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I Knew You By Your Cow Handling

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mart.jpgYou and I might see a connection between family members or close friends by the way they walk or the way they talk.

But by the way they sort cattle??

That’s the way my friend, Elijah Moore, connected the dots with Martin Black last month.
newt.jpgMoore was watching Black at the Gelinas Farm clinic in early May. Something about the way he worked the cows reminded Moore of his old friend, Newt Wright.
Wright was born in Montana in 1935 and lived in Idaho, Oregon, and Arizona (where he and Moore became close). He was admired by many as an intellectual horseman. He was a man who spent a lot of time thinking about how horses think, how cows think, how dogs think.
Wright taught farriers, taught riders, taught bullriders. And he was a constant student, always wanting to learn more, according to memorials left on his website.
lig.jpgHe died suddenly last year in Bozeman, Montana.
Moore asked Black about his cattle work. And did he know a fellow by the name of Newt Wright?
“Martin laughed and said Newt could handle a herd of cattle better than anyone I’ve ever seen,” recalled Moore.
Black credited Newt Wright for teaching him some excellent and essential cow handling skills back when he was younger.
Incredible, isn't it, how subtle yet signature technique, handed down from one cowboy to another can connect dots and paint a picture? Such a picture many of us would never see.
Photos from top to bottom: Martin Black, Newt Wright, Elijah Moore
"While there are many things you can fake in life, pretending that you know horses when you don't isn't one of them" - Cooky McClung