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Maine's December Ice Storm

Published: 12/14/2008
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December Ice Storm
Oh, Goodie!

Hello NickerNews Readers!
I write to you from downtown. The big city of Brunswick has power and Internet. Yippee!
In my neck of the woods (see below), we have a family pool on when the power might return. My money's on Tuesday morning.

It's been fun. Ok, maybe not so much fun on this the third day. It's been challenging to keep everyone fed and happy.

Water is a challenge. I heat my buckets with electricity. So, since Friday, I've been toting warm water out. It stays unfrozen for several hours. Then, more warm water.

Oh, and today I scrutinized my fence. I hadn't notice my rails behind the barn had been felled by a tree branch. Either the girls didn't notice either or they figured there wasn't a lot to be gained on the "greener side." They watched me repair it and napped in Sunday's short-lived sunny moments.

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3/30/2009 Cindy
Large animal rescue clinic at Hill N Dale farm, this past Saturday. Wow what an eye opener for me. If any of you get an opportunity to attend one of these clinics, by all means do it. This clinician was Vicky Schmidtz of Troika drafts. She does an outstanding clinic. She covered more information in 4 hours than I could possibly do in 4 days. We are so lucky to have this kind of expertise in Maine.

"My horses are my friends, not my slaves" - Dr. Reiner Klimke