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Funny Horse-Related Traffic Signs

Published: 8/9/2008
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Just what were they thinking?

"Riderless horse ahead"??

"Horse out for a stroll ahead"??

"Free-range horse ahead"??

Oh, and this one got me going, too.

That's a horse, dressed up as a farmer, right? How else could the tractor be "horse-drawn"?

The wording might as well be, "Don't let those horses fool you."

Got a caption for these odd signs?  Let us hear it!

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Of course, this one is my favorite. Thanks, Michelle for Good Horse Signsending it in to me:

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3/12/2009 Marty
Gotta love these signs!
5/6/2009 Georgia
haha these are great!

"An owner of a Tennessee Walking Horse once said that his horse reminded him of a lightning rod, for, as he rode, all the sorrows of his heart flowed down through the splendid muscles of his horse and were grounded in the earth." - Marguerite Henry