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Fringe Custom Chaps

Talented leather worker Kathy Threlfall is taking orders!

Threlfall runs Fringe Custom Chaps from her place in Merritt, British Columbia.

Grab a tape measure, take your measurements and order a pair of custom armitas, chinks, or chaps!

Other leatherware also available, including saddle fittings, bosal hangers, and more.

***Guide to measuring for leggings here: Click on Fitting & Pricing.

Visit her website.

Visit her facebook page.

Read more about her on NickerNews.

At top right, dark chocolate custom armitas.

At right, rancher Tim Thomas sports his newly ordered armitas while tending to cattle.

"In the language of the range, to say that somebody is "as smart as a cutting horse" is to say that he is smarter than a Philadelphia lawyer,smarter than a steel trap, smarter than a coyote, smarter than a Harvard graduate - all combined. There just can't be anything smarter than a smart cutting horse. He can do everything but talk Meskin - and he understands that." - Joe M. Evans, A Corral Full of Stories