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Her Horses, a poem by Sam Butcher

Published: 3/13/2014
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Editor's Note:  My dad, Sam Butcher, spent most of his life educating and inspiring students of chemistry at Bowdoin College. In his retirement years, he's excelled at a completely new pursuit: Poetry.
Please enjoy this one, about a horsewoman's quiet, perhaps painful contemplation. M Butcher

Her Horses

She gazes out the window, not
really looking at anything.

They stand as both sides of a coin,
head to rump.  A tail swishes, and
the coarse hair caresses her face.
As they walk to the water trough
her hips record the rhythm,
the restrained grace.

As in a dream a memory stirs
of a ride to that divide above La Hood:
the lupines, islands of aspen glow,
crossing to the other side.

Perhaps she’ll keep a bit of tack,
to have its smell and feel,
pass on to little Jack.

It’ll take the right sort,
but she thinks she knows
and has a deal:
thirty-five hundred for either one,
a thousand for the pair.

        -- Sam Butcher

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3/14/2014 Steve
Sam is able to appreciate the meaning of the smallest gestures, the deeper meaning of life in his observations of everyday occurences. I am fortunate enough to have read a number of his poems, which always promote reflection/contemplation.
3/18/2014 Sally
That was really beautiful.
5/7/2014 Nancy
Really captures a strong memory of when I had to sell my own horse for kids college fund. Still reeling.....

"While there are many things you can fake in life, pretending that you know horses when you don't isn't one of them" - Cooky McClung