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More Horses Abandoned

Published: 4/21/2011
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

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No doubt, people have suffered mightily during the economic downturn of the last few years.
But this week brought another example of how horses can be the most vulnerable victims when their owners fail them. Thankfully, we also saw how the greater horse community can work together to save horses from perilous scenarios.

Rudy Lozano, 32, was arrested Saturday and taken by Androscoggin County sheriff deputies from 90 Shiloh Road in Durham, Maine. According to those familiar with the situation, he was simultaneously evicted from the property where for the last several months he had established an unregistered equine rescue of sorts.

Many members of the horse community came to the immediate assistance of property owners Laurie and Keith Koehler. Laurie Koehler for years ran the successful Monarch Farm at the same address.

It would've been one thing if Lozano had left behind an old TV. But the property he abandoned was 11 horses. He left them thin, dehydrated and with next to no hay, bedding, or grain, according to many individual visitors to the farm.

The horses were assessed by a vet this week and ranged between 1.5 and 3.5 on Henneke body condition scoring system (which ranges from 1 to 9). Many witnesses attested to the same horses being in finer health late last year.

By Thursday (April 21, 2011), Lozano had formally surrendered the horses to the state. The horses are being cared for by the Koehlers, who are under no legal obligation to look after them.

Many in the horse community, including Lisa Bosse of Riverview Farm, Janet Tuttle of Rockin’ T Equine Rescue, and Jim and Jan Marconi of Triple J Farm, the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, and others, have provided some temporary help.

The situation may provide the fledgling Maine Equine Welfare Alliance an opportunity to assist in the form of hay, feed, and re-homing.
For more information on MEWA, click here.
To contact the Animal Welfare program, charged with the horses' present and future welfare, click here

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4/21/2011 Rudy Lozano
wow maddy, that is one side of the story.....
4/21/2011 Emily
Let's hope they don't end up in the Slaughter Stream or at another pseudo rescue like Fair Play Farm!
4/21/2011 Tom
Too bad the guy didn't ask for help before he got in so deep. Things don't have to be this way if horse owners just think and plan ahead!
4/21/2011 Missy
Thank you, Maddy. Now we can begin to help.
4/21/2011 debora
Sounds like the horses side of the story. Only important one. Yes humans are fallible. No- they should not just hope things change while the innocent suffer.
4/21/2011 michelle R
hey rudy, if you've got nothing to hide then tell us YOUR side of the story, i'm sure we'd loveeeee to hear it. why didn't you ask for help? there are enough rescues in this state that could have put the word out and help would have come.
4/21/2011 kim
Hey Rudy and Gina - i saw the condition you entered and left Noble Dream in. How long did you keep those horses locked up in their stalls turned jail cells there? every stall had chewed holes in them big enuf for a 300lb man to climb thru. They weren't like that when you first moved in and took over the facility. Seems you have now set a pattern now - 2 barns in a row!! Those poor animals!
4/22/2011 Anonymous
This site is nothing but drama, and no it's not the only one of it's kind. As humans, we are inclined to drama and gossip seems to be like crack for many, especially in the horse world. This article was written with complete ignorance. Instead trying to fix the problem at hand, it takes fun in attacking those involved. I've seen better writing from 16 year old girls fighting over boys on Facebook.
4/22/2011 Linda Libby
Thanks Maddy for bringing this to my attention. I will be visiting the site to see what I can do to help. Love your web site.
4/22/2011 Vicki Turner
Thank you to all who have stepped up. And please remember to donate when you can to any rescue.
4/22/2011 Anonymous
I also don't think it is appropriate that you only put one part of my post up. if it was the language, you could have just x-ed that out. just goes to show you the legitimacy of this site: there isnt any.
4/22/2011 Janet
Dear Anonymous, No drama , Just explain the photos and Henneke scoring. Janet
4/23/2011 Debi
Thanks for keeping the community informed about what's going on and where we can help out. Love your site, keep up the good work!
4/24/2011 Janet M
I was just at the barn today to pick up a horse that Rudy and Gina said they wanted as a trail horse bla bla bla... She went there fat an happy. She is now thin and depressed. There are 4 horses there that might not make it because of starvation and dehydration. There is no excuse. These horses could have been surrenedered before this. It is tortureous and cruel. Thankfully they are being well cared for and loved now. Hopefully they will be placed in loving homes. Luckily the mare we picked up today is going back to her former owner and will never ever have to live through another nighmare like she endured with the Lozano's over the last year ever again.
4/24/2011 Nancy
Rudy and Gina...I trusted you with my mare, Elsie. You said you would love her and work with her. And I told you right from the start, in person and with emails (that I saved and shared with Animal Welfare) that I would take her back if you could not care for her for any reason.... you never called me. Instead, you starved her and kept her confined in a stall 24/7. Would YOU like to live like that? Thank you , Gina for at least letting me know you had turned the horses over to the state or I would still be in the dark. But both of you are accountable for animal abuse and neglect. You should be ashamed or yourselves.
4/24/2011 Janet Tuttle
Bless the beasts and the children For in this world they have no voice, They have no choice. Bless the beasts and the children, For the world can never be The world they see. Light their way When the darkness surrounds them. Give them love, Let it shine all around them. Bless the beasts and the children. Give them shelter from a storm. Keep them safe.
4/26/2011 Debi
To Anonymous....if YOU were legitimate, you wouldn't be ANONYMOUS! So, please, just stop it and let the people who really care do just that. The End.
I know it is gruesome but is there any way to see the faces of these horses?? I have been looking for a horse I used to have and was wondering if he might be one of these. I really would like him back.
4/26/2011 Deb
It's really sad and criminal what has gone on in the horse rescue world. I commend the upstanding rescues, but we all know there are people who'll dump their horses off with anyone who'll say they are a rescue, when they are no longer needed. I have a question.. why isn't anyone holding the horse owners responsible for how these horses end up. Surely if they really loved their horse enough they would check on their beloved animal at least once a month to make sure they're getting fed/ housed properly. These horses didn't get neglected / emaciated overnight, it takes a while.. And as far as the owner of the farm who rented this place out... as a landlord, don't you check on your property and what's going on around it? Maybe instead of passing laws against the slaughter houses, they should pass some responsibility laws against those who dump off their no longer wanted horses and the people who own the property. Just my opinion on this!
4/26/2011 Jill
Like a house of cards it all falls. Seems like Lozano has left behind a long line of hurt horses and people. I hope a lesson has been learned and the horses are in better hands.
4/26/2011 Linda
All I can say is Please PeOPLE open your eyes to this. If you can't take care of a horse you shouldn't have one. The pictures again are the proof of who suffers.
4/26/2011 Kathye
This lets us all know whats going on and helps us know help is needed for the poor horses.. This crap keeps up and they well have a section at jail houses just for animal abusers.. All these peopel are getting nothing more then slaps on the hands from the courts ,, and its why more and more people are doing it ,, they have nothing to fear from the LAW !!!
4/28/2011 Joanna
Shame on you Rudy. We have the ONLY side of the story that matters. There is nothing you can say that defends or justifies what you have done.
5/5/2011 Gina Hoffses
Hey Anonymous, why don't you continue to focus your so articulate, intelligent assessments on the 16 year old girls on Facebook? I'm surprised you took time from your obession with 16 year old dramas to grace this site with your insightful critiques. What speaks truth are witnesses and photos showing emaciated horses left in deplorable conditions and reports by PROFESSIONALS rating these poor souls on a scale of 1.5 to 3.5. I suppose this is all superfluous fluff put out to rile you "real horse folk". Word has been put out there that help is available in these situations and again some man's ego was more important than the well being of those horses. Sounds a bit like Genthner and Fair Play all over again. Do we see a repeating theme? Keep up the good work Maddy and gang on the articles! I'm tired of excuses for humans committing atrocities and for the idiots making excuses for the guilty. Excuses are lies wrapped in a reason. Rudy obviously can't compose a reasonable response because he knows he hasn't got one. So Anonymous, put some TRUE facts out there to contradict what's been reported on Lozano for us instead of accusing someone of creating "drama" on a website. What have YOU done to correct the situation? It's seems other members here have stepped up to the plate to help and I don't mean a dinner plate containing con carne di cavallo.
5/17/2011 Kara
Rudy & Gina also owned OnPointe Construction Group, LLC. Last year I paid them a significant amount money to complete repairs on the home I had just bought in Scarborough, my first home for my family and me. Over phone & e-mail, Rudy kept saying things were on schedule; when we arrived at the house (having driven all day from Buffalo with a toddler & our lives packed up in a Budget moving truck), not a single thing had been done to the house. It had all been lies & he claimed that the work *had* been done, but to another home, and he had simply lost track of the work orders. He had drained me of my life's savings, and this debacle nearly ended my marriage. I used to think if I'd been a horse, I would've been treated better by the Lozanos... but I see now that this isn't the case, either.
5/17/2011 Brian P
I'm gonna have to say, this is the same guy that bilked my sister out of money serving as a contractor. Bad enough he stole from a young family with a baby and now I read this. Hope you Mainers bring some street justice down on him.
6/29/2011 Laurie
Rudy Lozano is a severe pathelogical liar and I hope that the word is out on his actions and that he gets what he deserves. Spread the word and do not let any human or animal be hurt by this person again.
7/1/2011 Rosie
Rudy Lozano is a bad person to both humans and to animals. He is a liar who is currently facing numerous fraud charges, was fired from his job, and he harrasses people until he gets his way. Please spread the word about this person and don't let him hurt anyone else.
10/29/2011 Joy
Wow is all that I can say about this. HOW do people sleep at night knowing that their animals are HUNGRY??? It baffles me...totally. I am so very thankful to know that the owner of 4 of the horses that were left behind have recently been put in contact with the horses that they leased to these "people". They had no idea until last week that this had happened to their animals and are making every effort to bring them all back home where they will never leave again.
3/22/2012 Pissed in Portland
Wow, way to go Rudy and Gina. You screwed me.... You did the same to a friend of mine. That's pretty bad. But to read all the other blogs on how you screwed over a number of other people, not to mention all the others who haven't come across this story, is deplorable. ... But what you've done to these defenseless creatures who unconditionally put their faith in you is something that is unconscionable. For me, I have the ability to move on with my life; these horses don't have that same chance. How could you do such a thing? All I can say is that kismet is a bitch and eventually it will catch up with you. For your sake, hopefully you didn't drop your soap in the shower in jail Rudy...
8/15/2012 Star Fire
Notice the orbs in both pictures? That isn't dust. They are energy orbs. Maybe Guardians watching over these poor horses.. I don't care what excuse the person had for leaving these horses. He OBVIOUSLY has a MOUTH. He could have asked for help instead of just letting them starve. And even if you don't have money for can still lift a damn bucket and give them water while you are looking for help to feed them. In my opinion, I say put those two in a stall, lock the door and leave them there to starve and die of thirst. Then they will have a FIRST HAND idea of what THEY did to these horses. One side of the story??? This is the ONLY side I need to see or hear.

"A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care." - Pat Parelli