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Celebrating Autumn with Horses

Published: 10/20/2010
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By Maddy B. Gray

It’s the middle of October.
October itself falls in the middle:
Behind us, the long, languid days of summer.
  • When you could ride in the light long after supper.
  • When horses got fat with hours of grazing on lush pasture
  • When we swat and curse mosquitos, gnats, deerflies, ticks, greenheads, etc., etc.
  • There is so much to do!
  • When you could share a beer with your horse and it gets warm when you set it on the stoop for a moment.
Ahead of us, the long stretch of minimal daylight, um, winter:
  • It’s dark at breakfast. It's dark at dindin. And in the evening, that beer gets colder on the stoop than it was when you took it from the fridge. 
  • Winter will limit the pasture time and horses will adopt That Look...That Look says, “We might have nice woolly coats and decent layers of fat, but it’s COLD. Get out here and feed us!”

So to celebrate October, here are some shots on a lovely fall afternoon. Gotta love that fall light!
Please send your fall photos. Email them to

This photo from Judi Medlin of Surrey, Maine.

Great shot, Judi!

She took this lovely photo of not only the fantastic rainbow, but of her horses, six year old APHA mare, Phoenix, and her pony, Bella, who's about 30 years old.

Robin Pepin writes and submitted this recent photo:

Here's a photo of me and my mare Rosie on a morning ride this past
Saturday, October 23, in Springfield, ME. 
The majority of the leaves were off
the trees, but this one spot still had some nice color.

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10/22/2010 Julie Kenney
Yup, there are things to like about the fall and there are things that aren't so fun to think about. Pros for fall: no bugs, beautiful scenery, hot cocoa, fresh apples and anything made with apples, like pie..yummy! Cons for fall: colder temps, shorter days, losing your tan :), realizing all the things you need to do before winter comes in with a finishing the barn addition before the first snowfall!!!
10/22/2010 Kathie Tuck
Oh how I love this time of year. I was just thinking today as I was cleaning stalls. I take a little exter time to clean and spend a little extra time with my horsey friend as they come to get a butt scratch,LOL!So beautiful!

"Dog lovers hate to clean out kennels. Horse lovers like cleaning stables." - Monica Dickens