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Dreams are Worth Dreaming, part four

Published: 3/31/2010
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By Kim Stone

Early on a Monday morning, Doug helped me load the horses. Friends were met in Pennsylvania and we drove West.
Thirty-eight hours later, we pulled into the Boise, Idaho meeting place. We were exhausted. After we tended the horses, a shower and a bed never felt so good!
Sleep came easily, even with all the excitement surrounding the drive out. I had never been West of Pennsylvania, on a road trip. The country was incredibly beautiful. Wide open spaces, blue sky that offered a contrast to the powerful mountains. I had never seen any country so beautiful. An incredible contrast to my hometown, a small Maine fishing village with trees everywhere. The only wide-open space is on the ocean, in a boat.

Martin and Jennifer arrived midday to gather me up and head on to the next destination. Well, it wasn’t off to the Alvord, they had many errands to run and people to meet. I just fell into step with them and off we went. The errands included gathering groceries and meeting with family members. Two errands became most memorable: during the first meeting with Carolyn Hunt, we spent several hours with her as Martin helped her sort through Ray Hunt’s saddles and bridles. I took pictures for documentation. What a privilege! The second: Will, Martin’s oldest son, and Holly’s wedding. What fun! I kept myself busy behind the camera, documenting these wonderful moments that would soon become memories for a lifetime.

The following morning we were ready to head to the Alvord. I have learned that what I think I am going to do and what I will actually do are two different things when you are with Martin Black. One of them is that when you think you are ready to do one thing, you must be ready to do another; eventually the first thing that you started out to do will get done, just not in the time frame that you thought it might.
So, after running more errands and gathering groceries for a few weeks (yes, a few weeks) we loaded the horses and were headed for the Alvord. Martin pulled into a small convenience store and said if you think you might need anything, this is the place. There is nothing from here to the Alvord and it is a four-hour ride. That got my attention. I thought maybe something to drink and a snack might be in order. As we began winding our way through the mountains of southeastern Oregon I could no longer keep my eyes open. I was exhausted.

When we arrived at the ranch it was dark. We unloaded groceries, horses and my two bags. I was escorted to my cabin door. When I asked if I needed to be aware of anything, Jennifer said, “well… mountain lions and rattlesnakes. Goodnight, see you in the morning.”
Mountain Lions and rattlesnakes! Was she serious?

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4/5/2010 Kathy
I can't wait for more!!

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