. 
I have not stated here my opinion of what I feel the Animal Welfare Dept should or should not do, because I do not have ALL the facts, and I am not qualified (again, like almost all of you).  Figure out what you can do - what you WILL DO - and state it here, in a POSITIVE MANNER.  When we start to do that, only then will we begin to make a difference.

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2/11/2010 K Flagg
I know this may seem like a dumb question, but why is nothing being done? Is it about a lack of funding or lack of places to put these animals?
2/11/2010 Stephanie Keene
Made the Call..Hope it helps..
2/11/2010 Estelle
Friggin Norma needs to be hung right along side the friggin idiots who have done this, I sent you an email about this. What is the actual address of where they are?
2/11/2010 Kat
I have been there , seen all these horses, even told a girl I know that works for the state animal welfare about these horses. Lack of shelter,and feed and proper all round care. but nothing was ever done. They come investigate me for having fly sheets on my horses in the summer, but they do nothing about these poor animals!!! They are goign to Pa and buying all these Tb's for 50.00 each and bringing them back here and reselling them. 15 and 20 at a time..with not enough feed or room for all these horses ,, why is it being allowed to go on , why are they not being SHUT DOWN !!!!! !
2/11/2010 Bonnie
As I read this are the horses still at the farm or have they been removed?
2/11/2010 Nicky
They should be ashamed of themselves! There is no excuse for letting any horse look like these let alone a bunch! Major prison time would be given if this had been done to humans. We, as a society, need to stop thinking that any of this is allowable and stop looking the other way and be the voice for those who don't have a voice!
2/11/2010 SHANNON
This is just wrong! Police need to go out and seize them with animal control. my god someone needs to get out there today. This is pure neglect and breaking animal laws. They have the right to seize upon arrival.
2/11/2010 Michelle
I live minutes from this farm. This is outrageous. I have a call into Norma Worley (who is on Vaca) and nobody will discuss it with me. I have a call in to Everett Fowle DA'S office and am still waiting on a call back.. I have posted and cross posted on many rescue sites at this point to get a broader band of help.. If anyone has other idea's or avenues please post them.. I will follow any possible leads to get help for these animals.
2/11/2010 Pauline
What is the area code?
Do not be so quick to Judge. I know this farm and all horses have adequate shelter etc. They take in problem horses so of course some of the horses there will be in trouble.
2/11/2010 SHANNON
what is the address for us to call in and provide?
2/11/2010 Edie Nichols
How can these people sleep at night, while turning their head to these reports!
2/11/2010 Carissa
Unreal. I've called each number above and shared the story. These horses are in my prayers.
2/11/2010 Fay
Please...what can be done to help the Maine horses! Allow equine rescues to come in and remove these animals from this historical abuse situation. How would you like it if you were left outside, skinny, no food, no water, no shelter, no coat, to "survive" with nothing??? Would it be too cold for you? Too windy? Too hungry? You can see around the corner and there are folks who can help you, but nobody will let them come and help! How would you feel???
2/11/2010 Steph C
I am in Mississippi, HOW CAN I HELP????
2/11/2010 Joy Duncan
This is truly disgusting. What are we paying these people in Augusta for? Anyone else thinking that it's time for a BIG overhaul of the Animal Welfare program!!!
2/11/2010 Louise
I have spoken with the Dept of Animal Welfare and they are working on this case. They have visited have the farm under investigation.
2/11/2010 Kat
okay for you who didnt leave your name and think we are JUDGING these people damn right we are I KNOW that appy colt in the first picturehe si 2 year old who was at my hay mans untill this past spring when he was sold to these people he was fat as a butter ball when he was bought... I could tell you things about these peopel that would make your hair curl.. when your told we wont have enough horses here untill we haev 100.. you know its all about the money!!! and shelter ?? 5 and 6 or more horses can NOT get into a 8 by 12 shelter .. WHAT are you thinking !!!!!These people need to be shut DOWN.
2/11/2010 Nicky
To the person who "knows these people and this farm" and is so sure that they take in problem horses and that some of the horses then would naturally not look well, let me tell you something.... that is a bunch of bull crap (and I noticed you didn't leave your name)! I've been to this place as well and know that there is NOT adequate shelter, food, etc. for all the horses as per our laws that each horse must have room enough to get in, lay down, and stand up -- if you have actually been there and seen the conditions, you would know that is not the case. If you wish to defend anyone, please defend the animals, who can not defend themselves.
2/11/2010 Minnie
What Farm in Clinton, ME???? How come no one will post the name?
2/11/2010 Karen Howell
Why the hell are these poor horses still here?! Someone get them out!!! Post the address and just take the horses!! No faith in the police or any aniaml welfare!! Animal welfare need to be held responsible just as much as the owner who did this to these poor horses! :(
2/11/2010 Rose
"Do not be so quick to judge??"Look at that top picture.Are you nuts????These horses need all the help they can get. I say balm bard the media.These horses need a loud voice.
2/11/2010 Missy
Why is the owner of this farm not being mentioned here? Or the address? Have the horses been placed? Are they all TB's? How do we find out this crucial information?
2/11/2010 janet
The state is doing nothing but covering there ass i do not care what they are telling you. i do not no why they do not put this in police hands and do away with animal welfare and save tax payers money because under there watch animals are suffering .you can not keep putting bandaids on big wounds thinking it will go away and you can not keep bullshitting tax payers my 2 cents Janet Tuttle
I just came across this site and have read all comments. If this is the farm that I think you are talking about -- sadly these people take in horses that others want to put down. These horses are in extremely poor condition when they come in and truly sick. These horses are grossly underweight, very sick, have had no foot care, blind, some have liver damage and most of the Thoroughbreds have leg issues from being raced in their lives when they haven't even matured enough to race. I have seen this place and there is always food. Its just that some of the horses can't eat due to bad teeth, have stomach issues and are sick due to being in Maine weather when they originally come from Florida. I'm not sure about the grey thoroughbred you have connected to your sight but if it came from this stable which I'm not sure that it did -- its issues did not arise from being there, it started when it was left in a racing barn to die without food or care for weeks, the liver damage comes from being used for high performance racing with a high protein diet. The picture of the animal to the right is of a very sick colt who blew out his knee with a large abscessed leg and had to be lifted for over four weeks just to stand up. He has been on meds and is just now able to stand on his own and doing better. If you truly care and are concerned about some of these horses why don't you support this farm by giving them meds, wormer, special grain for those that can't eat and help with vet care?
2/11/2010 sonia
I called those numbers and left messages. If we all call surely they will listen. Isn't it time we, the Maine horse community, start a petition to change the laws about keeping horses? We have a loud voice, let's use it!
2/11/2010 Ashlee A.
I have been there today to check it out because I received this horrid email about starving abused horses. The owner was there and stated it is a "rescue" facility. There were large round bales in all of the feeders. Many horses were skinny, but others were quite fat. How do you expect "rescued" horses to look like? If all newly opened rescue facilities were treated this way, the horses would end up in slaughter. There is a large barn with 18 stalls, indoor arena, the arena has additional paddocks attached with coverings. I know a lot of expensive boarding facilities that have less. They rescued a blind horses knowing it didn't have a chance to go to a home, so they are keeping it, and its fat and happy. Don't be so quick to judge, go look and make your own decision.
2/11/2010 janet
2/11/2010 Jessica
To whomever said they've "come across the site" on 2/11/10 with NO NAME: Why would these people take in animals they do not have adequate funding to provide for? It shouldn't be our resposibilty to clean up after them for there issues. Its a sad story & personally I beleive the animals should be siezed, horse, dog, whatever. I've done the rescue bit, I know what its like. Its not a cheap act of kindness that some may think it is. Its an expensive hobby to own healthy horses, let alone ill animals. I do not think we should be giving these people meds, or food or anything except a warrent to take all of the horses.
2/11/2010 Cheryl
If you can write up something along the line of a press release. Be sure to send it to all parties you have tried to involve including the wones who should be doing the helping and send it to any area media. Radio, TV and Newspaper. When they see who all receievd that email you will be surprised about the response you may finally get. It worked once for us in PA.
2/11/2010 Cheryl
And when you send the press information, include a tineline of what you attempted to do to help and pictures speak a 1000 words so include them too.
2/11/2010 Lisa
For those of you defending this barn...your wrong they do not take in unhealthy horse they make unhealthy horses. Maybe they should have saved their rent money on the second farm they started renting this summer and feed some of the horses they already had. Oh and by the way most of these horses are for sale! Most of the prices range between $1500-3500. I know because I got a 'sales list' This is wrong however these people have been doing this for years. The state slaps them on the hand every now and then but doesn't shut them down. It's sick!
2/11/2010 Michelle
I have received information this afternoon from a better then reliable source, that a large shipment of horse were hauled out of this farm early this morning and were shipped to CANADA. Ok State Freakin Welfare People.. What do you plan to do now you dragged you feet so damn long and all you damn evidence is chopped the f---- up now. (oh state has visited the farm several times as I was told today) ya ok,, why were the horses still there if you have been there several times. You dumbasses just screwed you own case and someone has them ponys on their damn dinner plate now. or will shortly.
All you IDIOTS should be ashamed of urselves. Everyone who thinks you are being god by calling stupid numbers and getting involved will be served 10x worse i can gauruntee it!! I know this farm and board one of my horses here along with work every weekend there too, there is nothing bad happening to these horses at this farm unfortunately they have been hurt,starved,and neglected by idiots like urselves. I see first hand these horses when they come off a trailor its horrid and u know the only people that help these innocent horses is THIS CLINTON FARM! u wanna bad mouth people i well i am at this farm every weekend u have questions come see me. DONT VOICE CONCERN TILL YOU SEE EVEDENCE IN PERSON what are you all in high school again all of you are dramma queens please get over yourselves you want a # ask for mine w ur email address u can call me a real viewer that is at this farm every week
2/11/2010 Michelle
Ummm To you who works there on weekends and boards your horse there.. Umm if you are so proud to be affiliated with this facility then where is your name. I did notice you did not reveal it.. Hmmm wonder why.. To all you others trying to help.. I could but I wont name at least 15 pony brokers/shippers that live in close proximity to this farm and I can assure you all that they are all quite close.. And do alot of swapping and trading between themselves to resell. So I am quite sure that all these no name people defending this farm are among the other brokers and shippers in the area.
2/11/2010 Kim
This is so pathetic..and these people call themselves RESCUERS! How do things like this get so out of hand when they have been reported over and over? I don't understand...
2/11/2010 Estelle
..and these people have a lovely website and this is her profile from a forum called Maine Riders I have a small 80 acre farm where we raise sport horses and are now focusing on adding color. We stand 7 stallions 5 of which are mature for breeding, 2 WBs, 3 Apps, 1 Arabian and 1 WHITE TB (the only one in the Northeast!). We strongly focus on TB crosses and incorporate color where we can. All of our horses enjoy ample turnout in large groups (even our stallions go out together!) I do Dressage, eventing and some Hunter and Barrel Racing. All of our horses were chosen for their movement, conformation, athletic ablity and most of all their temperment. Aside from horses we raise Staffordshire Terriers and have a wonderful cat family who entertains and keeps the rodent population down. We welcome visitors anytime and can be frequently seen at shows all over New England. There is a thread on the Maine Riders Horse forum discussing this and this was her reply to all the posts. If everyone is so concerned because of a skinny horse that was vetted out that had been on the mend here for a month with several issues from a previous home that was believed to be heading to a home that would continue his care and was aware of his background then why has no one called me. Making assumptions and stirring trouble when you are not aware of anything that takes place just merely sitting behind a computer taking a guess after seeing a terrible picture is not anything reputable. Now also this same person that supposedly rescued said horse in Canada also recommended a good client purchase another horse that was in perfect health and condition according to the vet.... Regarding the emaciated colt....does anyone know his history other than those who are caring for him including a vet that is on site almost every week or every other week? The fact is no.... And for those assuming one pic of a horse is the same as another in a differnt state of health and condition all I can say is making assumptions is about the worst thing you can do. If you are not here on a daily basis and see the animals that come in and go out and the differnt conditions they leave in then there is not much ground in my opinion...has the state been here...yes, has a vet yes do these people know the origins of these animals of course.... A couple pictures speaking for a group isn't very much.... As for the pics jso posted....sad but true that horses only tie to this place is that she was a former boarder from when ivy had someone taking care of it. We have nothing to hide here....never have and never will. What I'm not understanding from anyone is why no one has actually called with their concerns and simply asked what is going on instead of making an assumption on rumors and some pictures...again I welcome any questions and will be happy to talk with anyone on the phone or in person on this.... I have told her if she feels that way that i will be out this weekend to see her horses...let's see how that goes. the address for the forum is: And the thread is called Clinton Horses Also here is a link to her what she puts on line for selling horses, makes me sick she does this crap to horses and has such a lovely site...
2/11/2010 Estelle
I have also contacted all the local TV stations and newspapers here in maine and have giving them the highlights and the link to this page here...hopefully they will get involved and start a fire under Norma's ass...she's totally useless when it comes to horses, I have dealt with her a few times regarding horses in horrific conditions and again, she's totally useless...
2/11/2010 Estelle
Ok it seems they wont let me post the people's names here for some reason, if they let me put this post up and you want to know who they are email me at and I'll tell you
2/11/2010 Dan
I know this woman. Shes been around many years. Sadly the truth is shes been doing this for many many years. Shes been investigated many many times. She also has a farm in Burhnam. Thats where the 80 acres are. She recently got married and her and her husband are renting... I have seen many photos of horses that were on her farm. One hanging from the bucket of a tractor by a homemade sling because it was so imaciated in couldnt stand. The state has also seen these photos. She has had the same horses for years and just recently started trucking them in off the track. The same horses have starved every winter. The state has come in and done nothing every time. They actually suggested to a woman in december she surrender her old horse to them. Obviously she has some pull in there somewhere and she needs to be stopped. Its sick the way she treats these animals. Its sad it had to come to this to get anyones attention. Her neighbors in Burnham have been trying for many years to get her shut down.
2/11/2010 Brandy
I was there, I have called the state and made reports, called friends to make reports. I also called the Bangor Daily News Pittsfield office and talked to Chris Cousin and asked why if this is going on it the area, why isn't it being reported? He said he would look into it. I know of atleast 2 horse that have been bought out of there to great homes in Canada. These wonderful women have been working hard to try and do anything to help with this situation. I feel so sad this is going on and the state will suply more money for parks and meth clinics but nothing for starving helpless animals, they should be ashamed!
2/11/2010 Michelle
I can confirm that 37 were in the pasture this afternoon. Unknown how many were in the barn or the indoor arena where many are kept. Also unknown how many in total were shipped out this morning to Canada. I have also got information that the State vet is supplying feed and treatment while this is under investigation.. Which brings me to a freakin HUGE QUESTION.. Ummmmm Why if the State vet is feeding and treating these animals pending the investigation are these people being allowed to ship these horses (evidence) to slaughter. And secondly,, Why are they being allowed to bring in another shipment in the next couple days.. WTF Business as usual at our tax payer expense.. Ok what is wrong with this picture. The STATE needs to put an injunction on these people and animals so no more horses ( evidence) can be disposed of. And for damn sure no more horses can be acquired pending the outcome of the investigation..... Come on People LETS MAKE SOME NOISE.... STATE ANIMAL WELFARE PEOPLE WAKE UP........
2/11/2010 Robyn Goode
I just saw a link to this story on FaceBook & thought I would check it out. I am not going to judge, as I do not have all the facts. I am just going to state, from my own experience........on Christmas Eve I bailed an old QH gelding from the killpen at the Camelot Auction in NJ. I chose him becasue he looked the worst. All his ribs showing, etc. I thought perhaps nobody else would choose him. When he arrived in Vermont, he turned out to be MUCH older than the rescue ladies had claimed.....not 17 or 18, but 30 yrs old! All 4 of his feet had abcessed & his feet were very overgrown. I had the vet and the farrier to my barn to see him right away. I actually left the auction stickers on his rump for weeks, because I was SO afraid somebody who did not know me & the horses story, would call the authorities & report me for abuse & neglect, rather than find out the truth. ( and that I had actually done a wonderful & caring thing by saving his life) I have only recently taken the stickers off. His ribs do still show a bit. The vet says they will for a while yet. A horse of his age and condition is fragile & one cannot just pour the feed into them. There is a huge risk of colic and laminitis, etc. It has been almost 6 weeks that I have had my rescue horse & he is still not even close to "filled out" However he gets 2nd cut hay, SR grain and about a dozen additional vitamins & herbals added to his feed twice per day. But.....if one did not know me and did not know the horses story......they would not realize that from just looking at him from the road. He still looks too thin. Each horse is different & these things do take lots of time. That is all I have to say. Thanks.
2/11/2010 Joy
We all need to step up and MAKE the Animal Welfare Department do their job. If they are given the easy way out they'll take it everytime. If we don't go away they'll HAVE to take care of this problem before these animals suffer anymore. Pick up your phones tomorrow and BE HEARD!
2/11/2010 Michelle melchionda
I would bet money that if these disgracful events were caught on tape and submitted to any major News network in New England, they would be more than willing to expose this farm of horrors! Especially if it is emphasized that all the appropriate authorities had been notified time and time again and ultimately ignored!! The media would have a field day with those that were hired to look after animal welfare and also the poor excuses for human beings on the farm itself!! Get all the footage and eyewitness accounts with a contact person and contact the News!!! This sounds sounds like such a desperate time and it calls for something very drastic!!! Please keep us posted... Michelle from REading, Mass
2/11/2010 Joan
If this place is rescuing horses then of course their vet should be involved, correct? Then they should have documentation that these horses arrived in such horrid condition? But you really think a horse in that poor a shape trailered without going down on the trailer? If they're truly taking in these animals in bad shape and getting them well....then they have nothing to be concerned about, it will all be well documented. But to critisize people for being concerned, outraged and upset only sends red flags up in my opinion. It takes more than round bales to rehab horses in that poor a condition and you certainly can't sell it and make a profit in this market. My nose tells me something fishy's afoot.....someone help those poor horses.
2/11/2010 Michelle
Dan is very right.. I too have known of the on goings with this woman along will all her pony broker pals around her. People, The colt on the page emaciated to bones with skin and fur draped over was the most beautiful yearling last spring early summer when she bought him. I wanted to buy that colt in the worst way but could not afford him at the time.. I have looked at that picture all day, never realizing that was the colt i drooled over forever and couldnt buy. This is definitely her doing and not a horse she quote unquote rescued.. She bought him beautiful and made him to what he is now. I am sick that they State is paying for her and Brett to have a free ride and sell the proceeds to slaughter and then buy more that we will all be taking care of as soon as they land there. The State is keeping them in business with free money from the state. A great investment for them to profit off. WTF. If the state is paying to feed and vet these horses they damn well can demand they not be disposed of by the suspect dontcha think
2/11/2010 Lora
Robyn and all, I had the same experience with an old horse that someone wanted to put down. Several years, special grains and prescription meds later, he still was thin. He did look much 100% better then when I rescued him, however. I've read all the comments and can see many outraged people feeling powerless against equine abuse, but I can only hope that those statements in favor of the barn have some truth in them. I don't think that continuously alerting authorities will do those horses any harm. If the place is legitimatly helping abused horses then publicity will only help them. If they are guilty of wrong doing, the publicity will hopefully cause them more problems.
2/11/2010 Michelle
Maybe checking police logs for Clinton Maine (last fall sometime)refrence to hay stolen (a barn full) last fall.. Hmmm wonder if any of these names will appear in the investigation or better yet if the names may appear under charged and sentenced.. Hmmmm just
2/11/2010 Shirley Umphrey
I drove past there yesterday, blankets on some, and the rest were very thin. She stopped me as asked me why was I there. She is very apprehensive about what people are saying. She should be. The horses are in sorry shape.
2/11/2010 Kat
I agree Joan ,, i brought 4 different horses this past year at different times to bring home and nurse back to health and sodl for jsut what i had in them to homes i checked out a head fo time. my sister has one of the geldings. i only took on 1 at a time cause tis all i KNEW i could aford with out putting them or my own horses in any jepordy. I have al the receipts from vet.s and farriers and feed bills i kept on each horse so i would know what to charge for the horse as to not cheat the public.. but when these poeple are bringing in trailer loads at a time from PA. from Auctions , and reselling them this is not a rescue!!! The last time i had the state called on me i was told every horse has to beable to get to shelter 24/7 and the shelter has to be big enough for the horses to walk in turn around lay down and get up with ample room and comfotablity. I KNOW for a fact all the horses down there DO NOT have this.. as it was said 18 box stalls and several run in's which are im pretty sure 8 by 12 or 10 by 12 are not goign to house even the 37 horses counted out there in thier fences today .. and i KNOW for a fact in Oct they had twice that many horses there.. As for the horses hauled off to canada to the killers .. how do i say at this point whats worse staying there starving or dieing all at once .. In my opinon neather should have to be happening to them !!! But only people like us can stop it ,, So lets get to it , make the calls , send the emails do what we need to do to wake up the state of MAINE !!!!!
2/11/2010 Kat
The Hay was PAID for tot he farmer they stole it from by his mother.. But they do still owe several people i know for hay.. If you cant aford the feed dont get the horses that well depend on you to be feed and watered properly.. And i had a call from some one doing an investagation on this whom is / did call the clinton police department as well today. I been waiting to hear the results fo that.. I lived near Her for many years and like dan stated i KNOW for a fact her horses go's skinny every winter and the state gets called but because she has some hay on the property they say they can't do anything. AGAIN i jsut feel if they was a rescue they for 1 wouldn't send out emails to every eon with a list of horses for sale with prices rangeing from 1500 up . and they wouldnt have more horses then they can take PROPER care of ,, They are dealers plan and simple and loking to make a fast buck..
2/11/2010 lee
someone needs to contact her vet and farrier if she has one. if they are supposedly rescues they would know. its disgusting. the news needs to go out there and get it into the headlines.
2/11/2010 Michelle #3
Alright?here we go. I have personally seen this farm. Some horses are in very good condition; most are in OK condition; several are in serious trouble. REGARDLESS of whether these horses arrived that way or were made that way is not for me to determine, because I (like almost all of you) have no real idea. The facts gathered by my eyes and camera are as follows: (1) there were several round bales of hay available (2) there are numerous mounds of baling twine all over the ground in the paddocks (3) there were 6-8 horses in each small paddock (4) there are several unused paddocks (5) the shelters are only 2-SIDED (6) the shelters are 8 feet x 16 feet **easily judged at a distance because of the 4x8? plywood sheets for walls (7) some of those walls are falling down or have large holes (8) two of the shelters are very crooked and close to collapse because of broken supports (9) those boards are broken, jagged and horses are exposed to them (10) there are 6-8 horses in each paddock of each shelter?seemingly expected to SHARE that 128 square foot area in harmony (11) a group of 6 large draft horses appear to share access to two of these shelters (12) three horses were near what looked like an attached run in shed. IN THIS AREA, THERE WERE 27 HORSES? ONE ATTACHED RUN-IN?4 DILAPITATED ?SHELTERS??most of the folks who have posted here can do that math, and BY LAW IT IS NOT ADEQUATE SHELTER. There were 10- 15 more horses in another area that I did not get to view or photograph properly. Devil?s advocate: let?s say the farm owners are good Samaritans, taking in severe neglect cases and rehabbing them. That is AWESOME and ADMIRABLE, because most people are not in a position to be able to do that. If that?s the case, we will be able to find details regarding neglect/abuse charges against the horses? former owners. Additionally, the farm owners will no doubt earn the accolades they deserve for their heroic measures. Flip side of that: CLEARLY, as anyone with moderately appropriate eyesight will tell you, the condition of the accommodations for the horses is horrific. If one cannot provide the MINIMUM of required housing, AND keep it in SAFE condition, one has NO BUSINESS acquiring more horses in need?I don?t care how good your intentions. At the very least, if the horses are turned out daily but in stalls at night, they should not be turned out where these shelters are located because they are DANGEROUS. If it is determined that this case requires the removal of these horses from this farm, and that they be placed in shelters or foster homes, HOW MANY OF YOU WILL BE AN ACTIVE PART OF HELPING THESE HORSES?????? How much money will you donate to help cover the thousands of dollars in medical bills, feed, bedding, transportation, etc? How many of you will offer to house & care for just one of these animals in need? Making the phone calls to the appropriate people is great, and will go a long way. Media attention will bring much needed awareness. HOWEVER, all of the hateful, blaming, name-calling, bashing posts about individuals or the animal welfare department as a whole WILL DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HELP THE ANIMALS IN NEED. How about this?DO something, SAY something, OFFER something that is useful and productive and will bring something POSITIVE toward the goal of helping these horses. Myself included, bitching about this via keyboard will accomplish NOTHING, and will most likely cause the animal welfare system to be less effective in the long run. If we continue to vilify them, and continue to be pissed off about what we feel they don?t do, we will further fracture EVERYONE?s ability to do ANYTHING productive for animals. Regardless of what you like or don?t like about animal welfare, this is what we have. If you think it sucks, do something to help improve it. If you think it?s great, do something to make it even better?and TELL SOMEONE about it. Let?s be honest?None of us COULD do, nor would we WANT to do that job. Find a way that you?YOU PERSONALLY?can make a difference. I have not stated here my opinion of what I feel the Animal Welfare Dept should or should not do, because I do not have ALL the facts, and I am not qualified (again, like almost all of you). Figure out what you can do?what you WILL DO?and state it here, in a POSITIVE MANNER. When we start to do that, only then will we begin to make a difference.
2/11/2010 Deb Violette
I think all of you are setting yourselves up for a great big slander lawsuit. I'm guessing just one person started this whole thing and the rest of you are followers. I just read all the posts on Maine Riders and the reply. If I were them I wouldn't even allow any of you to come and see the place. You sit at your computers and go to the newspapers and TV stations like a bunch of mercenaries. Instead of grabbing bags of grain or helping with chores you sit at your little computers and drag them through the proverbial mud. If the State isn't working fast enough, don't you think they know what's going on? Just because they don't tell what's going on doesn't mean they aren't doing anything.. Geeze.. get a life!
2/11/2010 Brandy
I know that she delivered a horse to Houlton today that was going to Canada to a very good home, not to death! The sad part was she was then traveling north to pick up more horses, so if you see more horses at her place tomorrow, they are from the county. Somebody didn't see her coming and feel for her line of bull. I hope that the t.v. stations and news papers get the state to do something, I know I am open to taking one to help, I have a free stall and would try to take more if I could afford it.
2/11/2010 Rissy
This is really wrong and NEEDS to be STOPPED!!!!! Like asap!!!!!
Making claims that the state of maine is supplying food and meds for these animals is obsurd and probably why the state is apprehensive at time with complaints. People getting together without actually knowing the issues at hand and making claims...michelle you should be careful with the statements that you make as I know they are not true. And shipping loads of horses to canada? well thats certainly interesting...but where is your evidence that this is true? where are the photos of the horses that left and the documentation as they crosses the border? And whos to say that there is no veterinary care?? If you are not there then how do you know? Michelle i believe i was told by one or two people that you were looking for a place to board and had inquired about boarding there and was also trying to set up an appointment for your horse to have its teeth floated when this farm had their dentist out to do their horses? Sounds to me like if they are willing to pay for a dentist then they must be doing some good. And Kat how is it that you know this person bought the colt in question? how do you know what has happened to the colt between when this person got it and when it left the place you know??? Everyone seems awefully speculative about these animals. And yet i see only one or two people that have actually been somewhat truthful with their of which was today some thin horses but food for them all...and shirley what was the owners reasoning behind stopping you as you drove by? What were you doing that made them concerned about you going by there place?? I can understand concern, but where do we find the difference between concern and someone with nothing better to but judge something that they are not a part of? Or make assumptions about departments and make claims that may indeed be false?
2/11/2010 Michelle
Slander??? Are you kidding ?? lmao... Did you read the posts?? Did you understand what was read?? This is not just a story someone has started and the rest followed. There is at this time and has been for some time an ACTIVE INVESTIGATION into the abuse and neglect of these animals. The State of Maine has been and is continuing to be at that farm. However, not that I am defending the State animal welfare people by any means at all (cause i am not) But as we all know the state rescue facilities are over crowed at this time ( Ummm because of people exactly as the one we are talking about). And some because of the economy too.. But mostly brokers are the cause and back yard irresponsible breeders. So this can not be slander if it is public information that an active investigation in under way. Some of you have not got the information that others of us do have and 1st hand knowledge. How can even 1 person commend the happening at that farm when public record is available. How many of you have known a rescue that 1.. steals hay (a barn full) 2.. Ships horses to a slaughter facility 3.. goes and buys more to fill the field back up 4.. Continues to collect horses with no financial ability to care for them. To those of you stating that you drove by and saw round bails in the fields.. WELL YES YOU DID.. All lovingly donated by you and I and our lovely tax dollars at work.. So while that hay was being delivered for the emaciated horses, the emaciated horses were on a trailer headed north. So why stick up for someone "rescuing" and involved in the above mentioned behavior (public record)(not slander). Of course they are going to post rebuttals in their own defense.. Come on people wouldnt you, if you were caught and about to lose your income. Oh ya you would....Let the News in,, Let a story out. Lets show who is right and who is wrong. Lets see some documentation as to where these horses came from (what action) and when.. Pictures and dates bill of sales from when they landed in your possession. Or how about just giving us the info on the people that you rescued these animals from names dates etc, so we can go find them and make sure they are not doing it to more.. Prove to us that we are after the wrong horse abusers.. Wow novel idea.. Would take the heat off you now wouldnt it. That seems to me the quickest and easiest way to prove that we are after the wrong people and also get your "rescue" some much needed support. If you are truly a rescue.. Simple as that...
2/11/2010 Kent
I have someone who is trying to help us with this and will be contacting people higher up than the numbers posted. Being a past animal control officer, this is truly a very sad story and cruel to say the least. I agree with others sending money or meds. or food is not the answer. this is just pure neglect and somehow they can justify themselves by saying they are rescue horses. These horses need to be rescued from this farm now. Forward story to as many people as you can, the more people complaining, the more the pressure will be put on the state to take care of this awful mess. They should never be allowed to have animals again.
2/11/2010 Kent
I have someone who is trying to help us with this and will be contacting people higher up than the numbers posted. Being a past animal control officer, this is truly a very sad story and cruel to say the least. I agree with others sending money or meds. or food is not the answer. this is just pure neglect and somehow they can justify themselves by saying they are rescue horses. These horses need to be rescued from this farm now. Forward story to as many people as you can, the more people complaining, the more the pressure will be put on the state to take care of this awful mess. They should never be allowed to have animals again.
2/11/2010 Karen
I had been involved in contacting the state awhile ago about a horse that went down at this same owners other property. The poor TB was a skeleton covered in filth from head to toe, caked to her matted fur, covering her emaciated body. The horse lived through falling in the muddy wet ground laying there for hours with water running over her, and being dragged by a tractor bucket. The state went in and the horse was dead (shot) but did not view the body. I asked why? Because the state said they were going to work with the owner. To say the least I was very discouraged.
2/11/2010 Michelle
Yes I was looking for a place to temp board til I finished moving. I did call, Thinking it was still PDQ farm. When i realized it was not well ummm have you seen my horses there (NOT). As a matter of fact I checked out over 20 places to board for those 3 months until I found a proper place with proper feed supply, shelter and care. and I have no idea what you are talking about a dentist to have my horse teeth floated.. I have never taken my horse anywhere to have their teeth floated, my vet has always done that for me at my home. My horse were boarded for 3 months last summer until I was moved. So no I was not looking for those people to board my horses. I was actually looking for Ivy to board my horses. Nice try there.. And as far as the horses being hauled to Canada,, Ummm Law Enforcement officials have first hand knowledge of this. So yes that would be true. A state animal welfare person made the statement that the animals were being fed and treated by the state vet.. So ummm explain that... At least that explains the hay in the field right now anyway
2/11/2010 Tracy
For all of you thst think judging people before actually seeing what goes on for yourself are retarded. How would you like it if someone came to your house and took a picture of the worst part of a horse you had just got and write it all over the internet?? I think you all are very childish and immiture. I wrote earlier how everyone is an idiot and the biggest one on here is the girl named Michelle think your all that and a bag of horse shit huh. Well Id like to see you down there this weekend and try to tell me to my face all this crap you keep saying on here because I can garuntee your punk ass wont show up! And no you dont know me but i have a horse there that is baorded and she is one w a blanket on and she eats a rounded meal 2x every day of 3qts safe choice a rounded bucket of shredded beat pulp and vits 2x a day w 24/7 hay . their stalls are clean and they all have shelter. I bring each and every one of them in every weekend you people that keep saying the horses have no shelter have no idea! You all must think horses dont have a life and need to be cooped up in a stall their whole life huh well this farm is not riverview horse farm they actually have pasture for horses to run around not 10x15ft pastures. If you want to see a real farm in need check out that one believe it or not I have seen my share and this farm is definately not one. and whome ever would like to take it up w someone bring it on expecially Michelle! If you live this close bring it on ova and you show me what you think is sooooooooooo bad Id like to see you say it in person!
You people defending this farm are all bananas. I used to work at this facility before it was "leased" to these people. It went from a place where I would board my horse, to a place I don't even want my animals to see. Do these people have a permit/license for animal rescuing?? Probably not. The sad part is, most people whom claim to be a "rescue facility", are anything but one. This place is not a rescue facility, they buy horse for dirt cheap from out of state, and supposedly try to rehabilitate and re-sell them. This is a complete joke. They are animal hoarders, they have even STOLEN hundreds of dollars worth of hay to feed these numerous animals. (If you can't afford to feed the animals you have, honestly, you should NOT have them!) The ones that are fat are the ones that are for their own personal use, and ones that they "stud out" to the public. If this is a rescue, why would you want to promote more horses being born. The amount of stallions they have standing only adds to what I'm saying. "Normal, real rescues DO NOT also promote breeding of more animals that could wind up in the same position as the "poor" ones they are taking in. And if they are a real rescue, they need to cut some numbers and not be taking in a bunch from out of state ALL the time. They need to place the ones they already have. In the state of Maine, I know many places that would take a blind horse. Big freaking deal. Do they want a medal for getting a handicapped horse? There are many in our state that are either blind or partially. (My freaking neighbor has one!!) Give me a break. These animals need to be rescued from these "hoarders" and put in a real rescue facility. This disgusts me to no end. They are lying, cheating, stealing people, who have a serious problem. Where the hell is Clinton's ACO? Obviously not doing their job very well. I don't care who has visited this place, YOU obviously don't know how to do your job either. The ones defending these people, only are because, A) They are these people's personal friend, or B)Are allowed to use their elaborate facilities for free in return for their silence about what is truly going on there. And I do know some of you people that use this place for free who should be ashamed. You sicken not only me, but everyone around you who also knows you are doing it, that isn't brave enough to say something. If you don't know what this farm's name is, go on to any local horse for sale website. It's the farm in Clinton, ME with numerous thoroughbreds and other horses for sale had has about a half dozen "For Stud" ads also. Check it out. You'll be surprised how healthy some of these horses looked just one year ago compared to now. Don't say this place is a rescue. It's a disgrace to the REAL rescues and rescuer's out there!
2/11/2010 Tracy
I am the girl that works at the farm on the weekends and was unable to post my name as i was on my HTC touch pro 2 phone and it didnt catch it. If any of you have a problem with this farm please by all means come by see me I can garuntee you will be surprise to see there is not what you expect specially you Michelle! I dont know you but You are welcome to see me any time during any weekend or you could be chicken s*** and just drive by and assume things!
2/11/2010 Kathy
See the reporting probably has been going on for some time and they come when they are all but dead. Poor Poor babies.
There are a lot of assumptions here. I know we all are concerned and outraged about terrible care of horses but be careful here. Do you really know that those horses that were shipped today went to slaughter in Canada? What if -- those horses were vet checked and given a clean bill of health to be shipped to their new owners? And how do you know trailer loads of horses are shipped into this facility from PA? You say the state has been in a number of times due to people's complaints but done nothing -- why is that? And don't tell me they don't do their jobs because they do. There are a lot of assumption but has anyone gone to the facility and had a tour by the owners and discussed those horses you are talking about that are in bad shape to see what the full story is and voiced your concern to the owner?
2/11/2010 kim hingston
Hi I will defiantly call tomorrow and find out what their problem is.
Nicky, Kat and Michelle, I know you are concerned so why don't you go to the facility and ask to have a tour because people are concerned about the condition of the horses? You are very quick to judge == "I'm came across this sight" and you are inferring that I have something to hide because I didn't leave my name for goodness sake. Talk about fire and brimestone. Not that you politely asked but I never leave my name EVER on anything due to computer exploitation. I'm certainly not "one of those dealers or sellers." I'm just a plain ole Joe that has had the experience of taken in horses in terrible state. I called the owners and asked about "Those horses that went to CANADA. The owners stated that THOSE HORSES DID NOT GO TO SLAUGHTER. They informed me that they went to respected homes in Canada. AND BECAUSE of YOUR inference that these folks are not up and up I questioned their integrity and called their vet. He stated that those horses did indeed go to good homes and were given a clean bill of health. I immediately called the owners up and told them what I did and apologized for my behavior, questioning their integrity. Be careful, get the facts from the "horses mouth." There is a lot of judgement here and rumor spreading of things that are not true. I'm not defending this facility and some say, I'm just one of those people that like to have the facts before I judge. I too am concerned about the welfare of horses.
From "came across this sight". I forgot to mention when I called and checked on the load of horses going to Canada - I also asked the owners if they got support monies from the state as inferred from some comments -- THEY DO NOT. Oh, I also asked the vet about the little appy shown on this website. He stated that he has been to the farm regularly. The appy that was fat last spring was kicked hard in the leg by another horse this fall and has had to be lifted by hand to get up. The appy got a terrible infection in that leg has been treated for weeks and has just lately started to recover. I don't care about comments about the owners, I care about the horses. Shoot -- another clarification. The woman has not been around for many years she is a baby at 25. If you want me to get the facts about anything else, I will. I intend to go to the farm, see the horses, the conditions and talk with the owners. I want the truth not untruths.
2/12/2010 Ayuh
Lots of drama but only THREE photos and no indication of who took the photos or when. Give us more information to go with the allegations - verifiable facts. I want to believe the story but don't want to be sucked in by drama with no substance. If the State is in there providing food and/or veterinary care, then we have the right to know the truth. Wonder if the Freedom of Information Act would help - anyone have time to look into that? C'mon, let's get some journalists on the ball instead of bickering like teenagers. Let's get the REAL STORY.
2/12/2010 Ashlee A.
To the person that DID NOT LEAVE A name and stated...."you people that are defending the barn" - Have you been there recently? These people took over in August. If you are so upset, why don't YOU go and BUY a horse or bring over a BAG of grain? And to the one about "our taxes are paying for this?" Well I rather have my taxes pay for starving animals than for people who choose not to work for a living. I got the email - I went over there - and YES I PAID money for the WORST looking horse there! I don't have room for this horse, but I made room. Instead of coming on here and screaming about how "other people need to get things done, start calling" Why don't you go over and help them yourselves? I believe that you ONLY have the right to complain when you have actually done something about it. I do have this horse, she looks a lot like the one on the top photo. Yes I cried, I will not post pictures of her, but I felt these people were really trying. Maybe their ignorance is to blame. I don't know, but I know I can sleep at night knowing this horse is safe and hopefully she can make it through this ordeal. I have lots of vets bills in the future to expect, however I DID SOMETHING about it, HOW ABOUT YOU!
2/12/2010 Robin
The most troublesome aspect of this situation is the keeping and offering for stud several depressed and emaciated stallions. If nothing else is done - clearly these people have no business breeding more horses!! If not seized, they should be surrendered. I have been at the farm and seen NO OPEN WATER available to these animals. As above, intent doesn't justify bringing more horses in and breeding more foals!! Please make those calls. RL
2/12/2010 Ashlee A.
Ok everyone I see the one that Michelle posted at the top of the blog. See that first pic of that Bay that is all skin and bones? She's safe now at my home! That is the one I actually paid money for to get her out of there. She is stalled, has a nice blanket, and actually nickered to me this morning. She is so sweet. So one horse has been saved from this email.
2/12/2010 Rayna
Iam the person who found " Marshall " and was one of many ,who decided to try and save him.I was told by the owner of this barn that she had owned this horse for the last 5 years.She had lent him out a few times to friends,as well as used him for lessons. If she has owned him for 5 years, then why was he in the condition he was in? Her defence, that they arrive like that is shot all to hell. I also just picked up a Tb mare yesterday from her. It was delivered to Northern Maine.It was going to Canada, not to the Meat packers, but to a client,who will provide a wonderful home.I visited this horse 3 times over a 5 week period.She has lost about 150 lbs., during that time.She had been kicked one week one, and by week 3 she had proud flesh and infected eyes.I felt so sorry for her.....This mare has been loved at one point in her life.She is extremely well trained,jumps,loads,ties, cross ties,etc...She was in better shape the first time I saw her than now.She was no "Rescue"!!She was a quick dollar. I have no problem on reselling horses, but Do not claim to be saving them......
2/12/2010 Margot Frost
I called this morning and offered to foster one or more of them. I am also on a list to be kept informed on the case. My heart goes out to these and so many other Maine based neglected horses. It is a shame we put so much effort in defending abuse and those who clearly have no business ever even owning these noble animals. Maine needs to WAKE UP!
2/12/2010 Becky
This girl relocated from Burham Maine. I made my first complaint against her way back in 2003 and I was far from the frist. I have documented proof of the neglect that happend to one horse in her care. The state has done nothing!!! I was told and I quote, " this is their living, I can't just shut them down" made by state agent Bentley in 2003. Well she has continued to breed and produce foal but in their conditions she is unable to sell them, so how much of a living is she making. Sick, just sick!!! But just so you all know this has been going on for about 10 years, don't be fooled this is not a new situation, the Maine Animal Welfare, including Norma know darn well this has been going on and they do nothing!!!!!!!!!!
2/12/2010 Becky
Also I believe the appy in the first picture is one of her prized breeding stallions! How'd you like to breed to that?
2/12/2010 Lynne C. Michaud
Good Morning! My name is Lynne, I'm from NH. I want to help!I can't be up in Me. right now but I'm here for the horses! I pledge $100- today via paypal! I Double Dog Darn anyone to match me!! Can someone set up a bank account for these horses? How do we go about this? Is there a Mainer that can oversee the monies? It would be easier than by myself here in NH. Can we have kids collect pennies at school? Bake sales ? Anything, anyone???? I'm sadden I can't be there in Maine. Hugs and Carrots to All These Loving Innocent Horses.....Sincerely A Mainer at Heart....And Horse Lover!!!! Lynne C. Michaud 59 Forest Lane, Boscawen, NH 03303
2/12/2010 Julie
Very well said, Michelle. Thank you for giving us your opinion, but in a most unbiased way as possible. You certainly give us a much more clear picture of the circumstances. I only hope that it helps the horses in need. Good job!!
2/12/2010 Erinn
I have read through some of these comments...and the one that bothered me the most was left by someone that did not leave their name...if these horses are in such poor health then why are they trying to be "saved"? If they do in fact have serious health issues, why are they not being put down humanly? these people think they are doing these horses a favor by keeping them and not providing proper care, diet, and shelter...i work on a breeding farm and each of our paddocks have very nice run in sheds...the horses do not hardly go in them, but they are there if they want them...they are not falling down with nails and boards sticking out to harm the horses....and judging by the pictures, i am left to guess that the round bales are not too good...and anyone that knows a lot about horses knows that round bales really are not the proper way to feed horses....i know they are easy but unless they are fully dried out and baled properly they can cause more harm then good....i just love how people can turn their heads at horses that look like these...unreal to me..if those were 20+ children living in those conditions someone would def be doing something....these animals cant not care for themselves...
2/12/2010 Kat
I DO know whats going on down there I DO know the owers personally and have for some time. I DO know whats going on , I HAVE been there. AND even IF they was a rescue (which they are NOT) they should NOT be allowed to have more horses then they can properly take care of.. There is so much more to this then people know ( and not in a good way ) and its sad that the horses are the one's suffering due to all this !!!
2/12/2010 Kat
the appy in the picture is a 2 year old colt she bought off a freind of mine last summer. and i dont care how sick or sore a horse is they dont HAVE to loose THAT much weight. you have to poor MORE GOOD feed into that horse . i have had some pretty sick or banged up horses in to fix and they never ended up looking like that..
2/12/2010 Lynne C. Michaud
Hay Girlfriend!!!! COUNT Please!!! I see 6 pics. new updated pics, only three previosuly! None are NICE! The pic of the Appy raises a few questions, Don't ya think? UGH! I don't care who took the pics! Amen and thank you for having the nuts to do so! Go Girl! BRING IT!!! Bring all the pics and Bring all the DRAMA!!! Yippeeeee....It's getting the public aware, so thank you!!!! THANK YOU!!!Somebody had to do it! I'm glad you did. The horses will thank you! And we thank you! Oh, Guess what???? Count the pics: down to NUMBER #: FOUR, 4, please read her story! Thank you for saving this bay. I pledge $100- via paypal. I Double Dog Darn you to match me!!!!!Lynne C. Michaud, 59 Forest Lane, Boscawen, NH 03303
2/12/2010 Stacey
The Chronicle Of The Horse. "How To Sell A Horse" ran in the Jan. 29 issue. The average agreed-upon fee to keep a horse alive per year is between $5,000 and $6,000. How do you afford to take proper care of 30+ horses?
2/12/2010 Rather Not
Publishing material that is not true is what opens one to libel. This forum hints of a grudge against the accused. If I was this farm I would certainly be contacting my lawyer and taking any and all action possible to protect myself. To complain that the state hasn?t taken the actions that person would like them to is one thing, but to make false accusations, and to encourage others who do not know the facts to make complaints, is neither fair or useful, and is just as abusive as those alleged against said horses.
2/12/2010 Michelle
Lynne from NH.. I suspect that we have our mutual friend take care of the donation part. As we all know she is trustworthy and completely for the horses. I will not post her name on here but you and KAT and others know just who I am talking about.. Maybe we contact her off line and set something up.. As we know they have figured out who I am and I have been called out to meet face to face with a couple of them ..bla bla bla.. I have also been warned by LE not to even consider doing it.. SO THERE FOR... Dammit I am out of the loop.. As far as offering help and homes (many rescue facilities are gearing up as I type.. We will be able to have placement and med care for each and every horse in need when the State gets their fingers out of their A$$.... SO YES WE CAN AND WILL STEP UP FOR HOMES RESCUES/FOSTER ETC. But the more horses that the Stae allows to be brought in the harder that task will be....At this time I have to say from past experience with the Maine Animal Welfare People.. If We Place Food and care on that farm right this minute to help,,, then they horses will be considered being cared for and there will be no investigation.. I been thru this in Burnham a few years ago and supplied stuff for a place and then Norma told me that since I put feed out there then they have no case.. Boooo Booo for trying to do the right thing and get your head chopped off....
2/12/2010 Becky
Dear readers this is a wake up call!!!! This has been going on for years and years and years! The AWP of Maine is fully aware of the situation, there have been tons of complaints over the last 10 years, I personally have made several of them and nothing ever happens. I want to know why the AWP is not as responsible for this as the actual owner? Do not feel relief when the state tells you they are investigating, that is the same song and dance they have given me over the years. WE as a caring equine community have got to stay strong and firm on this one! Or it will continue!!! Trust me it is known and documented the condtions these horses have suffered through, some of them, their entire lives! For Anyone wanting first hand info and documentation of this feel free to email me at prospecthorsefarm Of course leave out the spaces and add the @ Please stay strong and don't let this one go! I BEG you as these poor horses BEG you for help. A warm stall, soft bedding for their boney bodies to lay. Food and water to give them strenght to survive. A kind word, a gentle stroke of love to let them know it is going to be okay! For those of you that have horses, give them a hug and thank your lucky stars they are home safe and sound!
2/12/2010 Leslie
I'm glad that some of these horse have found new homes, they are very lucky. Are the farm owners bringing in new horses all of the time?
2/12/2010 Michelle
Ranya.. Well that blows the statements that the horses with the shipper went to home and were vetted and cleared.. If you picked up that horse,, ok so that explains the vetted and cleared part of only your trailer.. Not the large shipment.. lol... Seems to me the statements made by other about calling the vet and all .. well if the vet aint given all the info of course the vet knows a horse or 2 was hauled and cleared and went to good home.. That would be the one you picked up.. Still the vet would have no knowledge of the shipment to Canada.. But the farm can state that a trailer did leave yesterday enroute to a good home.. Pretty clever of them dont we think.. Ranya thank god you managed to get some out of there..
2/12/2010 Jaycee
To Margot: if you could please share, Who did you make a call to? I am seriously interested in Fostering as well...can you please post this information so the "real" concerned citizens can make a difference by taking in some of these "so-called" neglected horses if/when the become available. Thank you ~Jaycee
2/12/2010 Katie Lisnik
As some other advocates have said, please make sure your responses, calls, queries are polite, respectful, but firm. Animal abuse will not be tolerated in Maine. Advocates can contact their legislators, local media, the Department of Agriculture, etc..with the message that you oppose animal cruelty and want to see this case fully investigated and the animals cared for properly. (This applies to all animal cruelty and neglect cases.) When people get involved, everyone in the state becomes aware that animal abuse cannot be pushed aside.
2/12/2010 Ashlee A.
To Becky: The bay mare is doing well. She nickered to me this morning and basically has not brought her head up from the hay. Farrier coming next week along with Vet, full exam, dental work, everything. Basically I went there to "spy" never realizing after seeing the bay so badly bitten and thin, that I would take her home. Funny thing is, when I went back to pick her up, there was another horse trailer that pulled in before us. The owner than came up to me and said they decided they wouldn't sell her to me. I was terrified. I couldn't leave her there. After about 20 minutes, I got her to let me have the horse. Yes I paid money to get her, but I don't care. She said it was a rescue horse. Now after reading the posts I'm wondering if she was going to be shipped. I don't understand why she would change her mind? Anyways that sad looking Bay in the 4th pic, is hopefully going to be ok.
2/12/2010 Michelle
Ashlee A.. KUDOS to you sweety.. That bay mare will now be loved and cared for.. Thats one less for us to worry about in the whole horrible and tragic situation... I for one am thankful that you didnt give up and convince them to let you purchase that horse.. GOOD JOB
2/12/2010 Joanna
actually (To Kat) you need to get your facts straight because I once owned that app colt, hes just over one, and he has ben at my home briefly and at this farm his whole life. People need to stop judging. I'm not saying this is right but read the facts. NOT ALL THE ANIMALS LOOK LIKE THIS. THEY HAVE FOOD. When this farm was run by the people before these guys, those shelters were like that only a few were down and tese people have added supports until they can get a new set up. the way these pastures are built is the mud basically gets pooled in and cant drain because there are roads in between each paddock. That was a mistake of the designer and that needs to be fixed, its also hard to repair the housing due to this. Like I said it isn't right but don't be so quick to judge unless you know the FULL story, not read what OTHERS have written, see it with your own eyes not through others.
2/12/2010 Danielle
people just dont understand the Real Care of A horse. People get them just to have one or get rid cause they didnt turn out to be a good horse at a specific job. then you get people who want to help but have no horse sence background. where are vets? where is shelter? where are the Blankets to keep warm and main thing Is there grain and plenty of un frozen water.come on if you want to help the horses and have funds to only feed out haylet other people know so the horse community can help or find other places that can rehab and appropriatley care for these horses in need.
2/12/2010 Shannon
I just got off the phone with Deputy commissioner office. THey have someone reading these comments and is taking this very serious. THey are in shock themselves and is looking into this now. Post if this helps dont if it hurts the case. The governers office is extremely disturbed at the pics. and the case. They welcome updates or comments. I am not in this state, but they seem very concerned and with the comments and public outcry is what got their attention to this serious matter the lady said from that office. She mentioned this site and is following all comments from here on this situation while they are investigating. The gov. office in Maine is seem to be very concerned and is taking action. #207-287-3419 Gov. office main number.
2/12/2010 Danielle
these horses NEED help and A BETTER FACILITY to help them rehab i got one xtra stall
2/12/2010 Jen
For those of you who want to help, thank you on behalf of horses in need! As many of you know, I own/operate Spirit of Hope Farm Equine Shelter and Rescue in Winterport. I would like to let you all know that legally speaking any shelter that takes in these or any other horses from a state case cannot/should not advertise that they are in possession of specific horses from specific cases. First of all, it places those shelters in danger since, as you might imagine, animal abusers are not always mentally stable. We had to disconnect our phone line because we were getting harassing and abusive phone calls because of our work sheltering horses. Second, there are legalities involved with the disclosure, even inadvertent, of information about a case that has not yet been made adjudicated. In seizure cases, those cases are still active investigations even after the horses are moved and the horses are considered evidence, thus their locations are generally not disclosed to the public. If you want to help horses in need, find a rescue or shelter in your area to help right now because even though they may not have THESE horses, they do have OTHER horses that someone else failed and are now footing those bills as well. How the process works, for those that don't know... unless horses are surrendered from an owner directly to a rescue, this protocol is generally what will occur: First the state receives a complaint. The agent assigned that district will visit the site, talk to the owner and likely ask for documentation on the animal's care. They determine if the case is exigent (emergency) or not, and if not will generally issue a notice to comply if some condition exists to warrant it. Then the agent will follow up, usually within 30 days, to gather additional documentation and determine if the owner has complied with the agent's order. If the agent believes the horse is in immediate danger, they call Norma who says yay or nay on requesting an ex parte order from a judge, which is a temporary order that allows the state to take the animal until a court hearing occurs and a judge decides the disposition of the horse. Please understand, the images we've seen and the stories emerging are very upsetting, but what I just wrote is a highly simplistic template for what is actually a very complicated process to execute. There are lots of things that have to happen in order for a case to be successfully prosecuted. Don?t get me wrong, I think our state animal welfare system could do a much better job enforcing the laws but it?s not just AWP, it's the DA's who avoid these cases like the plague, too. It's a system-wide problem that isn't going to get fixed, certainly not overnight. If you truly want to change things, you have to get involved with legislation to change it. In the meantime, and while this and other cases like it wander through the process, and while the fire is burning in your belly to help, call a local shelter/rescue and see what you can do to help them continue to do the work they are doing to rehabilitate and give hope to the horses in their care right now! thanks
2/12/2010 Joy
Just so that those who need to know WILL know this...I have been told by a very reputable source that often truck loads of their horses are not necessarily hauled off to slaughter but off to the Litchfield Landfill where they are tied and then shot. Given the horrible death that slow starvation must be I guess this is probably the better option but something that really should be looked at. I am willing to foster one horse at my cost if it comes to that. I left my contact information at Norma's office today but I suspect that it will be ignored as it was the last time that I offered to help. I do have many, many good reference to provide if need be.
2/12/2010 Donna E
I made my calls and left message of course for Norma,Seth's office was very nice,and said they are involved with ongoing investigation all they can say about it right now.Left number for them to call if I can be of help to them in any way.The office appreciates the calls understands we are all just very concerned.We are making a statement.Hope things get sorted there quickly in best interest of horses.
2/12/2010 kat
it is typical for our govt to not care about animals. they put laws out because they're supposed to and its politically correct, but as many people have said if you report issues and follow up with appropriate parties things will happen. it seems dept of ag covers their own ass with their response again politically correct what people want to hear, but may be full of crap. i think there is an issue with funding for the farm that they don't have enough to care for the horses, its unfortunate. i do not blame the caregivers. there's something similar with puppy mills. USDA says they're ok and minimum minimum standards, things slip by and are "enough". there's laws and they're not enforced. it's pure disgrace. i hope a positive outcome will come to this, really.
2/12/2010 Michelle
KAT... Call me.. If you lost my number call you know who and get it..
2/12/2010 Estelle
Good job Ashlee! Thank you for saving one,that is AWESOME!
To Michelle -- "me thinks you protests too much." Something stinks your way as you are too caught up in the people at the facility and not the horses. Do you have an issue with the owners perhaps? You are stating too many untruths and your mind wild. Most of your comments this morning we good and not biased except I can't get it out of my mind that when you took pictures you forgot to include the stallions on the other side. The picture would show good cover for those horses and they are fat. What about the pasture with the work horses? Those horses were fat. You state you haven't been to the facility but some of the pictures you took you had to have been at the facility to take. You went to take pictures but you didn't connect with the owners? I'm not sure but that might be called trespassing. You see there is a right way and a wrong way to get to the truth. We all are trying to get accurate info to make sure the horses are safe. I have an appointment with the owners to visit and see for myself. The state is involved at this point. Let the professionals do their jobs. My caution to you is be careful or you will wind up in a slander case.
2/12/2010 Shannon Lack
guys as the state is investigating lets also drive the point first these owners of the horses should be banned and ordered to never be allowed to have horses in the state of Maine. Horse hoarding is a serious matter and I also understand that once these horses make it either to landfill or in hopes to good homes if time is permitted. THat the owner stay away from idea of visting auctions and getting more horses. That is the root of this problem. It must cease so the state does not have to step in later down the road and go through this all over with these hoarders.
2/12/2010 Michelle #3
ELIMINATE ALL DOUBT. READ THE STATE LAWS BELOW, THEN LOOK AT THE PHOTOS, OR DRIVE THERE YOURSELF TO FORM YOUR OWN OPINION. ARE THESE MINIMUM STATE STANDARDS BEING MET??? Title 7: AGRICULTURE AND ANIMALS Part 9: ANIMAL WELFARE HEADING: PL 1987, C. 383, ?3 (NEW) Chapter 739: CRUELTY TO ANIMALS HEADING: PL 1987, C. 383, ?3 (NEW) ?4015. Proper shelter, protection from the weather and humanely clean conditions No person owning or responsible for confining or impounding any animal may fail to provide the animal with proper shelter, protection from the weather and humanely clean conditions as prescribed in this section. [1997, c. 456, ?7 (AMD).] 2. Outdoor standards. Minimum outdoor standards of shelter are as follows. B. Except as provided in subsections 5 and 6, shelter from inclement weather must be as follows. (1) An artificial shelter, with a minimum of 3 sides and a waterproof roof, appropriate to the local climatic conditions and for the species and breed of the animal must be provided as necessary for the health of the animal. 3. Space standards. Minimum space requirements for both indoor and outdoor enclosures shall include the following. A. The housing facilities shall be structurally sound and maintained in good repair to protect the animal from injury and to contain the animal. [1987, c. 383, ?3 (NEW).] B. Enclosures shall be constructed and maintained to provide sufficient space to allow each animal adequate freedom of movement. Inadequate space may be indicated by evidence of overcrowding, debility, stress or abnormal behavior patterns. [1987, c. 383, ?3 (NEW).] 4. Humanely clean conditions. Minimum standards of sanitation necessary to provide humanely clean conditions for both indoor and outdoor enclosures shall include periodic cleanings to remove excretions and other waste materials, dirt and trash to minimize health hazards. [ 1987, c. 383, ?3 (NEW) .]
2/12/2010 Michelle
You with no name.. Could you please state which Michelle you are referring too that you state may have trespassed by getting the pictures.. I am at this time unsure who you are referring to.. Please advise
You people are getting way off base with your comments. Joy - your comment about taken the horses to a landfill and shoting them is absurd. That is absolutely untrue. Stop fabricating and adding to the fire. Sorry to say but you too can be us for slander. Let's do this right and let the state investigate.
2/12/2010 Pauline
For those of you afraid to sign your name, your comments hold no truth or conviction. To say these horses are in "good" condition or that this is a "rescue" is asinine. The is deplorable, disgusting and beneath the level or man or equine or any living animal for that matter. No better a person than a sibling of satan would hold an animal in such horrific standards. Shame on anyone who has had anything to do with this and not done the right thing. Officials should have held this farm accountable, clearly, long ago. "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty.
2/12/2010 Marie McCormack
What in God's name is going on out at that farm? They ship a truckload of horses directly to slaughter??? What the heck is the local and state government doing about this situation? The horses are in deplorable condition. There should be an immediate injunction against ANY HORSE being shipped off this farm immediately. This is evidence they're literally slaughtering. Something needs to be done to STOP these people on a permanent basis from EVER owning another horse.
2/12/2010 Sandy
I have Law Enforcement and horse background and had applied for a position with Norma as a Humane Agent. I was told point blank that I "had too much law enforcement background" and pretty much not to apply again. This is why nothing is ever done with problems like's enforcement of the law that needs to be done and the Dept. of Agriculture under Norma won't do it.
2/12/2010 Megan
1- I am going to play devil's advocate-I have seen one or two of the TBs that have come from this farm and I was shocked. One in particular was very very skinny and sickly. However, I too have a throughbred that I have had for 7 years and have shown successfully in Atlantic Canada and North-Eastern States. Thoroughbreds are very hard to keep weight on. Even my mare gets kind of ribby in the winter and sometimes FAT is just as unhealthy. I am neither sticking up for this farm nor attacking it, but appearances aren't everything. I have boarded my horse at multiple fancy show barns with group turnout (only to 4 or 5 horses on a big field) and yes, sometimes horses don't get along. I am not saying that this many horses should be together but it also works at certain high quality show barns. Also, no shelter would be better than dangerous shelter and I, for one, have no problem with my prissy little diva standing outdoors in light snow, etc. 2- Being from the border town in New Brunswick, your accusations of these local being "meatpacker" is outrageous. Although NB may not be in a good economic state at the moment, knowing many, many horse farm owners throught the Maritimes, this would not be happening. Again, yes, I believe that some of these horses would be way better off with more well off owners, for lack of a better word. I would rescue one if I had my own farn, however I do not. These people MAY be trully doing the best that they can - sick horses just need more than adequate resources to get healthy. 3- People on this website are out of control. I know that all of you mean well, but it is just like how people see one bad greyhound, and the WHOLE thing gets shut down, leaving many in worse circumstances. MANY horses are in the "care" of the State, if 40 more are seized, that will downsize the care they all receive. Sometimes there is a flip side, even if you have to look for it. Again, I'm not saying I would entrust my own horse to them, I just think that things are getting out of control on both ends, and neither side will end well.
2/12/2010 Donna H
Per the AWO response posted above - "At the same time, there is ongoing collaboration between the farm's vet and our vet who are developing a "herd management plan" Herd management plan????? Here's a herd management plan - STOP BREEDING and stop bringing more horses in - how's that for a beginning! The shelters do not meet the 3 sided shelter criteria mandated by Maine State Law. If the AWO has been on site several times in the past 3 weeks - and the shelters still do not meet the state mandates - why are they tiptoeing around this. We have been fortunate that the last three weeks has not brought Typical Maine weather and 2 feet of snow - The shelter issue alone is enough to move on - the law regarding shelter is very cut and dried. Please contact your local legislators (and others in your area) and let them know that this is unacceptable. There are too many unknowns in this case how ever there are enough Known violations for this to have been pursued more aggressively than has been to date.
2/12/2010 Jen
Megan I understand your concern with equity but I did want to point out an inaccuracy in your post. You said "MANY horses are in the "care" of the State, if 40 more are seized, that will downsize the care they all receive." This is not true. The State of Maine does not have a central publicly funded horse rehab facility. Instead, our state AWP relies upon voluntarily licensed private shelters to accommodate horses that must be seized or that are surrendered to the state. As such a facility, I acknowledge that a large-scale seizure would definitely be an additional burden upon these entities, but for the most part the responsible rescues will not let any horses go without, including the ones that are already in rescue.
2/12/2010 Kat
I can understand those of you who do not know these people , or never have been to this farm, but many of us do and have.. we are not jsut thowing words around .. and why are we talking about the people as well as the horses ,, maybe beceause the horses are this way BECAUSE of the people/owners. Just my opinon but IF the state si working with these people, shouldn't it be a rule/law / regulation that no more horses can come into this farm untill this mess is cleaned up... and these poor horses placed into homes.. AND if this is a rescue why are they selling the horses and not jsut placing them inot good homes with signed adoption papers?? By the way Michelle , i cant find ya number and SHE isnt home ... call me !! lol
2/12/2010 m. melanson
All I have to say is this is horrible. Sadly this happens all over the state/country. I have had direct dealings with Norma from the state and I can tell you as long as she is in her position alot of farms like this will continue to fall thru the cracks. I am not trying to bash the state because I am sure with all the fundings for these programs being cut it leaves sad things like this behind. However norma has been in her position before the economy was bad ,,, I would be more than happy to take a couple of these horses into my barn . However you have to jump thru red tape to be able to get one.. Now that a whole other story isn't it !
2/12/2010 Carole
Understanding motives/adequate care: I have no first hand knowledge of the facility being discussed, but I do have experience with many "rescue" and "adoption" claims. As far as I know, nobody advocates cruelty, substandard or inhumane treatment of animals. This is the essence of the pathology of hoarding. Those engaged in this, do, in fact, believe they are ?saving? animals. But it means acquiring more animals than can be cared for. At its worst, it involves breeding even more. These are the 2 features that distinguish the hoarders from the rescuers. Other criteria: Are the animals passed on to new homes for no fee, nominal fee, or highest market value. This will reveal much about motives/purpose/pathology.
2/12/2010 someone tired of fighting the fight
This is why Peta thinks no one should own animals,folks!!!This isn't some poor farmer who lost his JOB or got hurt..where are all of US then???WE should all handle this in a "nice,sane" manner!!!???How about all of us that still manage to feed our animals(and,other people's as well)???Bullets are cheap..that WOULD and I repeat,WOULD be a better fate than starving to DEATH in the COLD!How about this,the next person found with a starving animal on their land better have MEDICAL PROOF of why,(from a REAL VET),or,well rope is cheaper than bullets..anyone care to check on any kids or elderly these people(or anyone LIKE them) may have in their "care"................
2/12/2010 Michelle #3
To the ?un-named? person ? get your Michelle?s straight. I?m ?#3?, the one who personally viewed and photographed the animals & their living environment?FROM A LEGAL SPOT IN A CAR IN THE ROAD, NOT TRESPASSING. I did not ?forget to include? anything; if you read it again, you will see I stated that I did not view or photograph those horses properly. I did not comment on those horses. This post will be only the third one I have sent. To Ayuh ? the three bottom photos were taken by me yesterday, as described above. The facts observed are listed alongside those photos, within my first post. To Donna H ?RIGHT ON! The shelter issue is EXACTLY what I referenced to Ch 6 ? who denied seeing these 2 sided, collapsing shelters, because they were only shown certain barns. THAT is truthfully the ONLY fact based, law-backed item that can be addressed right now. If the state has not issued a notice to comply regarding the lack of sides, dangerous condition, and inadequate shelter space, THAT is where our focus needs to be. If the state has issued a notice to comply, then the state will wait to see if compliance occurs within the allowed time frame. That being said, it would seem to me that a minimum of ?clean up? would be mandated to at least remove the danger factor from the broken boards and debris. To Ashlee ? which mare do you have? The one in the 2nd photo or the 4th photo down? Just curious. Whichever one you have, I hope she does well and please keep us posted. To all ? when you contact the welfare department, commissioner, media, governor, etc., stress to them that the housing for these horses DOES NOT MEET THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS SET FORTH BY MAINE STATE LAW. Quote the law for them. We need to hold people accountable for ABIDING BY and UPHOLDING Maine?s animal welfare laws. We are not asking for something outlandish ? we are DEMANDING the MINIMUM for these animals AS REQUIRED BY LAW!
2/12/2010 Dan
I agree with Kat. There are many of us who have been to this farm. And the owners other farm in Burnham. We know the truth. And I know that colt in the photo. I know what he looked like before he got in the hands of this evil woman. As for the composting horses I'm not sure if that is true or not but i do know for a fact there have been many that were put on the trailer and shot and hauled to burnham to be disposed of. I agree the something should be done to to stop them from hauling anymore horses in or out until this is resolved. My question is why is the state "working" with these people. I know for a fact the state has been "working" with this woman since before she moved to this farm. Seems as tho someone should be investigating the state to see whos not doing their job and why it is they aren't doing it.
2/12/2010 Michelle
Absolutely Dan.. Kudos Michelle #3... Now for those that have posted about dumping sites and such.. PLEASE... The Governors office is monitoring this site and all these posts.. PLEASE..... State in you comments exact locations of these dumping sites that you appear to have knowledge of.. Just the mere accusation of those sites is not enough for anyone to locate the remains of anything.. Stating that animals have been dumped in Litchfield and Burnham does not narrow the field down very much for an investigator to be able to go and retrieve any evidence.. Post the exact locations that you are aware of.. Post any information that an investigator can run with.. You people have a wide range of readers watching right now .. Governors office, AG's office, State animal welfare, News media and thousands of other people around the country.. This is the chance to post what exactly is known and how, and provide locations and proof.. Information that can be verified will take us alot further to getting a conviction and most importantly getting the animals removed much faster.. So with that said where the hell are these dumping sites (road, land mark, whatever you know) that will bring us to finding remains.. Once you have posted that information the call the AG's office, the DA'S office, the Governor's office and the Animal welfare office in give them the information on how you came to know about this..
2/12/2010 brianne
as much as i want to be a vet some one needs to do something about because i dont like to see any animal like that some one please please please do something about that
2/12/2010 Jo Clark
whatever, as long as all of you eat meat from all sorts of animals you have no business bitching about this.... what do you think cows and chickens and pigs and (believe it or not) horses go through when they get slaughtered and transported for your enjoyment, pleasure, fine dining, etc... Get a grip, it's all wrong.
2/13/2010 Karen
Joy is right. The horses too far gone or dead are taken to be composted in Litchfield. Or taken to to be buried out back behind the farm. There is no dignity left for these once proud animals. But the starvation has ended for them.
2/13/2010 michelle R
you guys need to check out fugly of the day, this isn't her first time doing this!! the media should be reporting this. how much time will pass before anything gets done? it will be too late for some of these horses.
2/13/2010 Onebarkingdog
These horses would've been better off humanely euthanized that brought to this place! Those photos posted in the article tell me all I need to know. I'm not one who's quick to judge, and maybe those horses arrived starved... but how can I ignore those shelters??? How can ANYONE ignore those shelters??? They're about to collapse for Pete's sake! Any dummy can see that! And they're too small for the number of horses in the paddock. And I'm sorry- but no starved horse should be left outside- let alone with a shelter like that- through a Maine winter! It REQUIRES a stall, deeply bedded, in a barn, with a heavy blanket on. I've rescued starved horses- I know exactly what they need. And this isn't it! Anyone with a heart would hire a vet to humanely euthanize many of these poor animals rather than force them to endure this kind of neglect. How sad and heart breaking. They should be ashamed.
2/13/2010 Ashlee A.
To Michelle #3 - I have the 4th horse down - the bay mare that has her head in the hay. I was not told she was a rescue horse. She came to them as a lesson horse. So I don't know for a fact that they did this to her, or if the prior owners starved her. I have no idea, only that this horse is in absolute HORRIBLE condition. She basically has the body of the colt in the 1st photo - you just can't tell by the picture that was taken of her. I don't think she would have lasted another month. I will not throw accusations around on who did this to her, and I won't assume anything. I don't have any concrete facts. I just know whoever did this to her is so cruel. I cried when I groomed her last night. I just want facts. The people running this place (the woman anyways) has always been friendly to me. I just don't know what or who to believe at this point. :( I saw hay in all of the bins, stalls were clean, some horses were fat. I did not see the horses out in the fields condition, but they had hay. But I will make this VERY clear, this site is what saved this horse. I would NEVER have gone down there to look if I hadn't read this.
2/13/2010 Kat
I personally have not real problem with the compost piles as long as done right and taken proper care of..there needs to be a place we can take some of the aminals that are to far gone. The vets charge a outragus price to come to your place (jsut the farm call alone) and the shots to put the aminal down. then there is the farmer you have to contact and hire and pay to dig the hole and be there to bury the horse after. AND in some towns the permits to do this.. i once buried a horse on my 12 acre farm years ago and the neighbor called the town and they made me dig my horse up and we ended up paying a local farmer to remove the horse and rebury her on his farm !!! i think what the problem is here that people are complaining about ( most anyways ) when it comes to this places is the fact dealers and people like these are "useing" these places to just toss away the ones they cant sell and are not "fat" enough to go to canada or montana .. it gives them more room to bring in yet more loads of horses to try to sell and what doesnt AGAIn go's to these compost piles.. Michelle , we are not allowed to give out direct directions or names on here because of liabilities to the owners of this site .. but they could email you or one of us to give the info they have to be pasted on to those who NEED it ..
2/13/2010 Kat
Michelle R can you put the link in here , just leave spaces between things so it well post so we can see the pictures your talking about ? And so the "higher up " people monitoring this site can see them as well
2/13/2010 michelle
omg.. fugly site is very interesting
2/13/2010 Michelle
Kat,, I was sent pics and documentation and dates in ref to horse name Creepy that she leased out of Maryland.. This is from back in 2002 between April, 2002- Oct 15, 2002...Horrid pics.. Makes ya wanna cry
2/13/2010 Onebarkingdog
Kat: Yes, vet's are expensive. Ridiculously. Euthanasia is expensive. Hauling/creamation is expensive. I mean, it's a racket, really. I couldn't agree more. But guess what? That's the reality of owning a horse. Eventually you need to cough up a good $500-$1000 to deal with the end of it's life. I have the space for 30 horses but know I can only afford to properly care for 3 year round. So guess how many horses I have? Two of those three are permanent residents. The third is always a project/rescue which we try to turn over once a year, so we can help/train/fatten up a new needy horse. We've never spent less than $1000/horse doing this. One of these horses required a $900 surgery. He ended up with his dream home- free leased- while we were still paying off that vet bill. Point is: One CAN help horses, but it MUST be to a reasonable, responsible, respectable extent or it's no longer "helping."
2/13/2010 michelle R
sure its man she's one tough cookie!
2/13/2010 Kat
on maineriders they had posted this was pose to be aired on TV channel 6 but was canceled,maybe we should all email tv 6 and ask WHY ?? maybe if enough of us ask they well do something here;s the address
2/13/2010 Kat
and here's the news director for ch. 6 and the addy for programs to ch. 6
2/13/2010 Michelle
Kat.. I emailed channel 6 and also forwarded to them the email and pics and documentation in ref to the horse Named Creepy removed from her care in 2002 and spent weeks at Annibasicook being rehabbed. This boy was only in her care 6 months and OMG. I still didnt get your email,, so try a gain so I can forward the stuff to you also.
2/13/2010 Charm
Hmmm... Dear Anonymous (otherwise known as the farm owner who is desperately trying to run damage control), If you would seriously like to fix this situation, then perhaps you would be smarter to provide: 1. Documentation from the veterinarian who we keep hearing about. Evidently the same vet who told a supposed stranger about your horses. If it makes you feel better, no one here really thinks that that part of the story is true-- since vets don't share client information with outside sources. 2. Provide documentation of receipt of starving or damaged horses. You DID take videos and fill out paperwork, the way any reputable barn or rescue would do, right? 3. Provide proof of your nonprofit status as a rescue. You did claim to be a rescue. 4. Be open and forthright about the exact situation of the horses, instead of making ludicrous claims that because round bales are provided, all horses are taken care of and healthy. Pictures can be photoshopped, but NOT that much. You have starving horses on your property, and horses with serious health issues. You better be able to prove that they came there recently that way. I'm sorry that you feel pressured and are upset, but while many people push the panic button at seeing starving or abused horse pictures, there are also a LOT of real horsemen on the Internet, who know exactly how stables are run and how horses should be cared for and treated. I've had starving and/or crippled horses on my property before-- in fact I do now. I also have documentation of how they arrived, what care as been given, and photos of when they came and their present day condition. Smart horsemen do that. Did you do that? I doubt it. Otherwise you would deal with the situation with facts, instead of absolutely hilarious threats of Libel. Yea. I would love to see you press a suit against one or more people for libel. Where are you going to get that $3,000 retainer? Take it out of your hay fund?
2/13/2010 RL
While keeping horses in appalling conditions, the owners are representing themselves as a "horse rescue." To my knowledge, horse rescues do not offer horses for outright sale, breed horses or advertise stallions standing at stud. If Animal Welfare does nothing else it should require the surrender of all stallions on the property. The minimum standard of care is not being met, let alone the standard to which breeders should be held. Sadly, offering to buy these horses will only perpetuate this level of neglect and abuse. It is the responsibility of Animal Welfare to intervene for these animals.
2/13/2010 Manda
Went to visit this farm today, watched the pastures for quite somet time. Counted about 5 horses that were dead lame and could barely support their own weight. The drafts seemed to be in good shape, other than the lack of shelter and fresh water they all seemed to have okay body condition. The other horses were appalling, it's a beautiful day here in Maine and almost 40 plus degress and it was obvious that someone had blanketed these horses to hide their condition. Hips and ribs were distinct even through heavy blanketing. When I first drove by the facility there was a Red Roan possibly (hard to tell from current condition) that was standing in the breakdown lane of the road. I turned around and went back and at that point he had stepped back over the chain that acted as the gate for his "pasture" which looked more like a driveway to me. This chain couldn't have been more than two feet high at it's highest point. The Roan had a very bad body condition and no shelter or hay in the area where it was being kept. This is appalling and hopefully something will be done soon regarding this situation. I took lots of photos while I was out there, and have sent many to newspapers and any form of media I can think of to get their story out there. Hopefully the state will do something before conditions worsen.
2/13/2010 Kat
AGAIN...I would ahve thougth had the state been out there to help them in ANY way shape or form , they themself would ahve taken pictures , woret down each horses cond. body mass ext. and had a holder on each horse , and there would/ shoudl have been a freeze put on this farm that no horses would be allowed IN and those leaveing would ahve had to have been aproved by the state and adoption papers filled out. If there are not enough people working for the stateshould they not hire or get vol. to do the paperwork and follow up weekly of these horses?? just wondering why something liek this isnt going on IF the state ARE working with them !!!!
2/13/2010 Kristie
Man, I've been reading through the comments for the last half an hour, and I'll tell you something right now... I've been boarding at that farm for the last two and a half years, so I know what is was like before the owners of the place now took it over. The shelters have been like that for a long time, and so has the fencing. The owners of the farm put EVERY CENT of money they earn back into those horses, to feed them and to make them better. And as for putting horses down, they do put them down in a humane way, so the horses don't suffer anymore, but they do everything they possibly can to try and save that anumal first. I would suggest that before you people start condemning the people at this farm, you look to you and yours first. I can garauntee that not all of you are as pristine about the care of your animals as you think you are. And that appy in the picture? ... that he is two years old and is used for breeding and whatever you idiots think he is used for. He is just a baby recovering from a severe case of pnuemonia. Shut up if you don't know the real facts. Like I said before, I board out there, and I go out there every weekend to work the horses. My mare isn't emaciated and starving and whatever you want to describe a skinny horse. If anything, she is fat from all the food they feed those horses out there. You people want to run your mouths about GOOD PEOPLE, well, come on out and meet up with me, and you will see how REAL HORSEPEOPLE TAKE CARE OF THEIR ANIMALS.
2/13/2010 Jan
Kat - The story about these horses was being held back because the owner had contacted her attorney. WCSH said that, in all fairness, they had to allow her to present her side of the issue ... AKA...'buying time' .. enables the owner to clean up and clean out before the TV cameras arrive ... Great diversionary tactic ...
2/13/2010 JC
I understand the cost of seizing these horses but the person can still be charged. Where is the ACO?? Why is he or she not charging the owner. Thier must be more to the story
2/13/2010 RL
In response to Michelle's challenge, I will make the appropriate calls and include that I have made known to a reputable horse rescue organization that I would gladly foster two of these horses. I have more than adequate facilities to do so and already have the commitment of one other horsewoman to share in the labor involved. All that would be required would be for Animal Welfare to convince the owners to surrender these horses - thus proving it is the health and welfare of the horses that concerns them most. The cost of adequate care would certainly make profit an impossibility - so why not cut their losses and let the horse community pitch in to help?
2/13/2010 Donna H
In response to "Kristie" Horses are Prey animals and as such it is literally survival of the fittest - there are some horses there in OK shape - why - because they can walk to get to whatever food they can find - those that are weak or lame cannot and the fittest horses will run them out - that is how it works. On a day like today - 40 degrees and bright sunshine - NO HORSE SHOULD HAVE BEEN BLANKETED - they will overheat. Fresh air and Sun would do these horses a world of good. Another instance of poor choices and a clueless horse owner.
2/13/2010 Dan
This woman has been doing this for many years. And her parents were doing the same thing many years before her. She is not going to surrender the horse. She would rather see it die than hand it over. She is the worst kind of person. If she can't get what she wants out of them they will die. Plain and simple. And when they are sold or if they die she will bring in 5 more to replace the one. Something needs to be done to stop her. And it needs to be done NOW. The state needs to stop "working" with her and start taking some action
2/13/2010 Jody
The ones who are really to blame are the breeder's. For we all know that there are just to many horses and not enough homes for them. Its not like adopting a dog or a cat and then there are too many of these animals too because of iresponible people that don't spay and neuter. With no slaughter in the US this is the effects of the ban now. Slaughter is a horrible way for such a beautiful animal to go, but starving in someones back yard to me is much worse. Just where are all these horses in the next couple of years going to end up??? With the economy in such bad shape and people loosing their jobs, and no one wants their horse who will go hungry first? Even if they wanted to have their old friend put down the vet bill and burial charge would be more then they could afford. So maybe they wait and see if finance will improve as their horse gets thinner. So what is the real answer here????? There will be more farms like this one who just can't keep up with the numbers. I have owned horses all my life (52yrs) and always pray that I will always have enough to feed them. So far I have kept that promise. Just remember the next time you think of breeding your backyard horse, think of ALL the good ones already here waiting for someone to take care of them. Is that foal really that important just for your self serving ego????
2/13/2010 Val
When people are convicted of a crime, they are often levied a fine, as part of the judgement in court. This person owns property on which a lien could be placed. Eventually, it is possible the property could be seized, sold, and the proceeds go to help fund rescue efforts. In a relatively short period of time, many people, in Maine and elsewhere, have expressed sorrow and frustration about this case of abuse and neglect. We all know it's not the first time. There's a long history here. Several years ago, a bunch of us got together to form a coalition of people concerned with the State's inability to stay on top of cases like this. We met here in Glenburn with Norma Worley and several people continued to press for change at the State level. As praiseworthy as they effort was, nothing changed. We are all SO busy. Maybe a different approach would work. Could we create a blog and paypal access, collect names and contact info of people willing to help, financially or otherwise? When several of us rescued Gypsy, we created a checking/savings account that people donated to. It paid for her surgery and post surgical care. Once she was healed, the remaining money was donated here and there to horses in need. That account still has $87. I will help in any possible way in this effort. I can donate some money and I can provide a stall, if and when we get that far. I have to believe that collectively, we can make change. Thoughts?
2/13/2010 Michelle
Val... These people do not own the farm. They lease it. I know that sucks, cause that would have been a good idea.. Is Gypsy the horse Becky told me about? There was another called Paula... I would love to talk to you off this forum.. Im just not sure how.. If Becky is the same one then she has my contact info.
2/14/2010 Val
Michelle - I know she doesn't own the Clinton property but does she not own another farm in Burnham? There has to be some way to make abusers pay to help remedy the situation. This state has gotten firm on a number of issues. We need to have zero tolerance for this kind of negligence. I've always heard that a society can be judged by the way it treats its animals. If that's the case, we are failing miserably. Gypsy is one of many horses Becky has saved and one of a few I have worked with her on. She's a true hero of the horse world.
2/14/2010 Estelle
To all of you saying, hey why don't you go out and talk to her for yourself and take a look for yourself, she's really such a nice and wonderful person, just trying to help out these oh so sad cases she takes in out of the goodness of her heart to help....I'll tell you why, because she really doesn't want people out there, I emailed her 3 times about going out to talk to her and see her horses and 3 times I got no reply so yesterday I went out anyway...and yes, I kept it legal and stayed on the road. I was there for about 20 minutes looking at the horses I could see on both sides of her driveway. The shelters in the pasture are as portrayed here, crappy, falling down, dangerous to the horses, not 3 sided as law states even when they were still completely standing. And even if the shelters there had been 3 sided and in good shape there is NO WAY all the horses pastured, even if you packed them in like sardines could get into them You wouldn't have gotten even a third of them under cover. Now I saw some horses in good weight (for now, I'm sure she got them in that way) and I saw a few in so so condition and I saw a bunch with blankets on them and it was very obvious that the blankets were in hope of covering the nightmare that laid beneath them. Even with the blankets you could clearly see hip and backbones protruding to the point it tented the blankets over those areas. I'm sure, because as the state has said themselves there are 50-60 horses there that there had to have been many inside and I don't even want to think about how bad those horses must look if she's hiding them in the barn. As far as I'm concerned, at this point the state is just as responsible as the idiots that own them are, to have been in there and working with them on this issue for a couple of weeks and to still let those horses stay is an abomination and I'm just as disgusted at my state officials as I'm am the people (and I use that term loosely) are. Wake Up Norma! Do the right thing by horses in dire need for once in your tenure working for Maine. Remember you work for US! Do your job and do it before these horses suffer any more and/or die! Although at this point for some of these horses a death would be a huge improvement over the hell they are living here on earth. Thank God Fugly Horse has picked up this story too, she has a huge readership and I'm sure many of them will add to the pressure that the state is already feeling. Pretty sad people have to do everything we all have been doing to try and make people do their job! Not to mention to do what is just and right by these animals. I'd like to know how the state people involved in this case can sleep at night knowing that those animals are STILL suffering. But hey! They are working on a "Herd Management Plan" who are we to have an issue with going on? Here's a herd management plan for you, geld her stallions, take all the horses out of there and ban her from ever having them again, that's the only type of Herd Management that is acceptable in this situation.
2/14/2010 Karen
I have spoken to the ACO and once the State is involved, his hands are tied. At the time I spoke with him, his frustration was with the laws. This was when we were having the freezing cold temperaturess, snow, and high winds. Many complaints came in that there were as many as 25 horses in an area huddled together without shelter. As many of us understand you have to have shelter provided! Well it seems as though as long as you have a shelter on the premises capable of housing the horses, not having access to the shelter, you are within the law. (What the h___!) So in all fairness to the ACO, he's trying to do his job.
2/14/2010 MIichelle
I am also told there are quite a few horses in Burnham too.. Not a clue of the condition of any of them there. Just wish that could be checked out.. Now TO::: our Gov's office monitoring this site.. Can all of us (We the citizens of the Great State of Maine) That voted and elected you be wrong??? WE HAVE VOICED OUR GRIEF AND SADNESS OVER THIS SITUATION. WE HAVE SHOWN DOCUMENTED PROOF WITH PICTURES OF THIS ONGOING FOR YEARS. We have obviously proved that Norma has not done the job she is assigned to for many years. AND not JUST IN THIS CASE. Will someone in the GOVENORS OFFICE PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN RIGHT NOW. 1st... we need these animals taken into protective custoday immediately pending this investigation. 2nd... We need someone working in the Animal Wefare Dept that actually does the job. It is blatenly obvious that these people have no capability of being worked with. Since that has been proved over years. And for Norma or anyone else to think they are doing the right thing working with these people all this time is redictulous. Having conserns for them and their lively hood. WTF.. Heard Mangaement has been explained on here enough times that Should have even taught Norma a thing or 2. Geld the stallions. NO STANDING STUDS. That would help more then alot. No new horses brought in for any reason.. If these people for some reason find a bunch that "need rescueing" call a rescue group to take them in that actually has room and finacial ability. Work with these people to help them place these animals into safe caring rescues until they have a very small herd that they can manage financialy.. OR NONE even better.. Governor, Norma and anyone else in atthority.. Please do something now.. Norma, I actually hold you just as much responcible for all of this right now. Had you done your job and not "WORKED WITH THEM" Doing herd management you would not have Herd Mangaged them right into a huge freakin herd.
2/14/2010 Kat
I think we're getting off track blaming breeders and such.. I am a small farma nd bred damn nice AQHA and APHA horses i produce 2 or 3 foals a year and am carefull who i sell to .People keep blaming the back yard breeders ,, what about these places in ND and SD and other places produceing 200 or more foals a year and selling them at sales for 300.00 a peice .. thast where the over population comes from !! the most of the horses at his farm that are in trouble are tb's and standardbreds. we got a standardbred mare that came from there she places an ad of a picture taken when they first got her when we ended up with her she was about 300 pounds under weight. she has been placed in a very good home not far from me and is doing great , they also told us she was 6 and she turned out to be 18, her former owners was finely located.. with out the reg. papers they can guesamate the age and sell it as that .. these peopel dont own anythign to take away sadly .. peopel set here and say its about the horses, yes it is but it should sure as all get out be about who made them that way as well .. and KNOWING enough to not get in over your head with so many you cant aford proper care. There is a big difference in the people who do this for the money and the ones doing it for the horses and the enjoyment it gives us.
2/14/2010 Patty P.
Having these dilapidated shelters does not cover the law as the horse will not go near it in most cases because they sense it is unsafe. What are people thinking when they feel this is an O.K. situation for any animal. Would they themselves live like this?
2/14/2010 Kat
As for the shelters out there , i see some one saying it was costly to fix them ,, hell for as little as 50.00 each they could have bought seconds 2x4's at lake view lumber taken out the broken peices and tarped it in, and it would have been warmer and much safer for Gods sake .. it always boils down to money well again if you cant AFORD them dont have them !!!! Brett is a carpenter by trade .. he couldnt get some used lumber and fix them ,, come on !!! why bother , state isn't going to do anything about it so he can drive around picking up horses from people telling them how he is a rescue farm !!! I have sooo lost faith in the "system" .. How can they say they have food when they are eating black moldy hay out of shit ?? my horses wouldnt even sniff that crap !!!
2/14/2010 Kat
I was on other pages here reading .. hmmm If channel 6 can not run this story due to the onwers needing to talk to thier lawyer ( in other words figureing out how to cover thier asses legally ) then why cant they do a story on the maine laws of horse care and how they are NOT being followed, BY the Animal welfair.. seems to me something could be aired on how things are being "overlooked" with this farm. And as for the statement abotu as long as there is a barn on the property they are coveted , thatw as not the case with me.. i have a 14 stall barn , not fancy but clean solid and safe. and when i was turned in by a neighbor concerned that my horses had blankets on in 90 degree weather ( they was fly sheets ) i was told the horses HAD to have beable to go in and out of a shelter at all times when turned out in a pasture. All my horses are in thier own fenced in area so no one gets kicked or has to fight for any food and i can feed each one acordingly .. some need more then others in the way of grain and vit. i can also keep track of who is drinking well and who isn't. But thats jsut the way i do it .. but again i was told they ALL had to be able to get to a shelter 24/7 .. by the way when the worker for the state of maine showed up here i had all the horses in the barn and they had fans running feed in front of them and clean cool water as well. lol
2/14/2010 JC
From someone who is in law enforcement. Just from looking at the pictures there are grounds here for the owner to be charged with cruelty, if this owner is not willing to cooperate. Also in defense of Norma Worley, I personally believe Norma is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I believe Norma would be acting if the she had her way. But I believe her superiors are holding her back. This is my opinion. And I think everyone knows the state is in serious financial difficulties. (Their own fault I might add)
2/14/2010 Just A 4-Her
For all of you who have added comments and judged, I don't blame you. For those of you who have defended this farm in Clinton, I don't blame you either. I am not pointing fingers, but what hurt the most for me was reading these comments. Are you grown men and women? Or are you petty teenagers? Few of you may know me, and I will stay un-named for now. I am 16 years old and have already helped/aided in a few different rescue situations which have been posed on this site (Way to go Maddy :D!!!) Me and a few other 4-Hers went to see Honey when she was first receiving care, and the situation in Waldoborrow/Warren (which was on the news and I am SURE you have heard about) I have also been involved in. When I first read this article, I though "What? Not again!!!" I read through a few of the comments, but they just made me mad, so I stopped. Last night and this morning I read through the rest of them. It made me cry. Not the fact that the animals are ill and uncared for (don't get me wrong that's sad too!!!), but the comments that showed so many people willing to stab each other in the back. I am currently a sophomore in High School and I don't have to deal with this much catty BS!!! (Excuse my language.) Seriously you guys? Really? This is a horrid situation that these horses are in, and it should stop. That's why I am sending an e-mail to Michelle Baily (head of everything 4-H related really in Maine) to start a petition to learn of the Maine State Animal Abuse Laws and any other Laws concerning horse/animal abuse, and to see what needs to be done to change them for the better. This case in particular is just not okay, I understand if you board your horse with these people, and help them on weekends, don't be ashamed, SHARE YOUR NAME, but what I don't understand is how you think it's okay for 5 or 6 or more horses to share a SMALL shelter which is NOT enclosed and is a danger hazard. If there are BLIND horses out in theses fields, DON'T YOU THINK IT'S AN ISSUE THAT THEY CAN'T SEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Everyone says that these horses have round bales, but shouldn't it be sated that maybe, JUST MAYBE the hay isn't the best of quality? And YES I understand that good hay is hard to come by this time of year. But to have round bales outside in COLD and WET weather is a great combination for MOLDY HAY!!! Was that not thought of? Really? Okay, they call themselves a "Horse Rescue Facility", but if you live or have ever been to the Hope/Union area and have heard of Mt. Pleasant Farm, then you would know that not all rescue facilities are top shelf. Judy had the best in mind, but she was constantly over her horse limit with inadequate food and shelter. She is now shut down and I believe has moved else where. Please, I believe that we should do what we can for the horses in Maine that we CAN help, because obviously, this farm in Clinton is going NOWHERE. If you would like to be a part of my petition, then PLEASE by ALL MEANS contact me and leave me your name, number (optional), an e-mail address (optional) and maybe even a brief comment about your opinion of our laws. My e-mail address is Please don't hesitate, I would like a LARGE AND LONG list before the end of this week. And now that its February vacation, I will check my computer and e-mail daily. But, as one of my choral directors once told me, "If you turn off all the lights in the room but one, is the room completely dark?" Same goes for our voices. We can NOT be quiet about this.
2/14/2010 Michelle
I myself do not understand Norma's reluctance to move on this or any other abuse case. I for one have had my issues with Norma failing to do what was needed. I had a situation a few years ago in Clinton (not the same people as now) But I made a report as did others. We are talking severally thin horses and a couple newly gelded geldings (I might add, were hog tied dropped and gelded with no meds) These boys were HORRIBLY infected with HUGE SWOLLEN PUSS BALLS) A mare ready to foal any second in an 8x8 stall with chicken wire and electrical wiring hanging down to almost touch her back.. We made the report and someone went over and nothing became of it.. I myself with my sister went back and made a deal to purchase 2 of the horses (a filly and a gelding). we gave money and also food shavings and fencing and more so as they could separate the mare from the rest of the herd and let her foal outside safely. This was in April.. Then we had the vet come check the horses we took home within hours of getting them home. They were in horrible condition and the gelding infected so badly that he was lethargic. After rehabbing these 2 for months, on Aug 3rd I had a horse trailer pull up into my door yard with ownership papers to the Arab filly.. I had no choice but to let him take her as he claimed the girl never paid him.. We spent the entire day raising money (500 bucks) to get this filly back from this guy. He had advise my 12 year old daughter that the filly was going to slaughter the next day if we didnt buy her back that day.. We did get her back after she spent the entire day 7:30 am till 5:30 pm on the hottest day of the year traveling around the state picking up more horses and livestock head for slaughter... And when this man wrote me a bill of sale and handed it to me he stated (NOW YOU CAN SAY YOU HAVE RESCUED HER TWICE). That is not my only dealing with Animal Welfare in this State. When I reported another guy for doing the hog tying dropping and gelding with no meds, I was blatantly told it was not a crime to do so to your own livestock.. So knowing all this I guess I shouldnt be so shocked at the lack of action taken in this Clinton Case now...
2/14/2010 susan
michelle's comment is so true. if everyone adding comments could do one thing to help one horse, a huge dent will be made in the problem. most people in our horse community have the knowledge and experience to take in one horse for 3 months, tend to superficial skin issues. fatten it up, teach it some ground manners and find it a home. You dont have to register as a rescue to do this. You can contact animal welfare and/or the local animal control and offer what you can. if only to transport one horse away from the farm or donate a couple bags of feed to whomever takes one in. one bag of grain or beet puple goes along way with one horse. maybe we can get a list compiled of people who are taking these horses in and make donations to them.
2/14/2010 Denise
Is this Ivy Rasco's place? If not who's place is this?
2/14/2010 Just A 4-Her
Oh, and Jo Clark? I would have to say, that's just mean and uncalled for. I know many (and am personally) a vegetarian. And most horses are not raised for slaughter. If you would like, I will take the time to give you my opinion of animal slaughter in a long and intensive e-mail. Killing animals is not a pleasurable thing, no matter how you look at it.
2/14/2010 Dan
This is Ivys place. Ivy owns in but no longer lives there. Some other people are renting it. I also heard they have been hauling horses outa there all morning.
2/14/2010 Nicky
I'm with you Susan. We can all do something, even if it's only to donate a bag or two of grain or help with hay. This is a shout out to all horse lovers -- think about what you can do/offer to help if and when these horses are placed. Maybe you have a temporary foster home, or maybe you can donate some feed or shavings. Maybe you can help with a farrier bill or a vet bill. We can all do something.
2/14/2010 Meghan & Darlene
As far someone Offering a home for the horses My mother and I will offer a home for One horse we gladly invite anyine in to investigate the living situation of our horses. I agree that bitching will get us no where but at the same time what is our next step? where do we go from here? even if a bunch of us got togeter and said we can HELP where do we start? This is not something that just happened As everyone knows it takes time for a horse to get in that condition. It dont happen overnight. I myself am outraged and feel sick just thinking about them pore horses. Our thoughts and prayers are not going to be enough for the horses at that farm but our actions will be. I dont know about the rest of you but WE are ready to stand up and fight for the rights of those horses.
2/14/2010 Joy
Is anyone paying attention to the fact that they are hauling horses out of there right now? PRIMARILY THE STATE ANIMAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT!!!! These slugs are going to get away with this if you are not on your toes!
2/14/2010 Kat
i put my name in for one i have room and can aford to care for one more only but thats one less .. i figure my fat back side can afford to have one less meal to feed another i told them my barn is not fancy , but its warm , dry, clean, and SAFE with daily turn out , fresh heated water tubs and good hay . I fixed up one from there already im ready to take on a second one !!!!
2/14/2010 Michelle
Yooooo.......... ANIMAL WELFARE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!! Do you know where the horses are??? I sure hope for all those animals that You Animal welfare people took them out today.. Other wise again you dragged your feet and lost all your evidence..
2/14/2010 Michelle #3
2/14/2010 jeff york
Ihave been to this so called rescue.Seems crazy the state will take peoples couple horses but not ALL these, sounds like a money issue to me. people say save them we dont even know what, and how many dieseases they have, to take care of them that are so far gone is crazy''To put them down is the only answer even the slaughter houses dont want such unhealthy horses. But to do right is costly and who is going to pay is the answer, sat there was a horse which just fell over and couldnt get up.come on people do we wonder why we have to have all these shots every year (for the people who do)these horses could effect horses for miles ,with birds and bodies lying there dying,glad i dont live in cliton, but dont say we are slamming this lady,horses cant speak for them selves.where is this great org,called PETA why arent they out there.oh yeah they stopped the slaughter of horses in united states,but someone needs to stop them from getting more horses.this is so sad and i have been there and if its a rescue why are they charging you to take a horse? they should be happy, if it lives after all the vet bills and care and has to be keep away from your healthy animals,you have an animal that will need special care for ever.this is sad that the state has let it get so bad,that now its a money issue horse lover,trainer,and ferrier
2/14/2010 concerned
For those that think they know what goes on, you may just want to start getting your facts straight bout the goings on at this facility. Seems to be the new thing is that they were hauling horses out on Valentine's day. Well myself and my family and children were there today renting their indoor arena...why didnt anyone who thought they were hauling horses out follow my trailer to my home and watch myself and my family unload our horses from our trailer? From what I see there are a handful of pictures of a couple of animals of unknown medical history and origin posted with large assumptions and claims, along with some other story from years ago that again is of but one animal who clearly had a major medical issue. But regardless next time my family and I are there, yes please follow us home and approach my family about the horses that were trucked off the premises.
2/15/2010 Joy
Dear Concerned, I am truly "concerned" about someone who could go to that farm for their own enjoyment and NOT know that something is very, very wrong there. Maybe opening your eyes would help. Keep up the fight guys!!! We need to know where these scumbags have hauled these horses off to. They are obviously scrambling right now to get rid of the evidence that could hang them and since the State has dropped the ball yet again it's up to us!! I'm told through a good source that someone is going over Norma's head on this one so our noise is working....Keep it up!
2/15/2010 Kathye
Okay .. I knew Brett before he got hooked up with HER.. he was just starting out in the horse world and actually wasnt doing to bad. his mom was helping him and she has some knowledge of horses which helped alot , they built a nice new barn and was doing pretty good .. so i have to say this to BRETT.. im not mad persay about whats happened , im disapointed a skirt could lead you so far down the wrong path im not sure you will ever see the RIGHT light again . Are you guys keeping paper work on each horse you are careing for ? Are you sepratnig each horses as it comes in for 15 to 30 days before tossing it in with others or selling it ? are you getting signed adoption papers on each horse ? are you doing follow ups on each horse after it gos to its new home? are you keeping records of who and when you got each horse from ?? Your telling me you have room for all those horses in the barn.. how do you fit 30 some odd horses in 18 stalls.. In Oct. you told a friend of mine and i you would stop bringing in horses when you got to 100.. COME one Brett ,NO one can aford to take PROPER care of that many , all thier shots , wormmings every 4 to 6 weeks, feet care and brushed and loved every day no one has that much time in a 24 hour day .... 20 stallions ?? come on brett how do you think THAT looks to people ,, hell i have 3 damn nice color producing stallions , all i have raised from babies and i get crap about being a back yard breeder .. and i only produce between 3 and 5 a year and looking into the back grounds of every one who buys them.. Prove the people wrong , that your not just in it for the money and dont care about the horses, DO something. Put an ad out offering these horses for adoption.. let the public help you in this way .. let the public help the horses !!!!
2/15/2010 Heather
I have known the women in question thats running this operation for many years and simply can not believe this, however pictures tell no lies... I bought pitt bul from her 3 yrs ago and everything was fine then in 3 short years this has happened, there are plenty of people out there that want a horse and simply do not have the funds to purchase one and these horses are starving? Something is not right here. I have been a lifelong horse lover and couldnt imagine living with this guilt day after day of what she is doing, sorry lex but this is just wrong and something needs to be done... I also live a short distance from the farm in question in Burnham...
2/15/2010 Michelle
To: Concerned.. OMG.. You actually can go over there in the midst of all this and use the facility for your own enjoyment (with your family no less) Please dont say you took children over there) My god, how can anyone be there, use the facility, take your own horses(to an unsafe (environment). Horses a emaciated and dieing over there and who knows why.. How could you even bring your animals into that kind of risk... OMG.. I cant even believe I just read that.. And that all aside, How can you look at the animals there and not have a few tears and questions and anger at the problem or the people... I hope like hell that you didnt just transport a disease to your home and all your horsey neighbors too..Because obviously you are inclined to take your horses there and obviously that means you are not at this time QT'ing your horses and taking precautions for your neighbors sakes. WTF are people thinking.....
2/15/2010 Michelle
Well it seems we are getting off the subject of the matter at hand..Myself included... Seems people are posting standing up for these people and in doing so have completely cause some of us to react.. Me included.. But in our defense (HOW THE HELL COULD WE NOT REACT)... I have endured enough laughing at the stupid posts meant to defend the accused.. People,,, come on,,, you are showing ignorance in your own horse keeping ability while defending the accused. It is about the horses at the farm or that have been removed by the accused. Where are they, why are they being hidden, Are they getting food now where ever they are or at this time do they even need food.. Why is the state not doing their job and what can we all do as a group to make something happen and light a fire under someone ass before it is completely too late...
2/15/2010 Rosemarie Bahr
A Prayer for Animals Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends the animals, especially for animals who are suffering; for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry; for all that must be put to death. We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words. Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful. Albert Schweitzer How do people fool themselves into thinking they can make animals suffer and somehow make money off them. Is it a status symbol to have 50 horses, none of which are cared for properly? How is it that these same people manage to feed themselves every day but don't feel the hunger and thirst of other beings? Could the animal welfare officials spend a day in the barn, standing in their own urine, or even a horses urine, not be able to move around to keep warm, not have enough food to keep warm and still call this adequate shelter? How detailed does the law have to be to account for lack of common sense? As a veterinarian, I have been asked to be involved in one neglect investigation. It haunts me to this day. Hours are crucial for these animals. Get in there and take over the farm, these people should have it taken away and the funds used to support the horses. Any scraps left over could then be given to the owner(s).
2/15/2010 Lynne C. Michaud
To, "me thinks you prtoests too much". Thank GOD there are other horses that are looking fat!!As we horse lovers care for all God's creatures....huh!!! It is quite obvious those thin, dirty and severely emaciated ones need our help at this time!I am so very glad that they all don't look like that poor dear appy colt!!! YES!!! I say YES!!!! we all have a problem w/ the people leasing this farm. THEY are not feeding and properly caring for these horses. YES I personally have a problem with that! I ate today Did you? Oh , it is obvious the so called professionals are not doing their jobs. Ok, this is why we are stepping in. There is an ad for boarding at this facility, thus open to the public! So, there is no such thing as trespassing! They DO NOT OWN THIS FARM ANYWAYS! Oh, where do I start....WE ARE NOT SHUTTING UP until every horse is removed! The parties in question are arrested for animal cruelty! Committing Fraud via the Federal Government by claiming to be a RESCUE! And never ever being able to go within 500 feet of a horse again! Question to the farm owner: there a signed, witnessed lease agreement on this property? Why haven't you stepped in? Throw these rotten people off YOUR property! They are trespassing! Must have broken some part of this lease? I challenge you to go over there w/ the police!!!!!Then all of us can go over and help once in for al!! Volunteers unite!
2/15/2010 Christine
This is a public outcry for help in the horses behalf, let's all step up to the community plate, band together and help the horses, I have no place to keep a horse right now, not an awful lot of money but I am will to band with anyone who will allow the physical help needed and contribute to come up with money to worm them all and start lugging in barrels of water and help repair shelters and bang some nails and groom horses! I will dedicate as much time and help as needed, will it help? Please tell me where you need me to be and I will be there! You have my word as a horsewoman and dedicated horse lover! We are strong as we can be when we band together! I am an ACO and no one has asked me yet from the state to help out with this situation, I have a few ?'s of my own believe me! Shot season is coming up soon! So where do we begin and who will let us and support us to band as community support!
2/15/2010 mary
Has anyone thought about getting PETA involued. It may take some big shoes to kick a little ass. The town office should be swamped with letters demanding the people lose their jobs that allow this to continue.
2/15/2010 Ayuh
Joy and Michelle, hasn't it been stated already that only some of the horses at this farm are in poor condition? In fact, there is a statement at the top of this very page authored by a Michelle that states: "I have personally seen this farm. Some horses are in very good condition; most are in OK condition" Do you have proof that the horses in poor condition got that way on this farm? Do you have proof that they did not arrive that way and have been, in fact, improving? I don't pretend to know the facts, but we all must sift through the emotional chafe to find kernels of truth.
2/15/2010 Michelle
OPEN YOUR DOORS TO THE PUBLIC AND THE MEDIA.. You are keeping everything secret and sneaky, what the hell are we supposed to be thinking.. OPEN UP AND TELL YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY.. Stop shipping out the as we call it (EVIDENCE) Prove to us it is not EVIDENCE.. The more you hide and sneak the more untrustworthy everything you say becomes. If these horses were truly rescues and came to you in this condition, the for Gods sake (prove it (have the former owners investigated) Report the former owners that you received them from.. Turn this all around to show their fault and your innocents. I am telling you now.. You have been reading all of these posts as everyone knows, So use the publicity to your advantage. And by doing that you will in a matter of moments receive an abundance of help. But as long as you continue to be sneaky and underhanded about everything going on, there is no way any of us can believe anything except what we know and what we are told and the pictures say many 1000" of words.... You guys,, open your eyes.,. You have a huge audience to prove your story to and that audience is prepared to help in anyway you need. But only if what you claim is true.. Lets see it.. Lets see the proof....
Has Anyone contacted an Amimal Activist? some one who has tackeled this sort of thing and may know where to start. We are making alot of noise and doing a great job at it. but Noise may not be enough
2/15/2010 Christine
Christine: I could not imagine why my 1st post was removed however, I'll try again, let's band together as a community for the well being of those horses and do what we can. I am willing to physically work beside & with anyone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get wormer, water, hay whatever! Just tell me where you need me to be and my word as a dedicated hore person will be there...on time!! I agree with Jeff York in many ways...and as I always say when I come across situations that need help...voice of horse from behind the walls"Please don't walk away, I'm in here, can't you hear me, my feet hurt, my insides are climbing out my backside beyond pain, can you hear me out there? Please help me!" Oh that's right...horses can't speak for themselves no can they!? Thank you Jeff and all others who are trying to help
2/15/2010 Michelle
Just sitting talkin with a friend and an idea popped up.. If anyone reading the posts on this site or anyone that you may know has given or sold a horse to these people.. If you could make contact with someone on here (email Maddy privately) with pics and a time frame of when your horse went into their possession. It is possible to match up your pics with pics we have gotten from the farm itself recently. This would go to prove the condition of the animal upon its arrival to Clinton and how long or short a time it took it to become in emaciated condition. And would prove it is not a rescue facility... If your beloved horse went to the people ( under the pretense of rescue/re homing) or any other pretense, please get this information out so we might be able to save these animals. It may well be a horse you may have owned and loved.
2/15/2010 Michelle
I have been down that road with Norma and other state officials.. They were not doing anything about my complaint, so I took matters into my own hands and helped out with food, shavings and fencing for a person, as well as purchase 2 emaciated horses. The moment I left food on that property I was told that there was no complaint as the animals had food.. Grrrrrrr.. Kinda like the State has it all figured out.. If we all feed them now , they dont have to do there job and protect them.. I am as much an animal lover and as much as I want to go feed each and everyone one of them right this minute. I also know that in doing so we will be closing the case for the State... And these people will be able to continue the business they have been running and we will in turn be funding it.. down the road this will all happen all over again with another bunch of horses... And the circle will never be broken.
2/15/2010 Joy
My mind continues to go to the complaint and the very explicit description of the downed colt and his pleas for someone to help him and all these people could say was "They would get him up with A TRACTOR"??????? I have NEVER had a colt that I had to get up with a tractor!!!! I just can't shut this out of my mind and I would so love to go and get that baby and care for him and love him...Alexis, if you're out there and reading this, please email me and let me help.
2/15/2010 Michelle
Sorry, I have to say.. That was not the Opening of the doors I was talking about.. Sad sad sad.. These people had this perfect opportunity to get an abundance of help, but slammed the doors on the offers.. How terrible sad this whole thing is...
2/15/2010 Bill
Unbeleiveable! I just saw this on the news and I come to this site and find this. How is this news? We have PEOPLE dying all over the world and this is all you can think of to do? I get so tired of people sticking their noses in other peoples' business. Why don't you people spend as much time, energy, and money helping the poor PEOPLE of Maine. How about the CHILDREN who aren't getting proper food, shelter, clothing, HEALTH CARE, education, etc. When there is not one homeless person in this or any other state, then you people can run your collective mouths about animal welfare all you want. They are ANIMALS, people. The only comment I saw in reading this that made any sense was the man who said that a bullet is a cheap and easy way to put them out of their misery. ... It's time for Americans to get back to reality.
2/15/2010 MORGAN
I am a 9 year old girl who loves horses and to see this happen to these horses really hurts and breaks my heart!SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!
2/15/2010 Becky
There are also these low-class "dealers" that are providing these people with the horses. If you look at the pictures you will see one of the horse trailers in the background. These "dealers" that are providing this farm with horses need to be shut-down also. They are a group of people that care nothing about the animals, just the dollar that they bring. So be aware of the people that you are selling your horse to, so they won't end up in this circle of "dealers".
2/15/2010 Val
I've just finished writing to every member of the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry and Governor Baldacci. I am positively sickened at the thought of what may be happening to these horses in an attempt to cover up the felonious activity by Alexis and Brett Ingraham. Keep on writing!
2/15/2010 Kat
these are animals ,, who can not stick up for themself , or ask for help .. they are humbled only by thier love an loyalty they give ti us with only asking for love , safe shelter , cleam bedding, freah clean water and good hay in return for this loyalty.. but some oen with a black hole for a heart wouldnt see that im sure .....
Everyone is very concerned about starving horses right? That is why they wrote these comments -- 1.A friend was told that she is keeping horses for Hemphills that are going to the killers. 2.If you saw her facebook status you must have seen that she is also pregnant. *insert eyeroll 3. Oddly enough, there were animal abuse laws before there were child abuse laws! ... If you have room for a horse at your stable go get one at this facility. Put your concern where your mouth is --if you have room for any of the horses go to the facility and get one. I did, in fact I have two of them now. Others have too.
2/15/2010 Kat
well i know these horses need homes but before the state does somethign the more we buy and take out of there the more room for them to replace them..
2/15/2010 Christine this is just a thought that I have had all day long as I raked xx in my own paddock over the top of ice ladden hills from a long cold disolving winter. Who's to tell us as a band of citizens that it would be so wrong if we all (for those who are brave & willing) hooked horse trailers to our trucks, if you have trailer and no truck, find a friend and hook up, we all gather and grow in numbers by the minute on our way by the local feed stores, Augusta State House to gather in support with the assistance of local PD State of course, rounding up from all corner of our barns and the barns of friends and neighbors, a bale of hay each, a round bale if you can hall it, wormers, a local vet if they are willing to do a pro bono, a farrier which we already have on board as I see in our comments, ....just see how much we can accomplish in one damn huge effort to help these defensless animals to feel the power of horse people rolling down that driveway to come to their hungry hurting hearts and bring them some relief! "Clean Water...GOD's gift" They cannot refuse us, the State cannot say there is to quote "no problem at this place because we contributed to feed and water the horses" because all the powers that be will be there! If they like they can stand there as we roll in ...Horse people have a very strong bond of sister/brotherhood so let's help our 4 legged sister's and brother's who have carried the weight of a human burden on their backs for years...let's roll people, my coat is on and hay is in hand, I have an extra wormer too!
2/15/2010 Michelle
.. Hmmm which is it.. A rescue?? or Not a rescue?? You know. If they had the heart for these animals that they claim they have.. The honorable thing to do is cut there loses and surrender them to true 501 equine rescues. That would sincerely show an intent to do right by these horses. At that point they could truly claim that they rescued and did what was in the best interest of these animals
2/15/2010 saddened mom
I would have to agree with Bill. I care for animals and do not think they should be abused or mistreated in any way but when there are children hungry or their lights about to be turned out in the middle of winter and no one can seem to help them, it doesnt make sense to be fussing so much over a few horses.
2/15/2010 Michelle
These horses are penned up with no food no water and no way to ask or plead for help. As tho is seems our Government has failed our citizens of this country and has for many many years. There is a worse failure for any protection in the welfare of the animals. rack as we will lose ground in our fight for these animals welfare.
Blankets cover alot on thin horses.
2/16/2010 Lesia
I don't know, I think you bit off more then you can chew. What I saw here and on the news was healthy horses. People writing in this comments seem to me they have NEVER owned a 40 horses much less 1. Nice ppl that take in horses that others can't care for. Not turning their backs on them. If there is need in help, Why not exstend a helping hand? These ppl are not hiding way in the woods. Remember the quote for Maine, **Maine the way life should be**.... You have no right to judge.
Holy Gee people. I want to believe you want to do best for the animals but now there is are talk about this women being pregnant, shouldn't have so many horses if she is pregnant-- questioning her ability to be a good mother ...Stop bringing things into the conversation that doesn't belong there. Safety precautions please.
these people do not have to be a rescue to take in horses that need to be rescued. ...this linch mob needs to stop. I know if I was in her position I wouldn't want to get on the news either. You people have all made her guilty. What happened to innocent until prooven guilty? We do live in America right?
2/16/2010 Michelle
Considering the facts as they are and have been stated. It is expensive to rehab even just 1 emaciated animal. So good hearted people wanted to help ,, could do so by adopting the animals from the farm.However, the owners are not adoptng them out. They are selling them to caring people that just want to save 1. Problem being. 1. they are paying out money to the owners that would be best spent for the care once they are home with the caring person. 2. The money used to purchase the emaciated animal continues to FINANCE and run the HERD MANAGEMENT PROGRAM at the farm.
2/16/2010 Joy
"WE HAVE MADE THEM FEEL GUILTY?" They should feel guilty! They claim to be a rescue and yet they ship horses to slaughter, shoot them and pile them up for compost and then CONTINUE to breed when the market is already flooded with horses and then tuck themselves in to a nice warm beds at night with full bellies while horses in their care are suffering. Why wouldn't they feel guilty?
2/16/2010 Michelle
In the beginning claimed to be a rescue. But as of the news last night, they stated that they are not a rescue, but take in the occasional rescued animal. Wow lots of occasions happening.. However, when they take in the the occasional rescued animal, why have they not reported the people they took them from. This would help prove the plea of the innocent...
2/16/2010 Jan
. A country is judged by the way they treat their vulnerable and .. animals. I do agree that not only this State, but the Country as a whole, does need to step back and take a good, long, hard look!
2/16/2010 Jen
Empathy does not BEGIN with, nor should it be exclusive to people helping people. I daresay that many of these folks posting outrage against horse abuse and neglect also share concern for their fellow man and may even support philanthropic organizations as well as animal-related ones. I, myself, believe fully that anyone who can turn a blind eye to the overt suffering of animals can also, without guilt, turn a blind eye to the suffering of children, the homeless, disabled veterans, the mentally ill... I ask YOU, who protest our protestations, what have YOU done to make a difference today in the lives of those you think WE ought to be more concerned about? ... crickets chirping... yeah, I thought so.
2/16/2010 Countryhandymen
So does anyone have up to date pictures that show the whole operation or are there just the bad pics available? I work at a rescue in another part of Maine and we have pics of all our horses so we can referance back to thier arrival day to see the improvements they make. I will happily drive up from Brunswick to photograph all the horses i'm able to and post them all. If the owners will let me i'll photograph on thier property, if not I have good enough gear i'll shoot from the road or a neighboring property if allowed. If there is a problem WE the horse community need to step up and help, not gripe. I don't know these people, prehaps they just need some help to get back on thier feet or prehaps they should never be allowed to own a pet bigger than a goldfish, but I don't know.
2/16/2010 Countryhandymen
Well, I have a barn to go tend to now and after that I have found the name, phone number and address of this place and I intend to call them and offer some help there too. If you have the time to sit and read this then you have the time to help someone too.
2/16/2010 Joy
All of the horses in the WABI broadcast looked ok except for one with a very round barrel but had that telltale triangle shaped backside that is all to familiar to those who have actually rescued an underweight animal. I'm wondering if it may have been a mare that was bred?? The numbers were definately down in the broadcast and I'm sure that these people are going to get away with this because they have hauled the evidence off the property while the state was shut down for a long weekend and furlough day. PLEASE tell me Dr. Fraser that you have documentation of how many horses were there when you went to visit and that you will be comparing that to what is there when you go back on Wednesday? I hope it's Wednesday anyway. If it goes much beyond that there likely won't be anything left at all.
i read a few things on here about the ACO's. ACO's do all they can thier hands are tied , they report it the powers to be ( sort to speak )even take police to the site , make reports and thats all that can really do.. We can not blame the ACO's for this ..
2/16/2010 Do Something
Does anyone care about the fact she is pregnant and what all this stress may be doing to the unborn child she is carrying? Maybe instead of being such a lynch mob someone out there could extend some kindness to her and offer some i dunno..maine hospitality..
2/16/2010 Rose
"well i know these horses need homes but before the state does somethign the more we buy and take out of there the more room for them to replace them.." This does not fix the problem but will make it esculate.More horses will be brought in and we'll all be back at square one.
It's hard to believe these people are a rescue. They were standing 4 or 5 stallions, were breeding craploads of foals, and were selling "stallion prospects" for $1000 each only a year ago.
2/16/2010 Michelle
Agreed... We and the horses are at the mercy of the State Animal Welfare Personal and Law Enforcement and the operators of this farm. This whole thing taking so long is appalling to say the least. We all sit waiting for something to happen to make these horses safe. We all are ready to jump to action at a moments notice. We all want to help right this minute for the sake of the horses as it appears we are the ones who truly care.
2/16/2010 Michelle #3
MPBN ROCKS! They did a great story...please go to this link to listen and see photos.
2/16/2010 Terry
I didn't hear them say they were a rescue. I heard them say they take in unwanted horses. What the hell is everyone wanting to count 50 or 60 horses for? They stated they had 50 or 60 horses and so did the news. Believe it people and stop trying to play detective. 1...2...3...
2/16/2010 ashley Weeks
something needs to be done and this person(S) need to go to jail!!!
2/17/2010 Terry
I drive by this place every day. I have for ten years. These shelters and fencing have been like this for a number of years that I can remember. Long before these people moved in early September of last year. Now I think of it, yes it was September and those pastures were a swamp due to the rain. You couldn't have gotten on them if your life depended on it. In fact, those horses were not in there then. They were just put in there after the ground froze. These people lease and being in real estate I know you CAN NOT build, tear down, move anything that does not belong to you. The owners are responsible for the upkeep of the property. I wonder if anything has been said to the owners about tearing down or fixing these shelters?
i personally would like to know whats going on about the load(s) of horses hauled out of there SENCE this so called investigation has started. Of course there is only a few thin horses left !!! This makes them look good and look liek they are ONLY taking in a FEW sick/skinny horses at a time.. if they was /has been going threre for all this time THEY KNOW there was a bunch of horses there that are now gone and my guess they more then likely was told they found homes for them all ,, ummm are they cheaking up ( even if just buy phone) to these people ?? im betting not.. Im out raged because the fact these horses was ALOWED to be removed the state has no need to do anythign about all this now ... sly people aint they ALL ... i beleive every call anc case should be kepted on file and should be allowed to be used against them/ her in this case.. not jsut whast going on there now .. whats is wrong with these people its a proven fact once an abuser ALWAYS an abuser .. does it matter if we're talking people or animals being abused ,, i hope the hell not. an abuser is an abuser , is an abuser .. and they have her kivking that poor horse right on film ,, HELLO!
2/17/2010 Jessica
It doesn't matter if they own the property or lease it. Yes, the responsibility for repairs lie on the owner's shoulders, but the Ingrahams have MADE THE CHOICE to not only lease the property, but fill it beyond capacity. If they only had 18 horses there that were brought in every night (there are 18 stalls, correct?) The shelters would not be as much of an issue. But they don't. They rely on them to provide shelters for horses who have no stalls available to them. So the shelters and their condition are VERY MUCH an issue. And if you are a truly responsible horse owner, and the shelters on the property you're leasing are that poor, then take some of your own money and do some basic repairs. It's just not that hard.
2/17/2010 Joy
Someone who truly cares about the well being of their animals would never dream of letting them anywhere near those stuctures no matter what time of year they happen to move in....These people just don't care. Ship 'em in and ship 'em out and turn as much of a profit as possible. That's all that matters.
2/17/2010 Frannie
I have been reading all your comments and the interview with the farm owners. I know there is two sides to every story, but I must say these folks sound like animal hoarders (OCD). I too have a large facility and am the first to tell you that maintenance is the biggest part of taking care of horses both monitarily and time wise. To that end, I am not likely to take on more than I can chew. I would be willing to donate some supplies to help them do a better job at maintaining their place, but that does not fix the hoarding issue. I don't know what you do about that, because even if all those horses were taken away from these people, it would just start up again, since OCD is a mental condition.
There is only a dozzen or so SKINNY horses there now, due to the fact the state let them remove a slew of horses right under thier nose ,,more the 1/2 the horses pictured in those pictures shown on here and taken from the road are gone now . See if those horses are gone they no longer NEED to put so much effort into this case !!! A friend fo mine drove by Mr Ingrahams parents house and her 2 or 3 horses have turned into 7 or 8 or more horses in the past several days...hmmmm can you BELEIFVE that !! again once these horses are out of Fair Play farm and off the property OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND... now the state has good reason to back off the farm .. big surprise hu?? and im willing to put money on the fact the state isn't going to ask questions about where ALL those horses they saw the first few times they went there, and where they disapeared to . ( well they said they was there several times). lets face it this is going to end up like every other case ,, the horses disapear and or fade away and die or are shipped and nothing will be done.
2/18/2010 Kathy Carpenter
Hello everyone, I am submitting this in response to the huge issue currently, going on at the farm. This story and the photos relating to it are tough to read as well as the comments from all sides and perspectives.of this issue. The economic hardships in this state, in our country and throughout the world are devastating many people. Animals as well as people are suffering greatly. Offering assistance of any kind and volunteering is always a wonderful way to help those in crisis. That said, if acts of humanity and kindness, donations of supplies and monetary aid, only perpetuate and feed into an existing problem, without the root of the problem being addressed and resolved, then that which was intended to be fixed will continue to thrive (sort of like adding fuel into a fire). It would only enhance the suffering of those currently afflicted. I feel that there still exists more goodness in humankind than evil. That said, I firmly believe that which we say we are... we should be and that which we say we will do ...we must do. If Maine legislature has created laws and professes to have the 2nd toughest animal abuse laws in this nation, and yet,, does not enforce the laws for all the animals in this state, then it has falsified itself to the people who believe in the system and those who represent it. Investigating in a timely and professional manner, using knowledgeable people in the field, who can make the determinations necessary to deem who is or who is not in fault of laws made, would help to avoid the situation that currently exists and perhaps might have avoided the depth of the suffering it has created for all that are involved. I believe that our actions, how we treat one another, how we care for others (animals included) are merely a reflection of ourselves. Please, everyone read the following that I sent in response to Janet's Tuttle's story as I think it relates to all issues of animal abuse.: Thank you Janet Tuttle for bringing more awareness to the readers regarding the issues that occur currently within our state system. The posted photos (as well as your story) will pull at the hearts of animal lovers and will most likely cause many to have troubled thoughts and perhaps sleepless nights. Awareness... This is what it takes to rally people together to make change happen. People can rally and accomplish change but the road is often long and hard. I have seen other causes fall by the wayside because people become afraid of repercussions for speaking out and/or disheartened by long battles that can appear hopeless. Because of the complexity and the length of time that it takes to enforce, change or add new laws that protect those who are in need or suffering (animals or humans) one can become discouraged, lose faith, lose strength and perhaps even the will to continue on with the cause. Oftentimes, the initial numbers of people that began the struggle for change will diminish, despite all good intentions and efforts. One may become disheartened, lose hope, trust and perhaps, even doubt the human race in its worthiness to be the caregivers of this earth. If our system is broken, it has to be fixed. It will take large numbers of people to stand long and hard, side by side to educate themselves and others on how to work within the current system, its legal guidelines, to ensure that changes do happen. From an internship experience working at a congressional office a few years ago, I learned that reactions happen quickly when people mass together and call in on the same day ( to protest,or to request action or change). When people appear in mass numbers at and around those offices in a respectful, courteous manner without causing an unruly disturbance (the more professional the better folks) it produces results. By submitting short information sheets and signed petitions by the citizens for the office to review etc. it will create a reaction from the officials to do something. Massive numbers of people, rallying in large groups, making phone calls on the same day or days,to state officials (as well as to our government elected officials) causes them to really pay attention, as it makes it difficult to get the regular work done.(Trust me, I know from that experience) ..... And I conclude by saying...."Let's go everyone!" Respectfully, Kathy Carpenter
2/18/2010 Sarah
I am willing to help! I could foster some...
2/18/2010 Margy
as far as the horses in distress you may very well be correct, much like the DA who has to say "no body, no murder". However if we can keep the outcry strong maybe we can accomplish what Janet said in another post clean out the Deering building and start fresh with people who will enforce the laws of this state for all the animals not just the ones they choose.
2/18/2010 Lee
This has been blown way out of proportion for no other reason than to give some nose-butting busy bodies something to do with thier pathetic lives!
2/18/2010 Margy
Animal Welfare has failed to use the laws regulations as printed in thier own book. (you can download a copy at their website) ...M. HEALTH OF ANIMALS AT THE TIME OF RELEASE The following conditions shall make an animal unfit for sale or release: 1. Obvious clinical sign of infectious, contagious, parasitic or communicable disease or abnormality. 2. Obvious signs of starvation or malnutrition. 3. Congenital abnormalities, except with disclosure and acceptance by the person adopting or potential owner. 4. Blindness. (Exception: under 3 above.) 5. Animals determined to be unfit for sale or release as described above, shall be isolated and treated by/or at the direction of a licensed veterinarian or euthanized in a humane manner. If the treatment for any of the above conditions brings about recovery to a good to normal state of health, as determined by acceptable veterinary practice, the animal can then be considered for release or sale. (The new owner shall be apprised of the condition treated and the treatment provided the animal.) .... II. Food A. Equines shall have unlimited access to clean water to maintain normal hydration. B. Each equine shall have sufficient hay, grain, or other feed to maintain its normal body weight. Additional feed shall be fed to underweight animals to achieve normal weight. C. The feeding arrangements shall be such that each animal gets its own proper share of food twice a day. D. All owners/keepers of equine shall have on hand at all times enough hay and grain to maintain all equine in a healthy condition. I think these pretty much say it all AWP has failed yet again on pretty much all counts where these are concerned.
2/18/2010 Chelsea Meade
These people claimed to be a sport horse breeder, but in order for them to BE sport horses -- THEY NEEDED A CAREER. But, now that her horses grew skinny she somehow went from breeder to rescuer. Just to keep Animal control at bay. Seriously? She's a longtime breeder, but the only thing her horses are being excelling at is getting into double deckers! Look at that poor horse - HOW IS HE ALIVE? HOW IS HE STANDING? As FUGLYHORSEOFTHEDAY POSTED: "You can?t care for your horses but you still have ALL KINDS OF TIME to post on horsey message boards. Boy isn?t THAT typical. Look who?s pro-slaughter. Honey, even the kill buyers don?t want them looking like this!" I would put a bullet in my horses head before I EVER, EVER let him get to that point. Seriously, this is so typical of people and it's getting to be ridiculous. NO ANIMAL should ever go through ANYTHING like this in their ENTIRE LIVES! Damn, I'm seventeen and far more responsible than that woman. How could she let this happen?
2/18/2010 Chelsea
Also, I would be more than willing to help in anyway possible. I would be willing to foster a horse if needed. I wish them the best of luck -- those poor horses truly need it.
2/18/2010 CC
.im not saying lexi is innocent but im not saying she is guilty either but i do not agree with attacking innocent people who do help the horses and are willing to step up if there is a need to help but right now i know there are a few stories going around that are so untrue and i feel that people need to stick with the true facts not make up crap as they go also i asked the agent who came to my home about shooting horses it is ok to shoot your horse if it has a broken leg or suffering very badly and you are allowed one bullet if you have to shoot it twice it is animal abuse but if it is still alive when you shoot it and you dont shoot it again it is animal abuse i know makes no sense maybe people could change that law also it is legal to compost your horses but it has to be put down by a vet first either at your home or at the compost sight unless it was shot due to suffering broken leg to just shoot your horse is not legal i could have this wrong i could have misunderstood but if i did im sorry you might want to check those laws also you can not bury a horse over five hundred pounds either i found out today so where do you put it i guess compost . unless you have a mini then you can bury it .
2/18/2010 steve
i am an animal control officer from another town also involved in the ongoing investigation w/this facility, the state can only do so much, the public really needs to help the state end this cruelty by calling agent reann demis @ 207- 287- 3846 with "credible evidence", specifically with information about the fairplay farm in "burnham" this place has more horses shipped to pastures in burnham, the public rigning that phone will make the biggest difference in saving these animals from this neglect, it makes no scence to call the clinton animal control, \...the public seeing and reporting continuasly is going to save these horses "PLEASE" all of you folks in the equine community need to step up and help the state put these torturing pigs out of buisiness, take pictures,make statments get involved ,instead of just bitching about it , especially those who live in the burnham area, if you see horses in a pasture w/no feed or shelter call that number or the animal control of burham, help us ,help these horse,we need you please,please, please keep complaining,together lets close this place down for good its not right and is cruel no doubt
2/18/2010 steve
i am an animal control officer,the law states that a facility must have shelter and states the critera for that shelter, it also states that horses DO NOT have to have acess to this shelter 24/7. a facility must have a shelter on the premises to acces in inclement wheather
2/18/2010 Lee
You idiots want a name? My name is Lee Dyer. I have been to the farm, used to work there, and had my horse there. These people are being dragged through the mud for no other reason than some ass with a grudge. If you look at the pictures, you will notice the horses have plenty of hay to eat and if they wanted to go into a shelter, they would be there. Law or no law, horses do not reqire shelter...just ask the wild horses. My suggestion is you all need to worry more about yourselves and less about what good hard working people are doing.
2/18/2010 Elaine
GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY everyone that has printed personal family information about these people are guilty of abuse just like we are accusing them.
2/18/2010 Elaine
you are correct in your comments about putting horses down if necessary EXCEPT the vet does not have to put it down, you can if your vet confirms.
2/19/2010 Chelsea Meade
No, I'm not saying that its easiest to shoot the horse yourself - but I would much prefer the latter of putting him down than dealing with lifetime expenses and even future heartache of whats to come! 400 dollars to bury and neutralize your animal would be a HELL of a lot cheaper than future vet bills due to GOD KNOWS what is wrong those poor horses now. And all I was saying it that it's funny how she claimed to be a breeder for SO long and then when her own personal horses lost enough weight to look like rescues she changed. SHAZAM! It's magic. So what is she? A breeder or a rescuer? It's disgusting how this has continued on for so long -- she needs to be brought to justice for this.
I doubt that someone at the age of 17 would really know how to treat it. 2nd. You can not take horses across to Canada unless you have the necessary health paperwork for the horses going over. All horses have to be innoculated to cross therefore the farm vet would have to certify those horses. This farm vet and its owners must have discussed and set up some kind of maintenance plan which includes the size of their herd. If you don't want to give the owners credit for any type of planning then you should credit the vet.
2/19/2010 Chelsea
And I dont expect myself to know it all. Heck, I don't even expect to know everything when I'm old and gray, but I would have provided better care for my animals. I would have worked an extra job or picked up more shifts, before I let my horse look like a walking skeleton. Surely, a woman far 'wiser' than myself and older in years would be capable of performing at least that. But why after all these years is something being done? It doesnt take a few days for a horse to become that malnourished and skinny -- this is something that has been kept on for long periods of time and NO ONE has done anything until now. Again, as I've said before: I am more than willing to help out and provide a foster home for one of these horses.
2/19/2010 Vet
To make it clear, if there is a farm vet - these horses that come into this facility are accessed by the owner and the vet. Typically, the owner and the vet discuss the future of the horse once the health check has been done. Hence, expense has already occurred for this animal because of health check. And, if the horse came from a dealer add on their asking price too. Presto, $400 just like that.
2/19/2010 Terry (one)
OK. I drive by the farm every day. There were 50 to 60 horses there when the news took off about this farm. The state quotes 50 to 60 horses with less than a dozen thin. Today I still see 50 to 60 horses with less than a dozen thin. Maybe it would help those that think they have shipped horses out to just suggest you look in the lower pastures. Some of the horses in the upper pasture have been moved to a lower one.
2/20/2010 Amanda
Believe none of what you here and only half of what you see. You people are sick accusing somebody for something you know nothing about. Does anybody know about thbs on here? because if you did you would know that they drop their weight as soon as they are taken off the track. This is because of the steroids they are givin and all the food they are givin so they can run. Their matabolism is going so fast that you can't keep weight on them until it slows down. These people save thbs from going to canada for dog food; or at least give them a chance to be trained and go to a good home. The only thing they are guilty of is having to many horses than that facility can hold in that shape.
2/21/2010 Elaine
To add to the TB transition from racing to a public home. Not only are we talking about TB coming off drugs but a total change up on feed, weather, and acclaimation to herds. Most racing TB get an huge amounts of grain and no hay. If you change these TBs too quickly from straight grain to hay and grain you are in jeopardy of causing digestive issues. These TB have a large muscle mass and very little fat. When they are released from racing -- you must change them over to more fat hence losing muscle -- weight. Large amount of it. Then on top of that you must consider injuries to these animals that have been pushed to race at an age when their bodies are not mature enough to withstand the massive trauma of racing. So for that TB that is transitioning from racing to outside life you must consider -- losing a large amount of weight, health issues, and acclaimation to Maine weather versus warmer climates such as Florida. That TB must be blanketed constantly as they have no way to keep themselves warm because their bodies are going through such a transition.
2/21/2010 D
I went to this farm to look at a young Leopard Appy gelding. The ad was cleverly worded and the pic of him was attractive. I went right away to look at this horse. When I arrived I was impressed at first with the size of the place. I was greeted by a pit bull dog that was intimidating, the looks of ones used for fighting and not the sort I would thing good to be around kids. As I got to looking around I noticed there were horses everywhere. There seemed to be a lot of land but not being used by the horses. Instead they were all in small paddock that were muddy and filled with manure.There were a few shelters that I wouldnt stand under. ...The hay quality looked bad too. There were about 8 horses in her outdoor arena. They were all thin. ... I was surprised when I saw him as he did not look anything like the photo. As I started to inspect him these are my findings on his condition: appeared visually in fair weight, could feel ribs under winter coat with little to no fat. Belly was distended. I suspect worms or poor diet. Skin was flaky with scabs, rainrot. Legs also had scratches. Coat was dull. Tail had been rubbed bare. Hooves were very over grown, long, chipped, cracked. Smelled bad of old urine and had that sticky feel to him. His spirits just seemed down unlike a young horse should have. But was told he was just mellow in nature. I then discovered the testicles I was not expecting. I asked why he had them when he was advertised as a gelding. She said something like he is so gentile like a gelding I don't think it matters. I just kinda nodded and went with it to see how the rest of my visit was going to go. At this point I had already come to the conclusion that I was dealing with people that didn't have a clue and didn't really care. ...She moved him to the barn again just with his halter no lead-line. We brought the appy into the indoor and free lounged him about. I was not very impressed with his gate and the fact that he was favoring his RF. ...When she was done she brought him outside and closer to the arena with the 8 horses in it of some mares and wanted to show me how good he was. He didn't call or act stupid at all so that was good. I asked her if he had ever breed before and she said he hasn't. Only got lose with a mare a few times but didn't "do" anything. A few days later I saw the horse in an old ad for him at stud. She told me she had over 20 stallions there and just liked to collect them. She said people just give them to her because no one wants a stud around. Which almost started me in arguing with her as to why she would advertise a stud as a gelding knowing that people don't want a stud on a farm with other horses being mares and geldings. I bit my tung on that though. She also told me that they were not a rescue but took in poor conditioned horses. ... My impression of this facility was very poor. There was a great lack of professionalism. The horses that were in poor condition were out front and the first to be seen and had little water and no feed.She did not seem very cognitive of the condition the horses were in or the living conditions. I think she knows that some of the horses are thin but doesn't really understand or care. I think it would be best for her to have restrictions on the amount of horses she is allowed to have. She should also not be allowed to have horses as a business of buying and selling. It is sad that the few people that have the recourses lack the knowledge to do the right thing even if there intentions are good. For those who defend them, you may feel justified in your defense but your knowledge and experience is limited. There are many sides of this situation but the bottom line is that if there are so many people who are seeing this as a wrong then there is a reason for the concern. Perhaps there is a warrant for aggressive action here. Should we do nothing? I think not!
2/23/2010 E
Can you give us a timeline of when you were there looking at this leopard appy gelding?
2/23/2010 Elaine
Missy, I hear your concern about the colt but you need to read all the comments as it states the colt is getting better every day. So take heart child.
2/23/2010 D
I was just there this past December, 09. I just looked for the ad and it's been removed recently. I know I have seen it within the last couple weeks. His name was Micky Blue Eyes. I am happy to answer any other questions about my experience there.
A Horse's Prayer Author Unknown To thee, my Master, I offer my prayer. Feed me, water and care for me, and when the day's work is done, provide me with shelter, a clean, dry bed, and stall wide enough for me to lie down in comfort. Always be kind to me. Your voice often means as much to me as the reins. Pet me sometimes, that I may serve you the more gladly and learn to love you. Do not jerk the reins, and do not whip me when going uphill. Never strike, beat, or kick me when I do not understand you. Watch me, and if I fail to do your bidding, see if something is not wrong with my harness or feet. Do not check me so that I cannot have free use of my head. If you insist that I wear blinkers, so that I cannot see behind me as it was intended I should, I pray you be careful that the blinders stand well out of my eyes. Do not overload me, or hitch me where water will drip on me. Keep me well shod. Examine my teeth when I do not eat, I may have an ulcerated tooth, and that, you know, is very painful. Do not tie my head in an unnatural position, or take away my best defense against flies and mosquitoes by cutting off my tail. I cannot tell you when I am thirsty, so give me clean, cool water often. Save me, by all means in your power from that fatal disease - the glanders. I cannot tell you in words when I am sick, so watch me, that by signs you may know my condition. Give me all possible shelter from the hot sun, and put a blanket on me, not when I am working, but when I am standing in the cold. Never put a frosty bit in my mouth, first warm it by holding it a moment in your hands. I try to carry you and your burden without a murmur, and wait patiently for you long hours of the day or night. Without the power to choose my shoes or path, I sometimes fall on hard pavement which I have often prayed might not be of wood but of such a nature as to give me safe and sure footing. Remember that I must be ready at any moment to lose my life in your service. And finally, oh my Master, when my useful strength is gone, do not turn me out to starve or freeze, or sell me to some cruel owner, to be slowly tortured and starved to death, but do thou, My Master, take my life in the kindest way, and your God will reward you here and hereafter. You will not consider me irreverent if I ask this in the name of Him who was born in a stable.
2/24/2010 Elaine
The comment about people and kids being discarded is totally WICKED!! To think there ARE people out there trying, truly trying to help in the abused animal situation have to stand for all the ugly back-biting comments and rumors that are coming out of the mouths of these people who appear to be as ugly as the remarks they are making. A person who shows such viciousness and hatefulness toward others whom they do not know. Therefore, they do not know the facts of which they are making the comments about. I am a GREAT GRANDmother and I take a great offense that a person is allowed to make and have printed things like this against anyone. Its just plain back biting against people they don't know. Just like talking abut governmental people and things that start wars. Perhaps these back biters should be sprayed or bathed with rose water to sweeten them up
2/24/2010 Sheila Bee
I called...I hope someone springs into acation on this issue...and fast!
Lee, of course all you saw was fat healthy horses..havent you been keeping up with this,, they had several not 5 or 6 but 12 or 14 or more SKINNY horses there that magicly came up amoungst the missing , peopel SAW trailer loads of these horses being hauled off.. if you was hording horses to resell and all of a sudden you got cought and everyoen was trying to make sure something was done about ti wouldnt you move animals around and make it look all nice and "state worthy " COME ON ,, get a clue ,, she has been doing this for years.. i saw some one say she is a baby and only in her 20's .. i know for a fact she has been doing the trading , selling , leasing deal for years with her moms help , she leased a very very nice TB stallion from a good friend of mine years ago .. my friend went to see her stallion , ended up going back with the trailer and retriving him.. People are goign there NOW and seeing JUST what they want every one ,, they want these peopel to go away saying ,, nothing wrong there , they are doing a good job ,, these people are good at what they do ,, deceive people !!!!! once an abuser , always an abuser
2/27/2010 Christine Howe
From what I have read so far, it appears someone needs to find an attorney that is willing to take the case pro bono to investigate the state's repsonsibilites for enforcement of the laws they have enacted to protect these animals. Perhaps our legislators should begin to think about the reality & financial responsibilites that come with enforcement before they enact any more laws that in effect become meaningless if the funds are not there to support them.
2/28/2010 horsense
Ref the State Animal Welfare Statutes regarding proper shelter ( dry, three-sided etc.); Norma Worley held nine horses at a private stable with acres and acres of lush green graze during a 'case' a couple of years ago. She ordered they NOT be grazed; that the 'prisoners' be held in a mud paddock, there was no shelter not even a rickety two sided one, and they went thirsty in 85 degree temps with zero shade. This is all documented in time date stamped photos. This went on for five months, the charges were dropped, and Worley ordered to return all horses. She didn't, she killed three, and still holds some hostage for illegal bills. Norma Worley has no compassion for animals, she testified side by side with the National Director of HSUS in Congress. ...Norma was run out of California with million dollar suit(s) dropping all around her in Ventura. She's every animal owners dream agent.,,
2/28/2010 cc
i personally think norma needs to find another job and get someone in who will listen to both sides of the story and get the facts and then go from there .with everything that is going on now everyone pointing fingers not telling whole truths on things. some of the people on here now has brought alot of trouble for people who are not even involved with any of this stuff names being thrown around places of business peoples jobs are at stake is all wrong .i understand the need to save horses all good and well and im all for saving horses who need it no questions there but everyone is pointing fingers with out solid proof on some things and your hurting inoccent people who have done nothing wrong .because of all of this attacks on animal welfare they are in turn attacking all of us who love and care for there animals and are willing to help where we can but are now hindered due to all of this so in some ways all of this has made a huge impact on things but in some it has hurt things too if we had a better person running animal welfare i do not believe things would have gotten this bad and the situation would have been handled and done with to everyones satisfaction and no three ring circus that it is now he said she said instead of pointing fingers figure out a better way to deal with this and work as a team not drag us all down
Ivy has NOTHING to do with this !!! your right she has LEASED the farm to them .. Unless they break the lease in some one she can't just kick them out legally .. WHY on earth would you have the balls to blame IVY , thats like saying a land lord is responsable for a child being abused in one of thier rents ... GET a life !!! IVY HAS NOTHING to do with this !!!
3/3/2010 Rachel
Hello I really hope we all can do something, I'm a farrier and if I can help please let me know I will try my best to help. I also don't think bringing food or money there will really help because they will thing people will always do bring it there. I do hope if this is true that the horses are placed in foster homes to be rehab and then placed with real horse people who do know how to love, cherish and respect their horse
3/4/2010 Everet
Go to the farm and see for yourself - then judge for yourself. I did.
3/16/2010 Dee Dee
I have been a referent of animal abuse/neglect. Documented/took photos and called all the right people to help (almost a 2 year process) nothing was done. Norma Worley did nothing, AC did nothing, MSSPA did nothing.
4/13/2010 MARY FARMER
Why won't the HSUS do anything? They're Hell on Wheels in Texas. This stuff would never have lasted a year. When they do a seizure here, they take everything breathing. Don't give up! The abuse and possible slaugther reports really make me mad! I've been living with this problem since I was a kid. I'm 55. God Bless You Ppl who really care.
4/27/2010 Cheryl
I have heard through the "grapevine" that Norma Worley was fired in the state of CA for not performing her job duties and our own governor, John Baldacci offered her the job in the state of MAINE. What is wrong with this picture?
5/12/2010 RRQH
There are not enough stables in the area that can guarantee long term car for the animals, and they need to know they are going to have a quality facility to stay in, and quality care takers. They don't want to move from one "abusive" situation to another. There is a lot of investigation that goes on in these processes. It's not like "DHHS", "DHHS" Takes children and asks questions later, in the concern to animals we have to ask questions and take later, unless the situation is to severe to give any extra time. It is a much harder process, and unfortunately not the easiest to watch while it is happening. If Anyone does have extra space and shelter, and the ability to nurse some of these horses back to health you should get in touch with some of the people listed above, and let them know your information, and that if they do need to relocate the horses, that your available to assist! My prayers go out to these animals, I hope the right thing is done, and done quickly.
5/12/2010 Joy
Many, many, many experienced and well known horsemen/women in this state HAVE offered fostering for situations just like this but have not been contacted. We all understand that things can be touchy with the laws and that we don't know everything that happens behind the scenes, however, it is the duty of the individuals that are being paid with our tax dollars to uphold the laws that are in place for their use in these situations and that is not being done. If "we" as an equine community can see where animals are falling through the cracks of our broken animal welfare system then surely those at the helm should be able to see it too. It's time for change within the ranks....fresh eyes and minds are very much needed to keep the abuse within this state from continuing.
1/24/2012 Samantha
I used to go to camp at this farm back when it was pdq. Never did it look as bad as it does now. Ivy always had plump healthy happy horses. It disgusts me to see what these people have done to it and the poor horses that are bring subjected to those awful conditions!!!!
2/17/2012 Trish
I have read most of the comments, and looked at the photos. I do not know what, exactly, is going on here, but I appreciate that it is being investigated and that Animal Control is not rushing to judgement. In Florida, they tend to buckle to public outcry, take horses that they do not have resources for or cannot place, so they put them down.....the current owner of the old or debilitated horse was doing an OK job, but because the horse offended someone's eye, it got picked up....everyone around here is afraid to put their retirees where they can be seen because sure as >>>>>, Animal Control will showing up every couple off months to harass them or take the horse and destroy it. Let them do their job and investigate does sound like they are over capacity, hardly seems profit motivated with a place and horses that look like the ones in the photos....there is no money in TB's anymore, we are swamped with them in FL....I sincerely doubt they are making a killing on resales............back off, let the officials do there job and stop castigating everyone that has something other than an obese paint or QH in their yard.d...TB's are bottomless pits, one that is down on weight will outeat 2 Arabs or 3 QHs. Stop looking to string people up by their thumbs....if you don't know the details, shut it and let the AC do their job.

"A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care." - Pat Parelli