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Cowboy Levity

Published: 3/21/2012
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Some time ago, Steve Arwood, also known as Texas Bix Binder, came out with “Don’t Squat with Yer Spurs On!” a fun little book of cowboy phrases and humor.

Here’s a little taste to help you through the day!

In sun and shade,
Be sure by your friends.
Never swing a mean loop.
Never do dirt
To man nor animal.

The good thing
About cowboying is
That any boss will gladly
Give you eighteen hours
To do your day’s work.

A mixed herd of
Both sexes and all ages
Is the easiest kind to manage.

Given the right dose of prickly pear, any nag will buck.

If you lead somebody around by the nose, it don’t say much for them. It says even less of you.

When you get bucked off, the easiest way to explain it is to say you dropped your hat and got off in a hurry to get it.

See the heavens, smell the air, taste the dust and the alkali, hear the wind and the wind, feel the motion of your horse…On a good day, that’s all you need. On a bad day, that’s all you need.

The best way to knock a chip off a shoulder is with a friendly pat on the back.

Advice is like a pot of chili:
You should try a little of it yourself before you give anybody else a taste.

A hand that ain’t there when you need it is kinda like a blister – only shows up when the work’s all done.

Soft grub, feather beds, and easy livin’ can lead to a sold saddle.

One good thing about being a cowboy is that you just don’t have time for golf.

Just ‘cause you’re following a well-marked trail don’t mean that whoever made it knew where they were goin’.

If your knees hurt too much, your stirrups are too short.
If you tail end hurts too much, your stirrups are too long.
If they both hurt, your stirrups are just right.

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7/3/2015 Emily Sweeden Sammons
Hey Steve, Were you sitting in the bottom of the shower while you were thinking of all these great snippets,phrases and profundities? So proud of you and the path y9u have taken. Hope all is well with you.

"The ears never lie" - Don Burt