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EEE? State wants to hear from you!

Published: 8/14/2010
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The University of Maine Cooperative Extention Office wants to hear from you!

Please consider taking a short survey regarding Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a mosquito-transmitted disease that's already claimed one life this season. Last year, several unvaccinated Maine horses perished.

The Extension office is working to prevent another batch of unnecessary deaths such as we witnessed last year when 15 (fifteen!) unvaccinated Maine horses died from the disease.

"So far, there have been no equine deaths in Maine. But there have been some in Florida," wrote Dr. Anne Lichtenwalner, the Cooperative Extention Office vet, in an email before the death of a Franklin horse this week.
"There is a good, inexpensive vaccine for EEE in horses, and I really hope people will use it...For this disease, vaccination is really the thing to do."

It is simple and painless, kinda like getting a shot to prevent EEE - Take the survey! CLICK HERE!
To watch a great, informative video and read about Frequently Asked Questions on EEE, click here.

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8/23/2010 Estelle
Thanks to do the survey now.
8/31/2010 Jessica
Survey done! I really hope everyone vaccinates their horses - it's such an easy step to prevent a really awful death.

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