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A Wild, Winter Ride

Published: 2/3/2011
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By Liz Czak

Well, it was REALLY cold last night when I was doing my share of chores at the barn.
I have to bring all the horses in and feed, water and grain them. There are 13 of them.
It is usually a fairly pleasant nightly ritual that I do about three times a week.

I like the smell of the hay and grain and there is something very relaxing about hearing the horses rustling in the hay and chewing.
Steam rises from the buckets of apple laced mash and the horses are very peaceful and content.
When the wind is howling outside it is nice to see them all bedded in their pine-scented stalls with their blankets on, cozy and warm, happy to be with their herd.
Last night was not so pleasant however because I was freezing my ass off out in the field on the Gator. I wanted very much to be cozy, warm and inside with my own herd.
I was running a little behind so it was dark before I was finished with my outside duties and I had to empty and chip all the frozen water buckets and put all the gates back up by moonlight.

I don't have the nimbleness I used to have in my fingers so I had to pull and connect all 24 strands with my bare and frozen hands without my cumbersome gloves. I was all alone and feeling just a little sorry for myself.
I wanted to hurry so I drove over the bumpy path as fast as I could, hoping the ancient four wheeler wouldn't tip over.
The Gator lurched and bucked and dug in so hard it flew across the frozen pasture.
I did feel a little wild out there, no one within earshot and racing with the moon. There was icy spray shooting off my turns. Shards of crunching snow blew from under my wheels.
I felt my breath warmed through the scarf pulled up to my nose as wind sucked across my lips.

And then, magically, I was breathing with the wind, my breath, flying in the cold, with the glowing white sea beach of snow.
In that moment I felt very alive, graced and connected to a larger view. I looked up at the bright cold moon hanging over the snow and, for just a moment, I imagined my long ears pinned back and flowing out behind me like a dog in the back of a pickup truck.
I just had to let out a little yip.

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2/3/2011 Vince Mahany
Good one, you are an artist with words.
2/4/2011 Daryl
Equine poetry! I can just see you out there, and I join you with a yip!
2/4/2011 Wallace
Now that's what I call Positive Spin! Thank you.
2/4/2011 Barbara Summers
You are a wonderful story teller. The ending with letting out the little yip so perfectly tells the reader who you are. Keep writing your magic!
2/5/2011 ET
You are, my friend, a fabulous storyteller! You and Peach are just "peachy"!
2/8/2011 sonia
Great story, Liz! I can just hear you yipping!
2/8/2011 Liz Czak
Thanks everybody. I appreciate the kind words.
6/3/2011 Richie
You have always been a fine artist Liz. Thank you for taking me on this voyage with you. I felt it in my bones, on my skin and in my heart. Enjoy those precious moments, even if it is cold. They will bring you warm memories.

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