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Equine Madness

Published: 11/3/2011
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

Making plans for your annual Equine Affaire pilgrimage?

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I’m heading down to Springfield, Massachusetts, for my annual overexposure to All Things Horse.
Horses may have one of two possible reactions when put in stressful, pressure-packed environments. They’ll either flee or shut down, right?
That’s me after 12 hours at the Equine Affaire. I’m either sitting comatose at a picnic table near the fried dough stand or running with tight shoulders and set jaw towards the parking lot.
Until it dawns on me... I have no idea where I parked the car.


This year, I’m determined to relax and enjoy myself.
I want to sit and watch some of the dozens of clinicians presenting all around the Big E complex.
I’d like to check out Craig Cameron and Aaron Ralston, two horsemen who’ve always interested me. Cameron is presenting “ Putting a handle on the horse. Developing and Fine Tuning your Control over your Horse's Body and Movement." Aaron Ralston is "Applying Performance Principles to Self Evaluation and Safety Exercises."

Terri Jenkins of the Canadian Cowgirls is talking about starting a drill team. That’d be interesting, too.

I like the lecture and clinic setting at the Equine Affaire. Bleachers and small arenas are plunked down amongst the hundreds of vendors. This is no college lecture hall where professors get offended if someone clears her throat. It's more like a baseball game.
 If demonstrations are really intriguing, it’s easy to get close and listen intently. If it’s not what you’d thought, you can just keep moving.
And, of course, there is the Versatile Horse & Rider competition. These past few years, Maine's own Sherrye Johnson Trafton has given incredible performances. In 2009, she was second. Last year, she won the whole dang thing!

Sure, I like shopping. But I usually get out of there with having spent less than a hundred bucks. Okay, there was that time I bought a barn.

Mostly, I like checking out all the CRAZY things horse people will buy.

I’m planning on checking out the new line of horse lingerie offered by Twisted Nickers.
Then I’m going to head over to the phone bank set up by the Pony Pope (equine communicator) so’s I can ask Him what my horse wants for Christmas.
Then I’m going to pick up some Magyc Training Tools. There is a Magyc Stick I’ve had my eye on. It sure looks a lot like a simple, three-foot wooden stick but I’ve been told it’s muuuch more effective.
Then I’m going to pick up some Heaven-on-Earth Herbs. They’ll put my horse in a good frame of mind for our blessed partnership. Gotta remember to put them in the car’s trunk.

 Otherwise I’m likely to eat them all before I get home.

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11/3/2011 Matt
I love those white, hoof-shaped phones! And did you hear? The Magyc training line now is offering wands! Just wave it and you get the Perfect Horse
11/8/2011 Trea
I would love to know where I can get this t-shirt! (mucking fabulous) I love it!!

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