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Abbey saved from Fair Play Farm

Published: 2/16/2010
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By Maddy B. Gray

Another horse barely escaped from Fair Play Farm last week.

Read Maine Public Broadcasting Network's story by clicking here
Read about dozens of Searsport horses left to die by clicking here

Carolyn R. from Pittsfield sent these photos. She purchased "Abbey" from the Ingrahams Thursday, February 11 and brought her to her farm.
Carolyn writes:
These pictures were taken on Friday the 12th.
I picked her up on Thursday when the email had come out.
This is her before I gave her a "makeover".
She totally smells like Cowboy Magic!
When she arrived we placed her in a stall. She drank 3/4 of a bucket of water. The trailer ride was only 15 minutes.
We grain her carefully four times a day.
She has access to unlimited hay.
The second night she was here, we gave her 1/2 bale of hay at 8:00pm at night.
The next morning there was nothing in her stall and she was starting to eat her own poop.

She is doing great. I have her on my face book page and everyone is following her progress. I'll be taking updated pics every two weeks. She's safe now. I love her.

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2/16/2010 Darlene
Thank GOD you got her out of there..good luck with her,, i would love to see updated pics..take care..
2/16/2010 Estelle
Thank you for saving that mare!
2/16/2010 June Bug
What's the going price on these abused and neglected horses. Are they free to a good home?
2/16/2010 Chris St.Cyr
Abbey's owner, Did you pick her up because of the story..or were you just going there to buy a horse?
The price started at $950 - I purchased her for $450.00
2/16/2010 Donna H
And yes Fair Play did Profit from this mare - they sold her in that condition - As is customary per Alexis herself on the WABI news blip. It seems to me that seeing a horse in this condition makes the perspective buyer that much determined to get the horse out of that situation so that they would pay almost anything to get the horse to safety. I think Alexis knows this and is playing every human with a heart. I know of two horses in the past two weeks that this has been the case.
2/16/2010 Darlene #2
I think she will have a great home!
Abbey owner: This is the story: Last Thursday received email about NickerNews website, read it, went there to check it out, saw Abby, came home with her within the hour, and yes paid money for her. Simple, that is it. She's happy now. I love her!
I believe what you did was the right thing. No matter the motive involved, at least she is out of that hole.
2/17/2010 Erin
This is very ridiculous,I have seen Abbey before and she was in fine shape
2/17/2010 Abbys Owner
To Erin.......can you please clarify? You know Abby? When was the last time you saw her where you are saying she was in fine shape? I just want to make sure you are not questioning the shape she is currently in.
2/17/2010 Michelle
It is of major importance at this time to find a time line as to when horses arrived at Fair play and in what condition.. If you have any information to this please contact me. As we all know now, Abbey is safe, but at what point did she become at risk. How long did the Fair play farm have her and what condition did she arrive there in.. Any prior pics would go a long long way in this case.. If we can get former owners of any of the horses in question that may have sold to Fair play, well then we can make our time frame of their ownership with previous pics and current pics.. Former people that my have sold a horse to Fair Play, if any or all of you would come forward with pics, a bill of sale and such.. Well we would surely have more to go on. You former owners are in all actuality being accuse by the Farm as to having been the abusers (as they state they took the horse in worse then they appear now) as a rescued animal.
2/17/2010 Abbys Owner
I was told by the farm that Abby had been a "camp horse" and arrived there just 2 weeks prior. The farm said that the horse was at a place in Troy with a lady that used her as a lesson horse. The lady wanted to return Abby for another horse because she was "hard to catch". She also said that they "gave them another horse in exchange!". I have been contacted by a person that stated that she knows Abby and told me that Abby was actually Alexis personal horse that she competed in at horse shows years ago. This story just keeps getting crazier!
2/17/2010 June Bug
Any Info. on the colt that was laying on the ice. Did he freeze to death? They could really hurt him trying to pick him up with the tractor bucket. What is wrong with these people!!! These two should be in jail. They have NO HEART.
2/17/2010 Abbys Owner
I do know when I picked her up, there were large round bales in all of the paddocks. Also they had a huge wheelborrow full of beet pulp that she was soaking for feed. I believe that is how much she said she was feeding twice per day. I saw the beet pulp and she explained to me how much to give to Abby, and that Abby had just been wormed.
2/17/2010 Cathy
I am delighted to read that this mare is safe. I'm sorry you had to pay ransom money to a neglectful home, but I have to say I'm happy you did it for the mare's sake. We will look forward to seeing "after" pictures!
2/19/2010 Elaine
When an animal can't get up on its own, you can't pick it up by yourself otherwise someone else will be picking you up off the ground. A tractor is used to lift the animal so it can stand. You have a hoist on the tractor bucket and a hoist type band that goes around the animal further down the animal near the hind quarters. You attach the hoist to the band and pick the horse up that way. Its the most human way.
2/19/2010 Terry (one)
Abbey's owner is a true horse lover.
2/19/2010 Vet
If you do the math with Abby --vet check $75, dealer charge (low side $200) and two weeks of care $175. Initial cost: $450 out of pocket just like that! That's just to break even. No horse is really free.
2/20/2010 June Bug
I can't see Alexi or Brett taking the time to lift him up the RIGHT Way. Their way would be, drive the tractor to him lower the bucket and try to catch him with the corner of the bucket by his halter or by the strap on his blanket.
2/21/2010 Elaine
Pretty hateful comments here. Let's stick to what we know not and not to things we are assuming that comes from personal feelings.
2/24/2010 Laney
Ohh myy. We almostt bought Abby. But we backed out because we worried about her health. I commend you for taking this on. :) She will be a beautiful mare once she is healthier. :)
If you guys only knew,There's more to this than you think you know.
3/27/2010 Kelly
Maybe you should spend a night in your horses conditions. Then lets see how well cared for they are. I'm off to feed and care for my horses!
4/21/2010 Sue
Good for you.
5/9/2010 Cassie
Oh My God! I am looking at buying a horse from here, i found the add online and the horse sounds perfect. but i live in massachussetts so i havent been there to visit yet, i actually just sent them an email yesterday. now i deffinately want to get the horse out of there what do you think would be an offer they would take? i offered $3000 if the add is true then this horse REALLY needs to get out of there! please give me as much information as you can!

"Speak kindly to your little horse, and soothe him when he wheezes, or he may turn his back on you, and kick you where he pleases" - Anonymous