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Creepy, another horse dodges the bullet

Published: 2/14/2010
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First, she leased him. Then she ruined him...

By Maddy B. Gray

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Here is the story and photos of Creepy sent to NickerNews from Becky at Prospect Farm in Maine and Suzy at Winton Farm in Maryland.

Becky told NickerNews that MANY, MANY calls were made to Animal Welfare and nothing was done.

Department of Agriculture, Commissioner Seth Bradstreet 207 287-3419
State veterinarian Don Hoenig, 207 287-3701
Norma Worley, Director of Animal Welfare 207 287-3846
Clinton Police Dept. 207 426-9192

Other officials to contact:

Evert Fowle, DA for Kennebec and Somerset counties: 207 623-1156
Governor Baldacci’s office 207 287-3531

This top photo shows Creepy after six months at the Burnham farm, just after being rescued and transported to the Annabessacook Veterinary Clinic in Monmouth, Maine. Photo dated October 15, 2002.

Creepy was a beautiful, grey stallion leased by the same woman then running a Burnham farm ,  now running the Clinton farm.

This second photo shows Creepy newly arrived in Burnham, Maine where he was leased and neglected for several months.

The third photo was taken shortly after he arrived at the Burnham Farm, in April 2002.

After checking up on Creepy, a horrified Becky rescued him from the Burnham farm and trailered him to Annabessacook Veterinary Clinic in Monmonth. ABC gave Creepy essential and urgent care for six weeks.

Suzy from Maryland reclaimed him, paid for the veterinary care, etc.

This fourth photo is of Creepy’s front left leg, taken in November, 2002 after six weeks on intensive care at ABC.

He suffered a collapsed front ankle resulting from a major infection.

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2/14/2010 Christine Giguere
Hat's off to the people who rescued again, he would have died a slow horrific death! I have a friend who boarded at this woman's place in Clinton when she moved here from Colorado who says she couldnt get out of there fast enough and filed a report in 2006 for animal cruelty. Still she get's away with this??? Christine
2/14/2010 Becky
This has been going on since 2002! When will it end, what will it take to make it end???? Thanks Nickernews, you have opended many eyes ...again thanks!!!!!
2/15/2010 Meghan
NO this has not been going on since 2002 Ivy was still at that barn then and No she did not abuse her horses OR Neglect them in anyway. The Farm was Called PDQ Farm in 2002 it is now under a new name and Ivy has rented the farm to the young women and young man that is there now. Ivy has nothong to do with ALL of this. anyone who truly knows Ivy would not ever say anything like that about her. If Ivy alone could stop it i'm sure she would. The farm that this has been going on at since 2002 is in Burnham, But the young women that is renting from Ivy is the one who owns the Farm in Burnham. Horses have been in pore condition there for many many years.
2/15/2010 michelle R
thanks becky for getting the story about creepy and paula out there. kuddos to you and those who helped them along the way!
2/15/2010 Pam
I don't know what this woman did in burnham, however, my parents go by the farm in Clinton, Maine everyday and yes, some of the horses are poor and they came in that way!!My parents are horse people and know what they are seeing. Most horses get there poor and than they look much better than when they came in. They even put the horses in the indoor at night not relying on the delapitated shelters in the pastures. Those shelters were delapitated before those people got there. Again, what went on in Burnham, we don't know, but the horses at Clinton have been in better condition now than when they got there.
2/15/2010 Becky
Alexis is a habitual offender, period. The abuse and neglsct happening at the Clinton farm has nothing at all to do with Ivy. I know Ivy and have spent time with her at her farm and she NEVER EVER would of allowed such a thing, EVER! I'm sure Ivy is very upset with the situation and I send her Strenght and good wishes to get through this nightmare!
2/16/2010 Michelle
As recent pictures have shown severely emaciated horses, colts and statements of foal so emaciated they can not even stand up.. WOW.. I am impressed. To be in that condition and that is better then they arrived in.. Damn this is a miracle.. These horse had to be dead when they arrived and have been revived to the brink of life. But hey guys they are breathing... Yayyyy
Does this horse have a condition of cellulitis? Does anyone know the answer?
2/16/2010 Michelle
The article does not states if this horse had cellulitis. However, If it did, it would have been caused by the lack of care of a minor leg issue to begin with. Also it was apparent from the pics and documentation in the filed report, that this animal had no leg issues or infections prior to being at the farm in Burnham. As it also shows the horse in good health and no visible leg issues with this girl riding him in the picture.
2/16/2010 Michelle
Bacteria also find their way into the skin through minor wounds and set up a subcutaneous infection, or cellulitis. Horses with cellulitis experience swelling and heat in an infected leg. They will show signs of pain and lameness and often have a 102- to 104-degree fever. The fever is important to differentiate cellulitis from a run-of-the-mill lameness. Horses with severe infections will go off feed and show signs of serious discomfort. Their legs become extremely sensitive with inflamed blood vessels (called phlebitis).
2/16/2010 Michelle
I am also curious as to why if this horse arrived with such a horrific and expensive infection to treat. Why was he not sent back to the owner upon the discovery of the issue. I would think in a lease, that would be a definite negate to the lease agreement. Seems I have alot of questions. And at this point no answers.
Cellulitus is a very confusing condition that most people don't see unless you are very experienced and have some knowledge on what to look for when you are ready to purchase a horse. If you take a look at all three pictures you can see that this horse has this condition A very serious and can be deadly condition.
2/16/2010 Becky
Hi all, My good friend leased her stallion, Creepy, to Alexis completly unaware of the dangers. Alexis is a well educated, talented young lady who has worked with some of Maine's top instructor. She can talk a good talk, sort of like AWP, Anyway he was supposed to be returned in 3 months, the owner was told that Creepy had gotten kicked and they were going to delay the trip home to Maryland by 2 weeks. When the horse never came home and Alexis stopped returning email, phone calls ect, My friend got real worried. She called me in tears asking me to check on her horse. Alexis answered my first call and put me off as she claimed to be off showing for the next few weekends, I tried to pressure her for a date to see him, she was going to call me back, yea, that never happened. After about 3 days of not being able to contact Alexis, Suzanne called ABC to vet her horse. I HAVE those records and can prove his condition and where he was and in who's care!! Dr Faye of ABC called Suzanne and recommended her horse be euthanized, his condition was life-threatening! Or get him to the clinic for immediate care and still it would be costly with little to no chance of soundness, as both of his front legs were grossly infected! ABC could not even x-ray or ultra sound as the pus and drainage was caked onto his legs. It took ABC DAYS to clean his legs enough to even diagnois that he had massive infection, bi-laterally that cause him to drop his supensory ligaments. I personally took that photo of Creepy at ABC, it was 2 WEEKS after he was there recieving treatment including but not limited to IV antibiotic therapy, if you look you can still see the IV in his neck And food, lots of it too and he STILL looks like that AFTER 2 weeks at ABC! He is camped out to relieve the front legs and while I'm there standing next to a shadow of the horse I once knew, I cried, as he rocked back and forth, right to left to try to get some relief. The dark spots are sores on his hips, his hocks are not visable but they too are covered in sores, also documented in ABC's vet records. Creepy was only 14 at the time, he did recover his weight but was left permenatly crippled by Alexis' actions, lack of actions, or whatever, this happened in only 6 months. AWP was involved, I personally filed a complaint and I got the same answer then, that they are saying now, it is thier business, thier livelihood, we can't just shut them down. Alexis, nor her parents were ever charged, never paid a penny to rehab this horse, they just washed thier hands and walked a way, well almost walked away..... Alexis had the NERVE to call my friend the following year when her foals were born, asking for the paperwork to register the foals. Can you imagine!
2/16/2010 Becky
This horse,s home was Maryland, he remained at the clinic to recieve care until he was strong and sound enough to go home, it took 6 weeks to get him ready for the trip. The photo of him at the clinic was taken by me, 2 weeks after he arrived and was receiving care, food and IV antibiotics as well as inflamatory drugs and pain management. Imagine his condtition before that 2 weeks!!!
2/17/2010 Joy
Why is it that the AWP can shut down dog kennels, hoarders, etc. but they can't do the same where horses are concerned?
5/4/2011 My Appy Makes Me Happy!
5/4/11 I just would like to add that the Clinton farm is now owned by two wonderful people who are doing a great job rehabilitating the poor conditions and have a reasonable amount of horses there (only five so far)... I personally saw the horses and viewed the property last week, and I'm so impressed by their dedication. The problem is, they're now experiencing the backlash and scrutiny of the horse community just because they now own the property where these horses were abused. I would like to tell everyone that Silver Fox Stables is lovely and I would board my horses there, if needed! (...and NO, I don't know them personally, nor did they ask me to promote their business... just want to tell ALL sides of this story!)

"In the language of the range, to say that somebody is "as smart as a cutting horse" is to say that he is smarter than a Philadelphia lawyer,smarter than a steel trap, smarter than a coyote, smarter than a Harvard graduate - all combined. There just can't be anything smarter than a smart cutting horse. He can do everything but talk Meskin - and he understands that." - Joe M. Evans, A Corral Full of Stories