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Ingraham arrested for criminal animal cruelty

Published: 8/8/2010
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By Maddy B. Gray

Brett Ingraham was arrested today, Sunday, August 8, on seven counts of criminal animal cruelty and other charges.
Police elected NOT to arrest his wife, Alexis Ingraham, despite having a warrant to do so. Alexis is in the final trimester of pregnancy.
The young couple ran a breeding and boarding operation called Fair Play Farm on Tardiff Road in Clinton, Maine, and have been the target of an Animal Welfare investigation for several months.
Ingraham was arrested at 88 Pond Road in Burnham, the home of Alexis’ parents, Betty Ann and Roger Pelletier. He was taken to the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office in Belfast.

More to follow.

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8/8/2010 Dr Rebecca Gimenez
Congratulations to the teAm of people involved in pulling a case like this together! The horses only asked for simple things like fair shelter food and space. The owners only had to do the right thing. Wow - now they are national news! Congratulations on your efforts!
8/8/2010 Estelle
YES!!!! About time, but pisses me off they didn't arrest Alexis too and they had the warrant. what is that.
8/8/2010 Laurie
What a shame! All because people cant mind their own business. I hope those of you who stuck your nose where it didnt belong are happy and sleep well tonight knowing that Brett was arrested for trying to be a good person and helping the horses that needed help. Guess what they say is true- No good deed- Just remember one word- Karma
8/8/2010 Margy
Doing happy dance here! Maddy this is great news thanks for getting it out there so fast!
8/8/2010 Michelle
Whaaa Whoooooo... A day we have all waited for far long long...
8/8/2010 paula
Good job! It took a long time, but the perserverance paid off. Finally good won out over evil.
8/8/2010 Missy
This is long overdue, very good news! Thank you, Maddy! Babies are born in jail/prison all the time. Don't get why the major perp wasn't handcuffed also, but at least one has been addressed. Bet Brett is regretting the day he said "I do". He should be. I can only hope that her charges will be served after delivery. This has totally made my day! Thank you Maddy, DA Fowle, ADA Rusha, Michelle, Meris, Marilyn, Janet, Becky and everyone that has fought so long, and so hard for this justice! I am speechless, almost :-)
8/8/2010 Dawn
Patience though people-Look at the Genthner case-there will be no fast results. (Almost a year now) "Good" People dont starve horses or any other animals - they ask for help if they need it!!
8/8/2010 Linda Cayer
Not sure who Laurie is, but cruelty is cruelty. They may be really trying to help, but by having more that you can take care of is cruelty. In the end, the horse suffers. Pictures show the proof, rain rot, ribs showing, not just lean thin, but bare bones thin. Justis is done... Bless the horses that have been placed and cry for the ones who died.
8/8/2010 Elaine
What a shame, the story will come out eventually. Its a big waste of taxpayers money I can tell you. If it goes national as the good Dr. thinks == lots of support groups will be involved and it will continue to be a three ring circus. In reading the messages it sounds like quite a few people had the inside scoop. Hmmm...suppose there is a leak there?
8/8/2010 Becky
This is a huge victory for so many, that worked so hard, for so very long!!!!! A reminder to those who continue to support FPF, this had been going on for MANY years, I have documented proof as early as 2002, hello!!!! Save your breath, my time and get a reality check!!! This is long over due!!!! So I ask how many mares in thier last trimester were granted humane treatment and exception by Alexis, NONE. Not a single one of them. I say lock her up, she did the crime, let her do the time!!! I'm thinking I should get pregnant and rob a bank, I could stay out of jail long enough to spend the loot, right???? Heck if I'm in the last trimester, I get a free pass for a bit, right? I'm sooooo sorry to sound so inhumane about that but I've waited, prayed, yelled, screamed, and fought for 8 LONG years for this! I hate that Brett is taking the brunt of this. Alexis has been doing this LONG before Brett was even a sparkle in her eye...... But I am VERY thankful and VERY grateful to sooooo many people who stuck it out through thick and thin to make this happen!!! Hoping for a SERIOUS sentence for her crimes!!!!
8/8/2010 Lori Prentiss
Thank god the Ingraham's are finally paying for all the torture and suffering to those innocent horses. now we can rest in peace and hopefully just hopefully the Ingrahams will never be able to own another animal in their life time..
8/8/2010 Jan
Woo hoo!!! The long awaited arrest ... at least 1 of the guilty persons. Our judicial system is far kinder than Brett and Alexis were!! It's far from over and Alexis will have to answer similar charges. A huge thanks to DA Fowle and ADA Rusha and everyone else involved!
8/8/2010 Deb Embler/Maine Horse Community
Well done! This is the beginning ... still a battle to be fought but now we have a "case" to help set the standard!
8/8/2010 Jessica
FINALLY!!! Though I see no reason Alexis should be allowed to relax at home, despite her pregnancy. It's not like our jails enlist chain gangs. I am thrilled to see that Brett has been arrested and charged, however, he wasn't exactly the start of the problem. His wife was.
8/8/2010 Missy
This is only the beginning of justice for the horses still alive and a tribute to those who have perished at the Ingraham/Pelltier's hands. Indeed, the wheels of justice turn slowly but we've been patient to this point and can be patient a little longer. It will bo so worth it in the end and the end is coming.
8/8/2010 Callie
Hey Laurie- KARMA just bit Brett in the ass! LOL! I'm sure it will take a little longer with Alexis, but Karma as you say.....
8/8/2010 Michelle #3
This is such great news! We have been patient and now we will finally see the Ingrahams held accountable for their neglectful and cruel treatment of animals! For those folks concerned that Alexis was not does not mean she has avoided charges, nor should they be delayed. The charges were filed...regardless of her "condition" right now, those charges are HERS! Just like someone who has been hospitalized after committing a crime (ie: drunk driving incident). Yes, it seems unfortunate that Brett is the poster child for Alexis' long history of (alleged) animal mistreatment, but he made his own choices. Very proud of all know who you are! Great determination keeping this on the front burner...we are not done yet, so let's make sure the fire continues to burn!
8/8/2010 Bonita
So sad that some people can not understand animal hoarding, animal abuse or neglect. Clearly those that know the Ingrahams fel compelled to stick up for them. However, this is clearly a case of abuse. I saw these animals with my own eyes, and then had Mr Ingraham tell me I could not be parked on the side of Tardiff Road looking at the horses. HHHMMMMM....perhaps he was hiding something, or didn't want pictures taken of these horses with their spines,ribs and haunches sticking out. I could count the vertebra on at least 4 of these animals. I hope that what ever charges are brought against them both in the end, that at least one of the conditions of bail is that they do not ever own another horse, or another animal for that matter. It will be interesting to see how their soon expected child will fare - feed or not to feed that is the question.
8/8/2010 Anne
I'm glad an arrest was was such a long time coming. But knowing the laws in the State of Maine it may be a bitter sweet victory...I pray it won't be.
8/8/2010 David Oliver
My two cents! I have been watching this unfold over the last year or so and feel that there was a lot of personal feelings behind a lot of this. And no I am not saying there were no reasons for concern, as now it seems there was. My question is where does this go now? Ride any main or back road and you see Horses, cows, goats, sheep, dogs, cats and more. Lots of these animals do not have shelters, shade, clean water and so on. Let's not get tunnel vision and ride the coat tails of others! The majority of people that I have read during the past year hide their names to those of us not in their loop. Why is this? Stating your thoughts on anyones ability or in-ability to handle any animal should come with ones self-assured knowledge and the ability to handle scrutiny from others. Hiding behind first names or fake names, should not be allowed and not allowed to place any information, good or bad into print. If you can not face people knowing who you are, just makes me wonder what you are hiding?
8/8/2010 Janet
To the lady that feels bad at least she had a choice to be a mother and eat 3 meals a day and have a nice place to sleep the mares at this place did not have the choice, as for karma it has been served. God bless the horses
8/8/2010 Everet
you ride the back roads and see the very same thing as these folks are accused of. And some of these places are the very people writing on this site under different names. There is a double edged sword here. As they say on this site, be patience and all will come out. The trouble with the unfolding is -- some folks are not going to like it. You can bet, there is more that meets the eye here.
8/8/2010 Meris
The animal welfare community, particularly the horse folk, deserve thanks for their cooperation with the AWP investigation and the Kennebec County District Attorney in doing the right thing for the animals. The obstacle is the path; not original, but true.
8/8/2010 Donna Hughes
There is no reason to hide as you say. The majority of the folks that have responded with kudos with just a first name I know personally and do not need a last name in order for me to identify them, however also as you said there are many other cases that will follow this, and through the Horse communities vigilance and unwillingness to let it happen we will be ever watchful. It is for that reason alone that perhaps folks are unwilling to put a last name. That way they can remain somewhat anonymous in order to continue to keep a watchful eye out for any future prospective animal cruelty wanna be's. I know you and your family are personally aware of the mistreatment the Ingrahams put forth against these horses and did your part to help a few of the horses escape the cruelty. Thanks goes to everyone who has fought so long and diligently to ensure that no animal has to face this cruel fate again. This is only the beginning and yes there is still a long uphill battle ahead of each and everyone of us who care about the well being of these and horses everywhere else in the State of Maine but the horse community has taken the first step and we will continue to be seen and heard.
8/9/2010 Estelle
All state officials who have been notified by anyone on her have used full name, address and phone numbers. And the Ingrahams know everyone involved that were trying to help these horses for so the way, my last name is Werly.
8/9/2010 Everet
- there is more to this story then told by the State and by FPF. Some people writing here think they know all but that's not so. Politics play into this too.
8/9/2010 Shannon
woo hoo! long time waiting! Still think his wife should been arrested too. No mercy for animal abusers and no excuse!
8/9/2010 Darlene
i think they should be treated just like they treated them horses..and see how they like it.i also think the cops should have taken ALEXIS as well, she could have had the baby in jail, it has happened before she would not been the first one, i hope they get the max the law will allow.and then some, so many animals suffered because of them, i think it's a SHAME the way the animals where would you feel if you where treated like them horses where??? think about that one..could you sleep at night with a hungry belly? or try to sleep in mud? or a wet stall? i think you should look at the hole thing with open eyes..
8/9/2010 Joy Duncan
I'm sure that there is a lot more to all of this than any of us know but the most important thing at this point in time to me is that SOMETHING has been done to help these poor defenseless animals from the cruelty that was bestowed upon them at the hands of the Ingrahams. DA's don't arrest people for things of this nature because nothing is wrong. Yes, there are others out there doing the same sort of things to animals and that isn't right either. In my eyes it's equally as wrong to simply ignore it because it's "not our business" or "because we really don't know what going on". If you don't ask you'll never know and I for one can't live with that. I make every effort to help out any animal that I can and often come across as a harsh biotch in the process but I don't care. I always offer a hand up first but sometimes you just can't fix stupid and heads need to roll to save the animals. Keep up the fight guys. Surely the good in all of us can outnumber the bad guys at some point if we're all willing to step to the plate and help those who cannot help themselves.
8/9/2010 Lynne
To All The people Who Couldn't Mind Their Own Business: THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!! It is because of all you Guys and Gals, that Brett is Finally Arrested! If he was helping horses...That's One thing!We didn't see it! Mistreating, starving, absuing,hoarding,taking in too many horses thus living beyond your means is what we all saw here. It was not right and now he pays! Thank you to all those who can't mind their own business!!!! YOU ALL ROCK!!!
8/9/2010 Chris
To bad it took so long....but...Hopefully they won't be allowed to run this sort of oppuration any more...they clearly arn't set up for it..
8/9/2010 Rudy
Animal rescue is a almost impossible vertical to overcome. Even the most seasoned business minds can't predict what any one animal will do or how they will react. With that the best we can do is to help the animals that we can afford to help, understanding that cost is not fixed, vet bills are high and we can't depend on donations solely. As a rescue myself I fully understand the desire to help as many animals as possible, but the moment that you stop providing the nessary care that is needed, rather it be cost, effort or desire there is a problem. There are many respectable steps that fairplay could have taken and none of those occurred. Most people have noble intentions, there is nothing wrong with saying ?I just can?t help this one, can someone help?? that didn?t happen. I feel for the family, the horses and all that have felt the wake of this horrible series of events. I sincerely hope that the animals find the help they need.
8/9/2010 Kim Cheney
I am so glad that there is some justice in this whole mess. So often people get away with MURDER, even if it's "just an animal" to some people. It's still taking the life of or causing the death of...a living, breathing creature. There are enough things that happen in good conditions to good animals but when the complete disregard from the human element is present, then it's time to make the punishment very clear. Good work all of those who stepped up and helped bring this to justice and those who took in the poor animals that could be saved. Every one of those animals has earned a place in heaven.
8/9/2010 Margy
What a shame? That Amadeus went from a healthy quality show horse to a skeletal ghost of his former beauty? That goes way past shame to me. Travesty is closer in my opinion. A waste of taxpayers $ that someone is charged for something like that happening? Again not in my opinion, more like about time! Will I continue to speak up about this kind of cruelty you bet I will. I'm with Joy I will always offer that hand up but if that doesn't work then something will have to give.
8/9/2010 Kevin
I live on a small farm and have taken in animals who are in need, but you need to know what is your limit to ensure that the well being for all is being properly maintained. If one additional animal impacts the well being of whole then I believe one is truly neglecting the animals they think they are helping. Having animals takes time and money. Whether or not we knew exactly what was or was not taking place, the horses appeared not be taken care of the way that they should have been at that is the real issue. My thoughts and best wishes go out to the horses and hope their future is one of health and happiness.
8/10/2010 Carolyn
I went up to Abbey who I rescued in February weighing barely 500lbs. I told her about everything, hugged her and told her justice will be served. God saves a special place in everyones heart for the love of a rescued animal.
8/10/2010 missy
Some of you people need to get a life,start staying home and taking care of your own animals instead of driving around all day looking to get someone in all must have such great lives if thats all you have to do all day.
8/10/2010 Joy Duncan
There unfortunately are a lot of people out there like the Ingrahams and without people like all of us animals will continue to suffer. If they were truly doing good things for these horses then they should be able to prove it and dig themselves out of this hole....I honestly do not believe that is the case though as animals that had been in their care for years were in very, very poor shape. No way to get around that one I'm afraid.
8/10/2010 MISSY Libby
Although I know that those who KNOW me will not confuse the two, please let it be known, immediately, that "missy" and "Missy" are two very different people! I am Missy Libby. Missy, with an upper case M, cuz I'm an upper case gal! Especially when it comes to the horses! Maybe I should sign my posts MISSY.
8/11/2010 Jules
Shame on all of you. Instead of sitting behind your computers, try to do something more positive next time. It is so easy to criticize. How many of you actually offered help? Donate some hay, grain, wormer, your time even. All the time you sat typing away, you could have been helping a horse.
8/11/2010 Joy Duncan
There are people out there that can't be helped....definately the case here. Shame on YOU for defending anyone who could go to bed at night with their stomachs full while their animals were hungry, cold and uncared for just so that they could turn a buck. SICK...the only word that describes them.
8/11/2010 Rudy
Did you offer help?
8/11/2010 Margy
One of the news articles quotes DA Fowle as saying there could be further charges. I wonder who they would be against?
8/11/2010 Janet
how many bales of hay did you bring or wormers grain if you can not be part of the solution please do not be part of the problem
8/11/2010 Gina
Horses are living, breathing, beings; not commodities to be traded or given away when they no longer meet our needs. We do not have a child then decide to give him/her away to someone else when we realize at the age of 10 that they won't be the next Mozart or olympic athlete. Having a child is a long-term commitment; and so should be having a horse. I strongly believe Brett and Alexis deserve to be held responsible for their choice to treat these amazing animals the way they did; however, I think there is some accountability to those who decided to donate their horses to them, and those who chose to do nothing to help. Alhtough it may have been poorly stated, I hear the underlying message in jules' post. It's easy to say we are animal lovers, it's harded to actually be one when the money and time required to help comes from us and not someone else. Brett and Alexis should be held responsible and it seems they finally will be. Now, as we sit trying to figure out what to do with those horses that are still to be rescued, consider how you might help. What can you give? A stall for a horse in need? Donated feed, wormer, or money? Maybe your time? Could you pay your farrier $100 and ask him/her to go to that rescue barn and trim as many feet as he can? Could you volunteer to muck out stalls when it's 10 degrees, or mix slop feed for the horse with no teeth? Before anything else though, consider the horse you have a long-term commitment and a life-long friend. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
8/11/2010 Margy
Again the posts that want donations and aid for a business? Are you in the habit of going to oh say your mechanic and saying here's $100.00 towards your purchase of your new lift? Because I know you can't be competitive without it? I bet not, hence I am not in the habit of donating, funds, wormers, feed or building supplies to a business. Fair Play Farm was not a licensed legitimate rescue, they were in the business of buying and selling horses to make money they purported the farm that way and also were breeding animals for sale. That is a business not a rescue.
8/11/2010 Becky McAvoy
WHOA!!!! There are tons of outstanding horse people that go above and beyond for many in need! Do not blame what Alexis and Brett would not or could not provide for their horses on people speaking out! STOP! They admit to aquirring about 10 horses a week. When do they self limit what they can afford? It is not up to the public to care for their animals, animals they hope to sell for a profit, at that. Be real!!! That would be like me asking. Hey anyone want to fill my barn with hay or pay for my vet. I REALLY like this OTTB and I can get him for FREE, if you took care of my other horses,then I could go get another one, please!!!!!! Then maybe next week we can do it all over again. Now think about it. Helping a hoarder is done by pulling the emergency brake. I believe we are moving in the right direction! PS, I left my last name incase Alexis needed to know how to spell it. I'm sure she knows my posts without it but somehow this will give me creditability that photos and facts don't, go figure, lol!!!
8/12/2010 Joy Duncan
So...we're all supposed to bail these people out of the mess that THEY have created so that they can continue to buy more and more and more horses that they can't afford to care for? Sorry...not happening on this end. Do you honestly think that they would have stopped buying horses once people started GIVING them what they needed? I did offer to help...I emailed Alexis myself and offered to take a horse or two off her hands. Guess what? No response at all. When are you people going to wake up and realize that THEY DID NOT CARE ABOUT THE HORSES!! Only about what the horses could do for them financially. And, why would we need to help? According to Brett and Alexis "nothing was wrong with their horses". I donate all the time to "real" rescues that need help. I have purchased hay, wormer, bought auction items and donated items for auctions to help out but there is no way in hell that I would EVER give anything to the likes of Brett and Alexis Ingraham so that they can turn around and sell a horse for profit or meat off of my dime. NO WAY. As usual the horses are the ones to suffer through all of this but at least through our efforts something is finally being done to stop their abuse.
8/12/2010 carl
there are to many people driving around stopping looking at peoples animals to see if they are in good shape ,they stop along side the road at my house all the time to bad mine are all fed and bad you guys wasted your gas money on that trip huh?!Next time I see someone stopped they are getting harrassment papers served on them and I'll know who you are I have plate numbers,or I could claim you are perverts because I do have children,you don't stop frequently beside peoples houses and gawk at their animals,some people like their privacy how about I start showing up at your houses and try my hardest to find some little thing wrong with your animals to report you!This has nothing to do with fairplay farm this has to do with the innocent people that take good care of their animals yet you stalk them trying to find a problem.GET A LIFE!
8/12/2010 Sad But True
The real scary thing in all this is , most likely they well both get a slap ont he wrist and at the very most be told they can not own a horse/ aminal again ,, big deal they live at her mom and dads , they will just put every thing in her parents name , and it will be buisness as usual .. I saw brett with his truck and trailer on the road just yesterday ... Nothing is going to change .. they will just find more places to stock pile thier horded horses , and /or put them in her parents name .. Sad isn't it .. and to the person asking if we offered to help ,, A crap load of us sent our names into the state offering hay , stalls and trailers for hauling .. We was also told right up front NOT to take ANYthing over there to them as once there was extra feed on the farm there would no longer be a case against them .. I know both these people long before they even ment each other.. Alexis has been doing this for years and getting away with it !!! There was a time when brett wouldn't have thought of letting a horse go hungery .. now he is no better then her ,,, He has BECOME her they are truely married as they have become ONE with each other ,,, shaking my head here in sadness ....
8/12/2010 Joy Duncan
People stop at my house ALL the time wanting to look at the horses!!! And guess what? I welcome them in to see them EVERY time. My horses love company and so do I....I love to share a little bit of my horsey heaven anytime that I can...:).
8/13/2010 Margy
I to live on a road where people stop to look at the horses quite frequently,however I have not reached the level of paranoia that I believe those people are stopping trying to find "some little thing wrong". I believe they are stopping to admire what is in my pasture. When I do take in a rescue the first thing I do is go to my chief of police and advise him of the animals arrival date and he is supplied pictures. I expect someone to make a complaint then! I want them to! Any member of our Police Department,Sheriffs department or State Police is welcome at anytime to view the animals and their records. However and I want to make this very plain, Norma Worley and most of her staff (all those involved with Fair Play Farm since February) that couldn't tell those animals were starving and in trouble are NOT welcome at any time. If they couldn't see that and it took them 4 months of leaving them there to continue going without food to prove there was a problem I do not believe they are capable of seeing and recognizing a healthy animal either! They all need new jobs!
8/14/2010 Estelle
A couple of things; let's say a HEALTHY horse costs 3,000 dollars a year to care for properly i.e. feet done every 6 to 8 weeks, spring shots and check up by vet, teeth done, wormers, hay and supplements, 3,000 is a VERY conservative number, it's actually more and this is with a healthy horse. Now by the Ingraham's own admission they had at least 50 horses most of the time and also according to them these animals came in skinny, sick, etc so now we are talking well over the conservative price of 3,000 a year to take care of a healthy horse... But still let's say 3,000 now you times that by 50 and what do you get? You don't have to be a math genius, but here it is that is ONE HUNDRED AND 50 THOUSAND dollars a year. Now take into account that neither of them have jobs...just where the hell do you think they are coming up with 150 thousand and in reality at least double that amount of money for the fact they were taking in sick and injured horses (their own words) Can you explain to me how any average couple even if both did work outside the house, which neither of them do, could possibly afford to care properly for all those horses???? It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that just could not possibly happen. They try to make it sound as if they were helping these poor horses when in actuality they were taking them from one living hell and putting them into an even worse living hell...that's the reality of it people...get a grip and do the math. In my opinion as a lifetime horse owner; at best they are hoarders at worse they are just sick twisted people who couldn't care less about animals. The second thing is I WELCOME people to come and see my horses, many people stop when they see horse's in a pasture, any pasture, anywhere, to look at them because of their beauty and magnificence. They are a soul touching site to watch. So I'd have to assume if someone had an issue with it they have something to hide..other wise why would you not be proud to see someone stop and gaze at your lovely, live, breathing, feeling pieces of art? I had a rescue pony here several years ago, skin and bones among other issues, once he was capable of going on grass without getting ill from it he went down in the field with the other horses. I had someone call in on him and had a visit. Do you know what? I was happy someone cared enough to report what they saw rather then drive on by thinking it's none of their business. I picked him up in the evening and I had the vet, farrier and equine dentist all to my home to start his care the very next morning after I got him home. This is what you do if you take in horses in the condition that the Ingraham's say they do. And sorry to disillusion you further, but some of those horses they had had for years, they started out healthy and in good weight and ended up like walking skeletons, that is the one's that lived. Fact's are facts you are not doing a horse in need a favor if you take it in and can not afford to care for it properly. You are just continuing to make it's life a living hell...yah, let's pat them on the back for that... The law wont possibly do to them what they really deserve in my and other horse owners/lovers opinion and that's the really sad part now. That and the fact that this will continue with this family until they all die off of old age. Hoarders never change unless forced to and in Maine that is not going to happen.
8/15/2010 Gina Hoffses
How can you justify your comment on people keeping their noses out other people's business? Do you have any facts we are missing here to oppose the overwhelming evidence that the Ingrahams were neglecting/abusing those horses?
8/16/2010 Disgusted
I understand being passionate about horses/animals but many of you have simply gone too far on this issue. The quickest way to convince me to STOP listening to your argument is to portray yourself as a fanatic the way many of you have done over the past few months. I have read the claims that it requires 3-5000 dollars per year,per horse to properly care for them, that this couple should lose their children, should be forced to starve and freeze, that they were shooting massive numbers of horses to hide their neglect, etc., etc. The most amazing to me was how many of you were angry that she was not sent to jail when she was due to give birth. WOW! Your so blood thirsty you fail to see logic at this point. Upon arrest the state becomes liable for your medical expenses as well as the emergency transport costs, guards at the hospital, special care/protection IN the jail prior to labor, and the very real risk of being sued if complications arose and transport was not supplied fast enough. All of this for someone that, is not a flight risk,is charged as a "non-violent offender", and in the eyes of THE LAW, innocent until proven guilty. If every accusation against these two is true, many of you are no better then them, and a few of you are worse. Your desire to see children sent to foster care, and the total destruction of two people's lives (starving and freezing if you had your wish) is sick. Facts and CIVIL arguments are the way to support what you are passionate about; behaving like a pack of rabid dogs should be cause for a few of you to take a LONG look in the mirror and re-evaluate how you handle your emotions snd how you express yourselves.
8/17/2010 Joy Duncan
I've no sympathy for the likes of Brett and Alexis Ingraham. The actions of our legal system to date are proving to me that there was definately foul play at FairPlay farm as we all know that it takes ALOT to make our animal welfare system make a move of this nature. Here's hoping that the full extent of the law is brought down upon these individuals and an example will be set for others who show as little regard for another living, breathing, feeling creature as was shown by Brett and Alexis to the animals in their care.
8/17/2010 carl
Some of these people are so blood thirsty and horse obsessed it makes you question their sanity,to put a horse above a newborn childs welfare and wanting it thrown into foster care is sick,
8/17/2010 Joy Duncan
It is a known fact that those who abuse animals will also abuse children. While I would not care to see Alexis in jail at this critical time during her pregnancy I do have to wonder if the child will be safe since we all know the history of this young lady. I'm hoping that's not the case but you just never know. Hope someone keeps their eyes on that. I am thrilled with the fact that she has at least been charged and that possibly some justice will come for the animals that suffered unnecessarily at her hands.

"While there are many things you can fake in life, pretending that you know horses when you don't isn't one of them" - Cooky McClung