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Young Artist Creates NickerNews Sketch

Published: 11/2/2010
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By Maddy B. Gray

You wouldn’t think NickerNews and a young artist working on a graphic novel called “Patriot Wasteland,” would be much of a fit.

But then you wouldn’t have much faith in serendipitous, coffee shop connections.

I often work at the Little Dog Coffee Shop in Brunswick. It’s busy and friendly. Most of all, it’s not my house where the horses, dogs, kids, laundry, bills, and dirty floors distract me.
One day, I noticed this man sketching. He was good. There was a comic element to his work.
I asked him if he’d be interested in designing an illustration for me.
“Sure,” he said.

Meet Andrew Greenstone!
Visit his website, CLICK HERE

Greenstone graduated from Brunswick High School in 2005 and headed to Savannah College of Art and Design. It’s one of the few schools in the country with a sequential art program.

What’s sequential art?

  The field includes comic books, graphic novels, children’s stories, and storyboards for animation and film.
Greenstone knew he wanted to draw comics since he was a kid, he told me. But doing well at school had its hurdles. He has “Executive Dysfunction Disorder,” a learning disability that makes writing papers and taking tests extremely challenging.
His mother, Barbara Greenstone strongly advocated for him. (And what an advocate: she travels the state as a mentor for the Maine Learning Technology Initiative!)
Together with Brunswick High, they worked hard to create an academic program that would satisfy the school and still let him thrive.
After submitting his portfolio to SCAD, he received an acceptance letter along with academic scholarships.
He loves and is healthily entrenched in the world of comic books and cartoon studies. He works on several projects and does illustration work to help pay bills.
He's heading to Vermont soon to live in White River Junction where friends teach and attend the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Patriot Wasteland takes place in South Dakota and involves conspiracy, the Illuminati, and the Lakota Sioux Indians. It’s fantasy, but, said Greenstone. “I’ve done A LOT of research.”

For my project, I asked him to illustrate my slogan: “Your Horse Sh*t is My Aromotherapy” I asked him to keep it light and funny and to take a look at my site to get a feel for how I write and what I write about.

We went back and forth with several sketches. After sending me each one via email, I would reply with constructive criticism. I felt badly about all the revisions, about criticizing sketches that were great but not exactly what I had in mind.

The back-and-forth was typical business, he said. “If artists can’t do that, then they can’t do illustrations for anybody.”

At right, there are several versions of the envisioned NickerNews gal and her horse.
At the bottom is the final version. Stay tuned for tees and sweatshirts with it!

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11/4/2010 sonia
Oh what fun, this is super! Good Luck to Andrew with his career! Maddy, let me know when the t-shirts, etc. are available. Sign me up!
11/4/2010 Jan
Captured beautifully!!
11/10/2010 m miller
What a great and encouraging story. Fun sketch! It truly captures the idea.
11/16/2010 Kathie Tuck
Oh WOW! I love it! What a wonderful young man and good luck to him. When do the t-shirts come out?
11/26/2010 Missy
Love it! Great collaboration to get just the right sentiment. Can't wait for the "goods" to be available. Thanks, Maddy and Andrew!

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