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Acadia on Horseback

Published: 8/24/2009
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By Maddy B. Gray
When Ashley and Kelly invited me to Acadia National Park for a weekend of camping and riding I was thrilled!
But I still had some twinges of doubt:
– Would we all get along? (I’d never been camping with them)
- Would the weather hold up?
- Would the horses do well?

Yes. Yes. Yes.
It was a great time!
I hadn’t gotten away for a girls' weekend in ages and it was a blast. Read on, below video...

Some observational nuggets:

The facilities are great but sometimes working with the barn management was challenging. (We made several attempts to pay for our campsite and stalls and finally squared up several days after we had left.)

There are no shower facilities for people. Take a car ride for coin-operated showers or bring a sun shower and a bathing suit.

The carriage trails are pretty busy with hikers, bikers, and carriages. There are steep overlooks. If your horse is spooky, Acadia might not be a very relaxing outing.

It was hot and humid when we were there. We rode early (ending before noon) and then took a long break before heading out again around dinnertime. That schedule worked well.

I know there are lots of NickerNews readers who have explored Acadia extensively. I look forward to your input and comments.

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8/24/2009 Martyjoco
How great!! Wonderful to see this, thanks for making the effort and sharing!
8/24/2009 Kathy
I lived very near the park for 18 years but didn't get to ride till my daughter joined Pony club and they organized a trail ride there as an end-of-season treat. I rode my friends nice appy pony and all was well early on. My mount had no trouble with bikes come up from behind but when the bikers came towards us at high speed she was having none of that. She decide backing down the trail was the way to go. No amount of urging, heel or crop convinced her to take one step forward. The side of the trail was very steep with huge pointed boulders placed along the edge. She seemed to favor that side vs the sheer wall on the other side. I finally had to dismount and lead her when bicylcers came by. I managed to have fun but the backing up part was scary and sad to say the bicyclers were mostly rude, refusing to slow down when riders ahead asked them to. I would go back in a heartbeat.
8/24/2009 cindy
Wow, nice job Maddy, I'm so jealous! I just gotta do that trip! Thanks for sharing.
8/24/2009 Kim
Love it!! Looks, and sounds, like a great time! I'll join you next weekend!
8/29/2009 Sherri
We are going to Acadia in October, the foliage swhould be awesome!! After watching your video I want to go sooner!!! Hopefully we can video our ride and post it for all to see!!!
10/20/2009 Molly Stark
Hi - We just went to Acadia this past October 16-18 of 2009 - What a ride - We means "Rocky Coast Riders-We're just a herd-o-moms" 4 of us went. We opted for a cottage - no tenting too cold. Had the Park just about all to ourselves!!! Just a bit brisk- Highly reccommend a fall trip as it was quiet but just gorgeous with the foliage.
11/17/2009 Beth
Your video was great fun. Try the GMHA trails in Vt. next time. No comparison!!
2/27/2010 Jen
I rode in Acadia for the first time last fall. It was an incredible ride, a gorgeous day, and the most fun I've ever had on horseback! I can't wait to go again this spring! :)

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