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Eclectic Horseman


The bi-monthly magazine dedicated to educating horse owners of all skill levels and disciplines.

  • Are you tired of horse publications that are full of ads but lack useful information?
  • Are you seeking to improve your horsemanship skills?
  • Deepen your understanding of horses?
  • Are you looking for a publication that you can trust to give safe and effective techniques?
 In the pages of Eclectic Horseman you will find some fundamental tenets of horsemanship that apply to all horses and riders.

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Eclectic Horseman has a great mercantile section full of:

  • DVDs
  • Audio and Music
  • Fine Art
  • Hard-to-Find Books for every horse discipline
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"An owner of a Tennessee Walking Horse once said that his horse reminded him of a lightning rod, for, as he rode, all the sorrows of his heart flowed down through the splendid muscles of his horse and were grounded in the earth." - Marguerite Henry