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Court Date for Alexis

Published: 4/20/2010
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By Maddy B. Gray

Earlier this week, Judge Rick Lawrence found Alexis Ingraham guilty (on October 26, 2010) in Androscoggin County District Court of selling a diseased horse.
Ingraham, who has also been arrested for at least seven counts of criminal animal cruelty in Kennebec County Court, plead No Contest to selling a diseased horse. Judge Lawrence then found her guilty.
Per negotiations between the defendant and the District Attorney's office, one count stood and one count was dropped.
Selling a diseased horse is a Class E crime and it will appear on her record. She was fined $300.
Ingraham and her husband, Brett Ingraham, are scheduled to face the charges in Kennebec County next month.

By Maddy B. Gray

It’s illegal to sell a sick or diseased animal.
Alexis Ingraham, who runs Fair Play Farm with her husband, Brett, has been asked to appear in court May 12th to answer charges that she committed a crime by selling a diseased horse.
That summons asks her to appear in Androscoggin County’s District Court in Lewiston.
The Ingrahams are also the subjects of a separate and ongoing investigation by the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare program.
That investigation was prompted by many complaints from the public about the conditions of the horses and property on Tardiff Road in Clinton. Read more about these complaints by checking out the Equine Welfare Watchdog menu item of the Articles selections.
The Kennebec County District Attorney’s office has taken a distinct interest in that investigation.

Asked about the upcoming court date, Alexis Ingraham said, “It’s an arraignment. What can I say? I’m not too worried.”

The photo above was taken of Alexis and one of her horses by MPBN reporter Susan Sharon when she visited the Ingrahams earlier this year.

Alexis Ingraham pleaded not guilty at her arraignment. She told a reporter "If you don't do things just like your neighbor, then you're completely false...There seems to be a circle of vendetta...that always comes back around to me."
The case goes to trial June 22.

The case was continued and Ingraham finally heads to court today, July 20, in Lewiston.

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4/20/2010 Kerry
Yahooooo! So happy justice is being served! Please let these ppl be prosecuted!!!!!! And no more horses have to live there, please!!!!!!
4/20/2010 Kathy
Thanks for keeping the pressure on. I hope the justice will prevail.
4/20/2010 Joy
Woo Hoooooooo!!!! Happy dance time! :) Thanks for all of your efforts...:).
4/20/2010 Anne
Not exactly what I was hoping to read, but it will do to start! Thanks, Maddy.
4/20/2010 Devin
4/20/2010 Suzanne
FINALLY!! It's been a long time coming! THANK YOU to all who have fought hard for this to happen.
4/20/2010 Michelle #3
Yes, it is a great START...but remember that this is only the tip of the iceberg! There is certainly more to come! (Hope Scott Monroe of the Morning Sentinel improves his investigative abilities and finds this information...and then does a follow up story.)
4/20/2010 Jan
Yippeeee!!! It's just the beginning ...
4/20/2010 K
Speaking of Scott Monroe's story, I would like to say that I highly doubt these people have put all kinds of money into a horse with two "broken legs" 99% of horses that break ONE leg are put down, there is NO WAY this horse had two of them and the Ingrahams bought him. Don't believe it at all.
4/21/2010 Estelle
Well it's a start I guess and maybe, just maybe this will light a fire under the DA's ass to do something about the animal cruelty part of the case..thanks for all your hard work and for staying on top of this.
4/21/2010 Kim
Let's hope it is more than a slap on the wrist. These people deserve JAIL TIME. Without food, water or shelter and see how they like it!!
4/21/2010 Crockett
A thousand mile march begins with only the first step. This will not count as the first step unless some hard punishment is handed down. A slap on the wrist won't do it. Lets hope they get exactly what they deserve.
4/21/2010 Bonita
Animal "collection" is a disease - I hope she gets treatment, but after the animals do! I hope and pray the judicial system makes an example out of this pair and not get the break others have had in the past. I was by their place the other day. I could count the vertebra on multiple horses in the pasture beside the road. Everyone should go take a look. They can't tell you to leave if you are on the side of the road!
4/21/2010 Margy
This is indeed good news! And I also hope that these charges being brought forward will stir some momentum in the cruelty charges. For heavens sake horses at FPF with their vertebrae visisble! Maybe DA Fowle needs to go look for himself! Obviously Dr. Fraser working with FPF isn't making much of a difference. It is mid April two months after Dr Fraser went for there for the first time. They are working on "compliance" compliance with what? Obviously not weight gain on the horses.
4/21/2010 Becky
One small step in the right direction! Let's keep putting one foot in front of the other!!!
4/21/2010 Missy
what I'd like to know is why the Androscoggin DA can issue a summons in a few weeks for one horse and Fowle can't do the same with an entire pasture full? C'mon! We're going on 3 months now, horses coming and going, bought and sold (sick) and nothing! Who's protecting these abusers and why?
4/23/2010 Chris St.Cyr
Heck Ya!!!! Hope they don't drop the ball!!!
4/25/2010 Everet
Its ridiculous that some people assume so much. If you have the guts to show up at the place -- you should go see for yourself if they have a horse with two broken legs and not guess. I did and.. yes there is a horse with two broken legs on the mend. I went to the farm and saw all the horses and they were glad to show me the horses and tell me about the skinny ones. I even saw the colt which looks great.
4/25/2010 Everet
Talk about wasting money. The charge is bogus. There is no animal with a disease.
4/26/2010 Michelle
Everet... I bet Barbaro's owners wish they had the same vet the Ingrahams have,... Imagine, Barbaro would still be alive... Wow and Im so glad the Ingrahams have so much more money then Barbaro's people did to be able to afford all those vet bills for 2 broken legs.. This is truly amazing.. I just wish they had just a bit more money to afford to feed them ... And you didnt by chance have your X-ray Machine with you that day so you could share all the x-rays of the healing broken legs with us did you?
4/27/2010 Everet
Tell it like it is - is my motto. Being bias doesn't get anyone anywhere. As to not believing me...go see for yourself instead of complaining and whining. If you are any kind of horse person you should know that Barbaro had the worst possible of breaks. There are many different kinds of breaks and different bones that break especially in a raced Thoroughbred whose bones hadn't matured enough to withstand racing in the first place. Of course, you know that right? I didn't look at the xrays but I believe they exist as the records on this horse were extensive. As to the feed, there has been no question about not enough feed. What I saw in the feed room was a special mix they use for bulk feed. Its a better feed then I feed my own horses. The square bales look to be fine first crop and the round bales look good to me. But again stop being in denial of knowledge...go see for yourself.
4/28/2010 Becky
Well, If I had AWP crawling up my arse, I might have nice fine cut hay and beautiful round bales too!! Alexis has a history going back as far as 2002, she is a habitual offender and is nothing more than a hoarder. These animals will continue to suffer if left in her care. There is NO way she can afford to feed them, never mind, vet and farrier them, and there is no possible way for her to train them for resale, you are easily fooled by smoke and mirrors if you believe for one moment that these horses are being properly cared for!
4/30/2010 i am laughing at u
Hello yes I think everybody on here should find something to do everybody seems to have time to badger everyone else let's see ur horses every horse on this property is owned by brett ingraham these are not alexis horses see just does the training and riding so get a glue everything is bogus but all the losers on the keyboard don't seem to call me aNd come see for them selfs but wait and see all this will be back on u folks just give it time
5/1/2010 Margy
Strange isn't it that according to posts here the horses are getting the best of everything known to man and yet a DA found enough evidence to bring charges...odd that to my mind. And the DA charged the person who sold did the person who sold them do that illegally? She wasn't the owner is that what you are saying?
5/1/2010 Becky
I'm laughing harder!! And will be laughing all the way to court too! You are one ignorant person to believe for one minute that ALL those horses belong to Brett and poor Alexis is just the trainer, just a victem of all this bad stuff, So is this Alexis herself posting, as I quote, "all the losers don't seem to call me amd come see for them selfs" Whom would me be? Themselves is one word too by the way. Are you just going to pass the buck onto hubby? Take some responsibility for your actions! Oh and my horses are doing just fine, thanks for asking! I'd love to share photos anytime, my email is the same as always if you'd like to see what nice, well cared for horses look like, I'd be willing to enlighten you!
5/1/2010 Missy
Was using the word "glue", instead of "clue" a Freudian slip? Thanks for confirming that the horses all belong to Brett, even the ones you had before you met him. Guess we'll be seeing both of you in court.
5/1/2010 Elaine
Calm down you two. This sounds like a kid posting. I'm not sure what they are saying either.
5/1/2010 Missy
This is NOT a kid, chronologically. Apparently, you have no experience with Alexis and her mastery of the English language and spelling prowess. Check out her MySpace page for enlightenment.
5/2/2010 Margy
I do not think that the post referred to was written by a kid, it is written in first person..."every horse on this proptery", indicates they are at FPF and "don't seem to call me and come see for them selfs" the wording indicates the person writing has the ability to give permission to access the farm and the animals. Only two people with that ability, Brett, or Alexis, the post is throwing Brett under the bus as an escape route. That said if it can be proven that he is the sole owner, how can someone else sign a bill of sale ?
5/2/2010 Elaine
Just my opinion but I think you are thinking and focused to much on this. In my experience...80 so odd years I have seen a mighty change in all aspects. There are a lot of different kinds of people -- people who feed on excitement from others if you know what I mean. In writing that comment, they got the response they so craved.
5/2/2010 Missy
Respectfully, Elaine, this is OLD news. Focus has been on this family for decades. This is not some new "issue" that people are overly emotionally jumping on. The time has come for a cease to the abuse and neglect that perpetuates with this group and others in Maine that are dealing our noble equines a cruel and disrespectful hand.
5/4/2010 Sarah
How about 15 Stallions Sooo hungry they don't even care about fighting for food or maybe you should be telling about the colt with two broken legs is pretty much suffering because Why would you take something like that in? Or maybe how I did show up and even told them what I was looking for and I told them that MONEY does't matter if I see and and like it I will buy it and Alexis Still wouldn't let me buy something its all about money to her so honestly I don't think you have anything to say that good about these Horse abusers ok? Exactly... Thanks to all you who support Justice in this state
5/12/2010 Jan
Well, Lexi plead not guilty ... no surprise! This arraignment was for selling diseased horses .. Court date set for trial in June. DA Fowle needs to get his case together for all the charges surrounding the abuse and neglect at 'Foul Play Farm' .. Time to get the ball rolling and some justice for all the poor horses!!!
5/15/2010 Carolyn
I was not given a contract when I purchased Abby. I was NOT told of her health issues and severe rain rot. AND what I think is soooooooo ironic is since the day I brought her home, I have been receiving all kinds of emails from different people stating that they used to own Abbey. No names are ever given when I reply back so what the heck is that all about? I think its to push suspicion away from the farm. They feel harassed....well I FEEL harassed by bogus emails! Abby has gained weight, went completely bald by the rain rot, but is happy and NOT HUNGRY anymore! She's a princess!
5/16/2010 Jan
Anyone with info, please contact the Androscoggin Cty DA office- if you haven't already. I believe they'd be very interested to speak with you. Please .. number to the Court House is 784-1262 and they can put you in touch with the DA. Please do it for the horses ....
6/21/2010 Nancy
6/2010- PLEASE!! PLEASE!! do not for one minute think that this matter is resolved. Alexis and Brett's dog and pony show has apparently moved out of Clinton and back to the Burnham farm to live with the equally animal abusive parents Betty and Roger Pelletier. The horses and misc. other creatures are now on poor, played out pasture in the HEAT and BUGS WITHOUT WATER or SHELTER. Many of the thin mares appear pregnant. THIS MUST STOP!! PLEASE continue to harrass the athorities and keep pressure on these people!!!!! The fight is far from over, do not forget the victims!!!!
10/27/2010 RoseHorseLover
Well it's a start at least and she will now have this on her record for her second court date in November. Hopefully at the very least they wont be able to own or be around horses again, but of course that wont happen....meanwhile state employees can continue to be punished for speaking out on their own time.
10/27/2010 Margy
Yay! One down one to go! Hopefully this will wake some people up. AWP? Maybe?
10/27/2010 Dr Rebecca Gimenez.
Congratulations to the team of people at all levels that worked to make this possible. Those of us in the rest of the US are watching too! For every one that gets convicted there are hundreds that don't even get charged. Thanks for update!
10/27/2010 Missy Libby
Hope to see many of you at Kennebec County court on Nov 2 for the big one.
10/28/2010 Kim
That's great news!!!!!! But, I saw an add for Fair Play Farm offering "sport horses" for sale and breeding just 3 days ago!!!!!! They WERE shut down weren't they?! I'm hoping it was a VERY outdated website!!!!
11/8/2010 Just Flabbergasted
As of today (Nov. 8), Lexi was advertising herself as a professional trainer/instructor, is accepting boarders in a "Quiet no drama atmosphere" (irony, anyone?) and horse hauling in Uncle Henry's. What the heck does it take to shut these people down?!?
Its about time the state did there job and actually do something instead of sitting around waiting for someone else to do their job. Its sad that its taking this long for something to be done. The horses went through unnecessary pain and suffering. There was no need of that.

"A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care." - Pat Parelli