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Evidence-Based Horsemanship at the Equine Affaire

Published: 10/25/2012
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

We're headed to Springfield, Massachusetts again to experience that familiar scene of all things horse. Smart and silly. Wholesome and hokey. Sticks and schtick. We will find it all here.

Come visit us at the Better Living Center. NickerNews will be covering four presentations of Evidence-Based Horsemanship at the Nutrena Stage.
Evidence-Based Horsemanship is a book. But, in my mind, it's also an umbrella term for how science and real world observation tell us what's best for the horse. The book was co-authored by Dr. Steve Peters and Martin Black. Both will speak and present.
Read more about Evidence-Based Horsemanship.

On Saturday, 1:00 to 1:45 pm, Dr. Steve Peters will explain some essential equine neuroanatomy. Learn about the key areas of the horse’s brain (like the cerebellum, amygdala, hypothalamus, and the corpus callosum) and why they’re important. Read article here.

Sample Takeaway: Understand why a horse moves and behaves like a horse. Not a human.

After a short break, Peters will take a look at the nervous system and the horse’s brain chemistry at 3pm. He’ll explain the existence of neurotransmitters (chemicals like dopamine released at the end of nerve fibers), how they work, and why they matter. We’ll also see parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems explained. Read article here.

Sample Takeaway: What’s really happening when a horse gets pushed too far.

Sunday at noon, Dr. Peters returns to the Nutrena Stage for a presentation on learning and memory. He’ll touch on how to create the best environment for the kind of horse Martin Black calls a "Special Forces" horse, a Super Learner. On the flip side, attendees will hear about learned helplessness.

Sample Takeaway: How to wreck a horse or send him to Harvard.

The last presentation may be the best. At 3:00 pm Sunday, Dr. Peters and Black will discuss horse care management, what’s best for them and why. Terms include housing, food, and socialization. Read article here.

Sample Takeaway: Think friends, forage, and freedom.

Read more about Evidence-Based Horsemanship.
Visit Evidence-Based Horsemanship website.

Speaking of friends -- Can't wait to see you there!

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10/25/2012 Kelly Newell
I'll be there on Friday afternoon/evening, hope to see you there!!
10/25/2012 Maddy at Nickernews
oooh, I'll be there late Friday. Maybe you can stay over, Kelly. Would love to see you on Sat or Sun.
11/1/2012 Kelly Burnham
Awwww. i'm gonna miss you guys I will only be there thurs. & fri.
11/9/2012 Yvonne Macdonald
This was one of the best informational clinic I have attended.....EBH...ROCKS.... Glad I was able to be at the Black's Ranch to attend their seminar..they put together a great presentation.

"My horses are my friends, not my slaves" - Dr. Reiner Klimke