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Spring, the Season of Mud and Great Expectations

Published: 3/20/2011
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

The dial for hot and cold air in my car is broken. My excitable dog stove it in years ago.
There is hot. There is cold. There is no in between. If you want hot, you get it for the season. Turning off the heat requires dismantling the dash and fishing around for the right plastic widget that connects to the heater.
In the fall, I activate the heat.
In the spring, I deactivate it.

And this relates to horse care HOW?

The horses’ water, of course.

It’s that time of year when I think longingly of my above-freezing routine: turn on the spigot and listen to fresh water run through 150 feet of hose to the big water bucket by the barn.
Alas, in the winter, the hose gets stored in the basement. The heated bucket gets plugged in and the toting of water begins.

What a pain.

Of course, some folks work with hoses all winter. CLICK HERE.

Mud season is when one thinks longingly of summer routines, easier horse care, and more riding. It’s within our grasp. We can feel it.

First, though, the month-long wading through slop.

First, the stink of the paddock as old manure and hay ripen with the warmer temps.

First, more water lugging.

The disappearing snow also reveals some lapses in maintenance, that missing shovel, the broken fencing, the long-lost hoof pic.
Spring also reintroduces us to fresh horses. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could start off with calm, willing horses and have the more challenging stuff later in the season, when we’re in shape and more wily?
But, nooo, we get the Cold Turkey challenge of working with fresh horses when we ourselves may be a bit, rusty and out of shape.

Some other thoughts on Spring:

  • Spring is the salad when you’d really like that burger being eaten by the person next to you.

  • Spring is the guy who bats third in the line up, ahead of the Grand Slam of Summer.

  • Spring is the teenager living at home, that insolent creature who will, in time, become a wonderful individual.

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3/21/2011 Kim
Spring and fresh horses is a great opportunity! It is a good time to get a lot done with your horse.
3/21/2011 Judi
Spring is when you wear what your horse sheds.
3/26/2011 Wendy
If I didn't know better I would have said I wrote this article. My sentiments exactly! Amen! Bring on the heat waves! I will take an indoor too please!
3/26/2011 Julie Kenney
Ha ha ha, Maddy, love it!!! I can't believe you are ever out of shape :) I've been riding my horse pretty regularly all throughout the winter months and he still has shown some "freshness" lately. So, it is my unprofessional opinion that horses will go into "Spring Fling" mode no matter how much they've been ridden over the winter. Oh well, good opportunities to work your horse thru some particular issue or two and come out the other end better for it.
4/4/2011 Elleetta
I bought a heat tape with isulate wrap, I wrapped my hose and I have a heated hose all winter for less than 50.00.

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