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Daniel Gorman demonstrates braiding

Published: 12/11/2013
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

Daniel Gorman, a 28-year-old from New South Wales, Australia, was already an accomplished young horseman before landing in North America last year.

Here, though, he’s upped his game, gaining experience at the legendary, million-acre Gang Ranch in British Columbia and continuing his educational journey in Bruneau, Idaho, under the tutelage of Martin Black.

“Daniel is very humble, has a very good work ethic , and is very well disciplined,” said Black. “Those are all real strong traits in becoming a good horseman.”

Gorman visited us in Utah and during some quiet moments worked on braiding a mecate. It’s made of parachute cord and will run about 22 feet when finished. Creating one is a skill he picked up from videos and tips from folks here and there, he said.
Check out his video instruction.
With a little resolution and parachute cord, you can have a fine mecate by New Year's or, say, springtime.

Daniel Gorman demontrates braiding from Maddy Butcher Gray on Vimeo.

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1/3/2014 Marjie
Thank you for explaining this. I am trying to braid my own mecate. What type/thickness of rope do you recommend for using as a core on the 8 strand braid?
4/20/2014 John Greaser
Yes, I too am interested in the dimention of core material. Thanks.
3/16/2017 Trevor Wright
Finished my first one in three days

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